Episode #083  3 Reasons Why All Bookkeepers Need a Bookkeeping Website – hosted by Angie Martin & Maia Coghlan

Why all Bookkeepers need a Bookkeeping website to be successful in today's world

Today on The Bookkeepers’ Voice, we’re talking about having an online presence and why YOU as a bookkeeper need a bookkeeping website! While we understand that running a bookkeeping website may not be an easy task, that shouldn’t be an excuse to take shortcuts – or worse, avoid creating a website all together.

Listen ahead as Savvy team members Angie Martin and Maia Coghlan discuss the very reasons why you need a bookkeeping website to including their importance in positioning your business with a strong and professional first impression for new and prospective clients, as well as their power as a marketing tool.

Key takeaway: “If you have a bookkeeping business but don’t have a website you are losing out on opportunities for your business”

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Episode: #083

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Host: Angie Martin and Maia Coghlan

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Topic: 3 Reasons Why All Bookkeepers Need a Bookkeeping Website

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Why your bookkeeping business needs a website



Angie Martin  0:02 

Good morning, everyone. This is Angie and Maia today from the savvy team. hope everyone's having a fantastic day. Do you want to say hi, Maya?


Maia Coghlan  0:12 

Hi! Nice to be back.


Angie Martin  0:16 

I know it's been like, two months.


Maia Coghlan  0:20 



Angie Martin  0:22 

it's been a while. It's been I've been lonely. I've been very lonely. But we've got a fun new series for you guys. And it will be Maia and I for the next little while, which is very exciting. But first, before we go into our new podcasts, I want to do a bit of housekeeping because I've been noticing we've been getting a lot of new listeners wanting to join our I heart bookkeeping in I heart payroll, Facebook groups, which is super exciting. We're super thrilled to have you in those groups and in our community. However, you have to answer the questions that are there for you to actually join, we actually can't admit you into the groups until you answer those questions. So over the last couple of weeks, I think there's been about over 100 of you guys trying to get in. And I keep forgetting at the beginning of each podcast to let you guys know that you need to if you haven't answered the questions, you need to go back in request to be joined into the groups again, while answering the questions so that we can actually get to know you a little bit more and then officially accept you into the group because we can't wait for you to join the community. Now that housekeeping is done, let's go in and chat about today's episode. So over the last few weeks, I've been going through talking about creating digital presence through the use of your social media. But that is not the only way that you can create your digital presence. As many of us know, running a bookkeeping business, it's not an easy task, and you have your to do list never ends. We've talked about this quite a bit. But it shouldn't be an excuse to kind of do shortcuts to creating your social presence and online presence. And probably the biggest thing about creating a proper online presence is having a website, guys, it is so important. It's something that you need to have. It's so vital for bookkeepers now to create a strong and professional first impression for your client, your actual clients and potential clients. So we want to go through and talk about how it's an amazing marketing tool that helps you to keep competitive within the industry, how it can increase the potential of having more leads, which means more sales, more actual clients on board, and actually creates a better customer service for your company. Which is something that Maya and I are really big with using the website to be able to do that. And surprisingly, 59% of small bookkeeping businesses still don't have professional websites. So hopefully after this episode, because I know it's so bad, right? It's shocking. It's hopefully after this episode, you guys are going to really embrace being in the digital world and realise how crucial it is to have a website. It has such an importance, and we absolutely love websites. So get ready for some passion lecturing, I think I know behind the scenes, the two of us have passion lecturing just with ourselves with the importance of so get ready. Get ready for a very entertaining episode. So to keep it simple, we thought we could break it down into three reasons. There is a bajillion reasons why you should have a website. But we broke it down into three reasons. So over the last few months, I've been talking about your social presence. Having a website helps your social presence. So I love this. I found a saying online when I was planning for my bits of the podcasts and it is basically no website means losing business. So I think


Maia Coghlan  4:55 



Angie Martin  4:56 

Yeah, this is a really big thing with us. Basically, if you don't have a website, you're not going to be found online. Even if you have amazing socials, and follow everything I've just been talking about the last couple months. If you don't have a website, you don't have somewhere for them to actually go in, contact you and properly engage your services. It makes you look more reliable and credible that you're a bookkeeper. And that helps people find you basically,


Maia Coghlan  5:32 

definitely, all of those things. Reliability, credibility and contact are huge, because I mean, yeah, you have a Facebook page, or an Instagram or whatever, if you're already doing your social media, to people like you might think people can get in touch with you that way, so you don't need a website. But think about it from your perspective looking for a Sir, if you want to engage someone for this is you might be looking for you find two that look really great. One of them has a Facebook page, one of them has a Facebook page and a website, and looks more credible to you. If you have to choose between these two really great looking businesses for you to engage with. one just has a Facebook page, one leads to a website, always pick the website. Yeah, they look so much more credible, like with a website, you can get so much more of an insight into the business. You know, you can learn more about people like you can from a Facebook page. But this just so much more that you can do with a website, you have ownership over it. You can you know, change things, you can change the layout, you can, you know, you can make it look exactly how you want it to and you can guide your potential customers, clients through the process of meeting you seeing what you're all about.


Angie Martin  7:15 

And, yeah, it just looks so much more professional than just having a Facebook page. It does. And I actually didn't think about that. So over the last few months, I have been fighting Facebook against them updating my overall Facebook layout, hate the new layout, it's really annoying. And because I'm so active on Facebook, they actually had me, they pushed it on me in like, February or something. So I've been pushing it off for months now. And two days ago, it or a day ago, it forced me to do the new layout, which has changed the look of everything, especially business pages now. And it won't let me divert back to the old layout anymore.


And it's so annoying. And basically what's happened is I really liked the layout that I had for a business page before the new change. But because I don't have ownership of the Facebook page, you're always kind of stuck in imprisoned by the capability of Facebook, where you write on a website, you can do anything you want, and it's yours and you have control over it. And it is exactly the way you want it to be presented to potential clients. I didn't even think of that. I love that.


Maia Coghlan  8:48 

Yeah. The other thing that got in the content. So like Facebook, it's been pretty permanent in our lives for a while. But you know, before that we had MySpace and MySpace anymore. Yeah. And there was another platform. I can't remember what it was called. I never used it. But yeah, I was some It was your thing. Yeah. where a lot of people became, you know, really famous within this one particular, like short video making social. And then the business went down. And all these people who had built up their, their social presence using that particular programme, that particular platform, I had nothing. It was taken away because they didn't have ownership over their content that was in that platform. But social media is always changing. There's new things that come up, this things go out of style, they change their, you know, purpose and the way that people use them and all this kind of stuff, but your website is your website, and it's your content and it's your layout, and it's your Yours, and no one's gonna take that away. Yeah, I love that.


Angie Martin  10:06 

You guys do have to pay your hosting bills and your domain bills, it's very important, just FYI.


Maia Coghlan  10:12 

But as long as you do that, then no one's gonna take it away from you is yours 100%.


Angie Martin  10:18 

Yeah. And it also like, for your analogy that you did earlier to having, you know, one service where it has just the Facebook page, and then one that has the Facebook and the website, I'm kind of a, like, Google star. Obsessed with. So basically, I, when I look for a new service I go through, and if they don't have Google business listings, I basically don't look at them. But what I do is I really go off of their online reputation. So if it's something that I'm really serious about, I'll look through, check their social media online, like, like reputation, so check their, like Facebook stars, check their, you know, reviews that have been on it, I checked the Google business listing reviews and everything. And then I also go on their websites. And if they have reviews on their websites, then I like him so much more comfortable working with them. So people who don't have those extra bits of reviews, I just don't really consider them. Because I want I want to know that, yes, they do a really good job, my money is going to be invested properly. And they're trying to get good service for the money invested.


Maia Coghlan  11:46 

I did the same thing with restaurants. I go on the Google Maps, which is where you know, all the Google business listings are and type in whatever I want. And if the ones that look good. They have to have a rating on Google


Angie Martin  12:05 

already. I usually a new restaurant. I won't try it if it doesn't have a four star rating or above?


Maia Coghlan  12:10 

Yeah, yeah, it has to have a rating on Google. And then it also has to have a link to a website because I want to look at


Angie Martin  12:19 

the menu. I want to see like the persona.


Maia Coghlan  12:22 

If the menu if there's a picture of the menu that is readable on Google business on the business's thing, then then that's fine. I'm happy with it. If there isn't, then and so with, with bookkeepers, the similar thing would be like the list of services. If there isn't, there needs to be a link to a website, if the website link is a Facebook link.


Angie Martin  12:46 

And boy, like that doesn't count. It doesn't doesn't count website, I


Maia Coghlan  12:51 

go to the Facebook page. And I look for a link to the website. Because generally the Facebook page in this kind of situation isn't going to give me that much more information than what Google business does. I want to go to the website. So if there's a link to the Facebook page, and there's no link to the website, I can't see the proper list of services. And then I'm not interested.


Angie Martin  13:18 

Yeah. Now I'd instantly get this interested and don't think that they are, you know, worth my time of investigating any sooner like typically, like, it sounds like a long process. But that process typically takes about what, not even a minute. And so within one minute of not having a website, you can lose so many potential clients just because you don't have that website. And yeah, you know, yes, you and I both love websites, but a lot of other people do that process as one.

 What are the different types of website builders?


Maia Coghlan  13:52 

Yeah. And yeah, it's like we were saying before, it's about being reliable, professional, and, you know, showing that you It also shows that you care about the service that you're giving, because


Angie Martin  14:07 

you value yourself.


Maia Coghlan  14:09 

Yeah, you value your business enough to have a website that showcases everything you do. Look, I do all this stuff. It's how I do it. Well, you should hire me, like that kind of thing. Um, the flip side, if you have a website and you don't have any social media presence, it also also they got great.


Angie Martin  14:33 

Yeah, they go together.


Maia Coghlan  14:34 

You really need to have fun. Yeah. Cuz cuz then, like if someone goes to your website, and I mean, it's slightly off topic, I'm sure you've covered this already in another podcast, but, um, if someone goes to a website, and they like the look of you though, they're gonna want to check out your Facebook page, or their, you know, platform of choice TO SEE A BIT MORE ABOUT YOU Yeah, people engage with you Like, that's a really common thing. Yeah. And what, like,


Angie Martin  15:05 

what baffles me is that a lot of startup because there's been a lot of startup bookkeepers that have been calling and trying to get in, you know, to chat with us is that they are willing to put so much effort into social media, which is ongoing content, but they aren't willing to put that effort in investment into a website, which is mainly all static content, and you merely right? Do it like once a year instead of something every week?


Maia Coghlan  15:34 

Yeah, update your bio to, to, like, change the amount of use you like the industry. And that's about all you need to do update your services if you're not doing so.


Angie Martin  15:46 

Yeah, like, besides, you know, uploading in, there's things that you can do auto uploading of reviews. But you know, besides doing blogs and stuff, most of your website is static content. Once it's done, it's done. Don't have to worry about it where social media is. It's a never ending list.


Maia Coghlan  16:06 

Oh, work in the long run? Yes. easy to set up. Yeah, that's, that's your, the website is a lot of work and a lot of money invested in beginning. And then you're good, then you're done. Social media is a low initial cost, low initial effort. But the effort is ongoing.


Angie Martin  16:27 

Yes, it never ends. So


Maia Coghlan  16:30 

really, like people ask all the time, should I concentrate on my social media? Or should I concentrate on my website? And if you're, you really need both.

What hosting platform should I use for my website?


Angie Martin  16:39 

You do it. They work so well hand in hand together. And actually, it's so funny. You said that I'm on a bajillion different Google Groups for businesses. And someone actually asked that question last night, and I went on like a hectic not rampage. But I wrote like a paragraph worth of, you know, your website, it's important for this, your social media is important for this, when you combine them, it's the ultimate thing, you shouldn't do one without the other because they both depend on each other so much. Which is awesome. And like it really, it makes you Google Mobile. If you don't have a website, it's so much harder to find you. And it gives such a good first impression. Thank you. Good website, like and we're talking about professional website, guys, like not like a Wix website that took you two hours to make, and it's not mobile responsive or anything. I'm talking about professional websites that are mobile responsive, and actually help your business instead of hindering your business. Nothing against Wix, Wix can be amazing. But there is a difference between having Maia create a website and having me do a website in like, two to three hours.


Maia Coghlan  18:03 

There is a difference. I've seen a lot of really bad websites.


Angie Martin  18:07 

I've seen a lot of really bad websites. And what happens with me is if you have a website, and it's a bad website, I get equally turned off. If you didn't have a website at all.


Maia Coghlan  18:18 

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Having a quality website is kind of the same as having a Facebook page and not ever posting.


Angie Martin  18:31 

Yeah, oh, it's even like so I find it helps a lot with people is like making it real. So let's say so your website is basically your office. Okay? So if you It's great to get an office, you get the rent, you get everything in there. If you just have like one chair in a desk in your office, and you expect people to go in and it's all grey, and it's like there's one light no one is going to


Maia Coghlan  19:01 

want reminiscent of a prison cell.


Angie Martin  19:04 

Yes, no one is going to want to do it again. Yeah, oh, this is a bit creepy. I'm getting the wrong impression here.


Maia Coghlan  19:13 

Yeah, if you had your plan and your style, and like, you know, some nice stationery even, yes, and maybe some


What a website means for your business


Angie Martin  19:24 

some, you know, like, put effort into the book because the office is now a virtual office. It is your website. So having that nice first impression. We all do first impressions is good, too. Yes. And it's it's something that you can be proud of. And like, I'd love being able to be like all you know, I'd work with savvy bookkeeper, they're amazing. Go check out their website. It's so informative. There's so much value that you can get from it. Like you don't even need to hire us. Just go on the website. There's so much free stuff there and we love doing it, you get proud of what you do. Whereas if it's not a great website, you're kind of afraid to have people go to that website. Yeah. Yeah, I've definitely had that in the past. Talking about, you know, marketing and everything. It's also just a fantastic way of expanding your market, because it's a virtual thing. And websites are so much more global than not having a website. For one, it helps to save you money, too. So like, there is a mass amount of bookkeepers who are still spending so much money on older traditional ways of marketing, like pamphlets, flyers, news ads. It shocks me a little bit. I have to say, I'm, especially since


Maia Coghlan  20:59 

I love looking at like we've started, we've moved to a new house and we get a local newspaper delivered. Yeah. And I love looking at the classified section. Like what people listening.


Angie Martin  21:13 

It's weird to be like, don't be one of those bizarre people listening. You want to be 100%? They are not your ideal.


Maia Coghlan  21:24 

Yeah, your ideal client is not looking in the classifieds. Yes.


Angie Martin  21:31 

That guarantee. Yeah, that's not your ideal. Yeah, Instagram. there on the virtual especially right now, like everyone is online. I was looking up a new step for how often people are online on on their phones, and it has increased again, it's getting to seven and eight hours a day. Yes, since COVID is gone up from like, I think the average was something like two and a half to three hours. And now it's increased in this is like a overall world population. stat. Yeah, it's increased to like, yes, seven to eight hours. They're online right now. And since most of bookkeeping is online, anyways, shouldn't your main marketing source be online? You know, kind of, kind of make some sense. Yeah, it makes it so much easier. And, you know, with social media, your Google business listing and your website, you have such a great way of communicating your marketing message. And getting to those potential clients and making them basically fall in love with you, and half your sales pitches done before you even interact with them.


Maia Coghlan  22:47 

Yeah, that's a really great way of filtering out your non ideal clients, and like attracting people that can already see that they're going to work well with you. If you present your yourself and your business, you know, accurately and attractively on your website. And people are going to come to it. And if they don't like you know the personality that you're putting forward in your website, they're going to be less inclined to want to work with you. Which is good, because you don't want to work with those people anyway. But the people who are like, Oh, yeah, I really identify with these things that you're saying and the personality and the way you know, this is worded and everything. Those people are your ideal clients there. Yeah, you want to work with people who want to work with you?


Angie Martin  23:43 

Yeah, it's awesome. Like you just finished doing a website last month, which has a very specific ideal client, and we are absolutely just obsessed with it. The way that the website has been done is that you're either as a client, you're either going to be like, yes, this is 100%, who I am, this is exactly what I want to work with. Or you're going to be like, no, this isn't my jam. This isn't one,


Maia Coghlan  24:10 

or, and there are definitely going to be people who would look at that website and be like, no, this is ridiculous. But that's exactly the people that that business is targeting. We'll look at that website and be like, Oh, this is so cool. This is awesome. This is like the best she wants to work with. So


Angie Martin  24:31 

Exactly. So like having your marketing message and then clearly, explaining that through your website is just saves so much time. And it makes sure that you know there's I was just finished doing a mentoring series with one of our clients. And she basically wanted to do this. She's been a business owner and bookkeeper for almost as long as I've been alive. It's super impressive. She knows her stuff. It's, you know, it's not one of those things that she doesn't know how to run a business or run a bookkeeping, you know, service. She's amazing at what she does. But because she was taking on everyone who could she could, she wasn't getting her ideal clients, and it was taking the passion out of having her business, which is so sad. Why have a business if you're not passionate about it anymore, so exactly, we went through, did her marketing message in really honed in on who she wants to work with. And it's such an important thing that now, she's so excited again, and she's got those clients now where she's like, okay, they're not my ideal clients. So I need to either hand them off to other bookkeepers who they are their ideal clients. Or just say that we can't work together anymore kind of thing. Because now I know who I want to work with, I'll go after them instead. And your website is like, the best way to do it. Really is


Maia Coghlan  26:14 

sure so many people like in this industry, in particular, because finances are a touchy subject for it typically, in the bookkeeping industry, I'm sure. So so many of our listeners would have experienced having a client that they did not enjoy working with. Yeah. And once you get that client, and you've been working with them for a while, and then you realise that you really don't like them. It's, it's really difficult, it can be really difficult to cut makes you not want to work and like


that it takes the passion out of your business. And it it just, it just takes your energy. Yeah, exactly. Um, if you can, and then you have to figure out what do I do with this person? Or how do I get rid of them, if you can filter out some of those people, maybe not all of them, but you know, filter out some of them before they even contact you in the first place. Ah, so much better. It's so much and it makes me want to come to work. Like I think


Angie Martin  27:24 

we're both lucky. Because every day we legitimately do want to come to work because we love who we work with. Because we're really specific on who we're trying to appeal to. Yeah, like, we definitely have an ideal client, and we talk about it as well, like, we go through and go, you know, get excited when we're like, this is exactly who we want to work with. We're so excited to have this client on. It makes us excited to work with you, which then makes you excited to work with us, which makes you Yeah, it makes that whole experience so much more worthwhile. Because everyone's super excited. The same can be for your clients, like if you get excited about working with them, they aren't going to dread your phone calls and emails, and you're going to be able to work together so much better. And you're not going to have to hound them for anything, because they are going to be like, Oh, yeah, I need to do this need to do that. So she can do this, because it's awesome. And you know, there are ways to have that kind of relationship with a bookkeeper. It is possible and like, yeah, yeah, I love, like, a lot of great things about websites is that you actually can improve your customer service. I think a lot of people don't actually understand how, like a lot of people, bookkeepers don't understand how customer service can be improved with your website. So you know, having things available that can actually support your clients, by you know, doing extra booking forms to actually be able to go in and meet with you, either if you do it face to face, or do you know booking forms to book about possibly, you know, changing their service or just, you know, a booking form and


Maia Coghlan  29:22 

a link that they can go to to book Yes,


Angie Martin  29:25 

it goes a long way and like we love doing value added content. And bookkeepers can do that. So amazingly, especially right now, everyone has the same question. So if you just start a blog on your website, answering those questions, that's something that you can just direct your clients to, and it's amazing.


Maia Coghlan  29:44 

It also lets you have lead magnets. Next guy, which I we talked about that in a previous podcast. Yes, we have. We'll put the link to that in the yeah yeah. Yeah, so if you have a website, you can put a lead magnet on it. And as we explained in the other podcast, much more in depth, basically, a lead magnet is something that you give away for free. And if people get good value out of it, then they'll be a lot more inclined to trust you and want to engage your, your full paid services, and they just come across your website. Or, you know, if you don't have anything going on, you can still get clients without doing a lead magnet, but it will bring in it. I mean, it's kind of explanatory in the title of lead magnet.


Angie Martin  30:42 

Yes, yes, it's very self explanatory. No, and they're just really good. Like, we're always about, you know, sometimes there are potential clients that we chat with, and I kind of go, they aren't our ideal client. But they can become our ideal client. And they become our ideal client by working through listening to our podcast, reading our blogs, doing our lead magnets. And typically, they all like everyone, I haven't actually met anyone yet. That hasn't been able to become our ideal client by working through those items. So if you have those items readily available on your website, you might talk to someone and go, Okay, well, I think they would be a great client. But I think they just need a little bit more of an education on what bookkeeping is and why it's important.


Maia Coghlan  31:42 

Yeah, yeah, exactly. Like a lot of people say like, a lot of bookkeepers say that part of their ideal client is someone who appreciates the value of the bookkeeping service and understands why it's important in this kind of thing, so you can have blogs, blog posts on your website that educates people about you know why it's important, why you should appreciate service, like why you need the service or these things, then people can read that and you can turn them into an ideal client that you want to work with.


Angie Martin  32:24 

It's amazing. And it really does work. Because we really do do it with savvy, where we love helping everyone. But sometimes, like, we don't want to waste anyone's time, anyone's money, any of that. So we want to make sure that you can work through the resources that we'll be able to get the most out of the time that we have together. And you can do the exact same thing with bookkeeping, and it really does work.


Maia Coghlan  32:50 

Yeah. And it's something that you can't do with social media as technically, you can do value added posts, and you should


Angie Martin  32:58 



Maia Coghlan  33:01 

But, they're not going to be you know, as searchable, or, you know, as thorough as blog posts on your website.


Angie Martin  33:10 

And I don't take them as seriously, to be honest. So if there's a blog post about something that is right up something that I'm having a question about, I will read that blog post, and I will take it more serious than just a post that I read, because someone has put more time and there's always so much more information provided as well, where it just goes so much further for me. Yeah, it just works so much better. But, um, another thing that we want to chat about is something that we're actually going to do a this is a sneak peek, because we're actually gonna do a whole podcast about this next week is actually helping you streamline your productivity, which is super important. And we're a bit of nerds, and we find it really interesting. So, basically, we want to kind of give you a little bit of an idea of how it can improve your productivity today, but we are going to go in do and do it like a really good in depth chat about how it can really do a lot for


Maia Coghlan  34:22 

your projects and how your website can Yeah,


Angie Martin  34:26 

yeah, it's amazing. So cuz you are the ultimate guru of workflows with websites and stuff. Do you want to give them just a bit of a sneak peek as to how


Maia Coghlan  34:41 

well a good example is what I talked about in the podcast that I did lock


Angie Martin  34:51 

which is a great podcast if you guys haven't listened to her


Maia Coghlan  34:53 

on automations find that together


Angie Martin  34:55 

if you haven't listened to that all included in the links as well.

The importance of a website for customer enquiry

Maia Coghlan  35:00 

Yeah, so in that I talked about one example of how a website can help you streamline your process of contacting new clients, you have your contact form on your website. And unlike Facebook, where it goes to messenger, and then like, you know, you reply, and then it's just like, it's not as nice,


Angie Martin  35:26 

not as flowed, it's not as


Maia Coghlan  35:29 

Yeah, with your contact form on your website, you can do a lot more, you can hook it up to a notification system, or like a system that notifies you, that sends them an email, lets you know their phone number straightaway. So you can give them a call. So they immediately or as soon as possible to get to talk to you. Instead of just like, you know, an automated message, a whole bunch of emails and quotes and things. Um, yeah. So and then you can send them an email, you can even send them a different email, depending on what options they chose in your contact form.


Angie Martin  36:08 

Yes, which is amazing.


Maia Coghlan  36:12 

So that's, that's a little sneak peek of one example. And yeah, you can listen to that. 20 minutes, if you haven't already, listen to it. Next week,


Angie Martin  36:28 

yes, it's awesome. And it is our third reason as to why you should have a website. But because it's such an important reason, we thought we do a whole episode about it. So we the three reasons are, basically sum up today's episode is to create to help create your social presence, to help your advertising effectiveness, and to help streamline your processes. So those are the three reasons but we're gonna go through and do a really big chat about the third one. Because it's amazing. And it's it's really how off the hook and savvy is able to do so many things is because we streamline the processes so that it doesn't take as long so our productivity is just so much higher because of our website. So it's pretty awesome. And basically, in summary of today's episode, if you don't have a bookkeeping website, you're losing out on opportunities. So you need to have a bookkeeping website, guys, it's, it's, it's a pretty important thing. And it's if you think about it, a website will cost nowadays, you know, a good website, I'm not talking about a not professional website, a good website will be anything between, you know, 30 $800, and four to $5,000. If you think about it in having a client, basically, that's the cost of having one good client come in. So yes, it might seem like a big, big expenditure off the bat. But if you get a good client coming in, and that's not even a great client that's just kind of like a mediocre, quiet, it can really pay itself off.


Maia Coghlan  38:25 

Yeah, it's like I think a lot of people. And because as we talked about before, it's such a big time and financial investment, I don't think that a lot of people put it off, they don't need it. But and also, it's not something that is necessarily going to produce immediate returns, either. Whereas with social social media, you see your likes going up, you see your pageviews going up every day. And that's really exciting with your website. It's not as instant, but it's an investment. And if you do it, and you add blog posts to boost your SEO, and you know, you have your links from your Facebook, if you're getting the people coming to your Facebook page, they're going to go to your website, that's the the main purpose of the Facebook page is to point them to your website to get just because it's not going to have its there's that hurdle of being big time investment, big money investment, low initial result, but think of it as a long term investment. Yeah,


Angie Martin  39:40 

it's definitely and it works as well. And one thing I think it's really important for us to kind of finish off the episode with is really helping everyone understand that the…I'm not going to do like the the terminology that's the sales tremella terminology, but The rate of leads that are actually real leads that are coming to your website is so much higher than the people that are liking your Facebook pages. Just because they're liking your Facebook pages doesn't mean they want to be clients, people who are going to your websites are looking for a bookkeeping business, they need a bookkeeper. So even if you get, let's say you get 10 likes on a post on Facebook, and you get 10 visitors on your website, the chance of you having a new client is so much higher from the people who are on your website, because they are going through and they are more serious. So it just increases your probability of making those new clients rather than just making people interested on social media.


Maia Coghlan  40:56 

Exactly. Yeah. And yet, yes.


Angie Martin  41:00 

So if you guys have any questions about this, don't hesitate to either comment on our Facebook page, where we post this podcast up on or feel free to book in a free strategy time with me. I always like chatting to you guys and seeing how we can possibly help you or what is the best way to go through things. So feel free to go through there. And we are going to have a blog that's going to follow up with this podcast for you. So you can always listen to that. And yes, read that. It's any


Maia Coghlan  41:38  

anytime material is read?


Angie Martin  41:40 

Yeah, anytime FYI, guys, anytime we have a blog that directly goes with the podcast, there's a reason it's because it has extra information to really help you get the most out of these podcasts. So read them


Maia Coghlan  41:56 

also so that you can you don't have to listen to the podcast again.


Angie Martin  42:00 

Exactly. You can listen to the podcast once and then reference the book. Great. But again, you guys just with housekeeping if you have over the last couple months try to get into our I heart bookkeeping and iheart payroll groups, we would love to have you join but we just need you to answer the questions before we can have you join so just re re request to get included and you can join our savvy family. Awesome. Do you want to do the sandal today? Would you want me to do it?


Maia Coghlan  42:37 

We're gonna Stay safe, stay sane and stay steady!


Angie Martin  42:45 

Awesome guys. Hope everyone has a great day!