Streamline Your Bookkeeping Business with the Help of Your Website

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Streamline Your Bookkeeping Business with the Help of Your Website

In the previous blog we gave you 3 top reasons as to why a website is a MUST for your Bookkeeping Business.

If your Bookkeeping Business wants to reinvent the way it operates, then it’s time to explore automation. Workflow Automation on websites has already completely transformed numerous Bookkeeping Businesses by enabling them to spend less time on manual tasks and more time on growing their business.

In this blog you can learn more about how you can set up workflows on your website to reduce your manual tasks and start automating those tedious tasks. Adding workflows and automation will create a seamless flow that leads to increased conversion rates.

What is a workflow?

  • Workflows help your bookkeeping website convert more leads into clients – more clients = increase in sales
  • Workflows automate a set of repeatable tasks to establish rapport, nurture leads and grow your client list
  • Workflows offer each lead a better sales experience and an elite buyer journey

When carefully nurtured, leads will spend an average of 47% more on your bookkeeping website.

There are several ways you can set up some simple workflows, so that your bookkeeping website starts to bring you business, which will, in turn, lead to sales.

Automate Sales Workflows

  • Online Booking System –‘Booking Forms’ on your website, works all the time. This gives freedom to a potential client to book a consultation or make an initial contact anytime they want and not limited to your working hours.

At Savvy, we combine the ‘initial contact form’ with setting up an automation that sends clients a link to book the initial consult. You can create a ‘booking form’ on your website for clients who get monthly or quarterly meetings as part of their service. For such clients you can create a ‘client login’ so they can access a hidden page on your website which caters to them only. Via this hidden page,  they can make a booking, view their past meetings with you, and view their monthly statements etc.

  • Provide Products Info and Get Clients Business Healthcheck

You can automate ‘online booking forms’ to collect the client info even before you engage with them. The ‘booking form’ can be customised to capture information and details from clients, that will help you to tailor your bookkeeping services just to their needs.

You can set up auto-responders letting them know that their form has been received and you will get back to them, along with your office hours etc.

You can also automate the forms to send you a notification when that person has requested a specific service from your website. This will also help you qualify the leads and engage with them about that specific service they are after.

Adding an ‘opt-in’ box on your ‘booking form’ is a good way to get contacts to sign-up to receive any future newsletters or emails from you.

Automate Lead Magnet and Follow Up Processes

A Lead Magnet is an incentive offered to potential clients in exchange for their email address or other contact information.

For example – a ‘short form’ or ‘contact form’ on your website can be used as a Lead Magnet – to capture the potential clients’ details and in return you provide relevant information that they can benefit from – this can be a piece of digital, downloadable free pdf, report, ebook or video.

If a contact has downloaded such offer like ebooks and videos from your website, it might be a good sign they're ready for a little bit more.

You can automate ‘Lead Follow-ups’ via your website to reach out to such contacts to nurture them into a lead. You can create standard email template or even personalise these ‘Lead Follow-up’ emails.

Some tips you can use to create these follow-up emails are:

  • Speak in the second person point of view:Talk directly to the reader (using you and your, for instance) so that the email sounds like a personal communication between friends.
  • Mention the last interaction: You might say something along the lines of, “Thank you for your recent inquiry of [Service name].”
  • Invite feedback:Ask the client to reply with any suggestions, concerns, or other feedback. Show that you’re willing to listen.

Setting up this ‘Lead Follow-up’ automation is useful because it eliminates small but time consuming tasks, such as preparing email lists, sending generic messages, or scheduling events manually. These follow-up automations are a great way to communicate with potential clients and also maximize client retention with post-sale follow-up emails.

Important tip: Ensure that you have a privacy policy set up on your website to reiterate the fact that the client information gathered will be used only to support them with your services only.

Initial Consult Workflows

Automate Your Initial Consult using your online booking form to capture a lot more detailed information from your potential clients.

For example – you can find out if they are ‘looking only for a quote’, or do they ‘need someone to call them’ or if they ‘want to book an appointment’ – setting up automated emails based on this information will save time for both you and the client.

The form can include questions about their business – eg. size of business, number of staff etc to help you determine if they are a right fit for you and if you can offer the services they might require. You can tailor your automated emails around this info, to send them a more detailed ‘initial consult’ form which will help you get a good understanding of their business before setting up the meeting.

Understanding your potential client helps you to be five steps ahead of them, so that you are over-delivering before you’ve even officially started working together.

Client Communication Workflows

Communicating with your clients can sometimes be a chore and take up a lot of time. But the reality is, that you are their lifeline to the ultimate goal of their business: revenue and income. They look up to you for being kept informed about the latest and greatest in your bookkeeping business or other matters relevant to their business or industry.

This is where you can set up RSS workflows. (RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It refers to files easily read by a computer called XML files that automatically update information.) RSS-enabled sites provide RSS feeds that list article headlines, summaries and links back to the full article on your bookkeeping website.

It can be a summary of either your blog, news article or tips on bookkeeping, allowing clients to select the stories that most interest them. This list can be done using an automation software that has details about the most recent blog posts and you can automate this to be sent out weekly or however often you post blogs.

‘Client Communication Workflows’ on your website will help you to keep in-touch with clients / subscribers and keep them updated with your bookkeeping offers, pricing and promotions.

The clients automatically get subscribed to your blogs and feeds once they sign-up via the booking form or contact form. You can even add an ‘opt-in box’ in your’ Lead Magnet Forms to get clients to tick the ‘subscribe to my blog or newsletter’ while offering them an incentive like a downloadable report or ebook in return. Your ‘Client Communication Workflow’ is the backbone of your Bookkeeping Business and marketing strategy. Do it right and you will even get referrals from your existing clients.

Once you get a website that communicates your marketing message and mirrors your overall goals for the business, there are almost no limits to what it can do and how it can help streamline and automate your processes.

Discover how you can use workflows and automation to reduce your manual processes and elevate the performance of your Bookkeeping Business.

If you’d like to learn more about Why a Website is a Must For Your Bookkeeping Business and the Importance of Workflow Automation On Your Website, be sure to tune into The Bookkeepers’ Voice

Episode 83 3 Reasons Why All Bookkeepers Need a Bookkeeping Website to hear The Savvy Bookkeepers business development leader, Angie Martin and Mia Coghlan talk about how to Streamline Your Bookkeeping Business with the Help of Your Website.

If you’d like help with your goals you can book a free initial consultation with me (Angie), or email us at  if you’re interested in a mentoring session to get you on  track and focused.

If you are a Bookkeeper who otherwise needs help with Savvy’s Marketing your Bookkeeping services, such as; Sales, Marketing, Website, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Business Logo and more, please get in contact.




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Sharon Casagrande
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Katia Chehade
04:25 02 Apr 20
Amy Hooke and her team at The Savvy Bookkeeper have been invaluable to my business especially with helping me change... from hourly billing, to offering packages. I also currently attend Co-working Groups which are for 'working on my business'. It's a really supportive and encouraging group, where we can brainstorm ideas, and work on things like streamlining of my business processes. For any bookkeeper looking for assistance in these areas, I recommend The Savvy more
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