Episode #073 Bookkeeping Business Workflow With Maia Coghlan

Making Bookkeeping Business Workflow an empowering reality to reach your dreams

In this week's episode of The Bookkeepers' Voice, Maia explains the benefits of having automations and workflows, and what they can do for your business.

Many bookkeepers are great at “streamlining” their clients' processes, but don't take the time to do the same for their own business. This can hurt productivity and efficiency, and cost you more time than necessary.

Tune in to learn what workflows and automations are, and how you can use them to streamline your own business processes. Even if you think you don't need them!

Key takeaway: “Spend time to save time, and improve efficiency in the process”

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Episode: #073

Series: General

Host: Maia Coghlan

Guest speaker: None

Topic: Getting bookkeeping business workflow to bring success

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But essentially, if you bring these automations and workflow procedures and ideas into your bookkeeping business, you are going to prosper.

These will get time back for you.

And once you stop using your time doing tasks that can be done once, and then used as a template, you are free to be the strategist for your business. Not simply the most important technician.

You get more of you working effectively and powerfully in your business.

This will make things better for everyone involved.
Yourself, your family, your employees, and your clients.

Are you interested in that?


We hope you enjoyed this podcast about Bookkeeping business workflow!


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