Attention: Expert bookkeepers wanting to ‘get off the tools'

Finally! A Bookkeeping Business Membership that gives you more Profit, Freedom and Joy.

Would you love to…?

be financially rewarded for your efforts and expertise

run your business around your life (not the other way around)

actually get to enjoy the rewards of your hard work

But these things getting in the way…?

never enough time to work your business

not getting paid enough for your expertise

lack of focus or clear sense of direction

can't find reliable, knowledgable staff

Disconnected from other like-minded peers

Feeling discouraged, isolated or alone

Take Action. Join The Bookkeeping Business Membership.

Get More Profit, Freedom and Joy.

Are you ready to access everything a bookkeeper could possibly need to start, grow and run a professional, profitable and scalable business?

eSignature templates

Pricing For Profit Program

Hiring course and templates

Business process templates

Private mentoring

Quarterly Goals Sessions

coworking and Accountability

Community and support

All of this and more is available inside the Bookkeeping Business Membership.

How does the Bookkeeping Business Membership help bookkeepers?

Working with Savvy has been the single best decision that we have made for our business and team. After 12 months of working together, we have our business plan, bookkeeping processes, pricing, sales, onboarding, and marketing all sorted. We are delighted with all the support and can’t wait to see what the next year brings!


Director, Vivid Enterprises

With the help of The Savvy Bookkeeper team, my business doubled its turnover in the second year, and I have the confidence to keep growing. I love that the team are so supportive, allowing you to opt into relevant sessions and products along the way. They are an extension of my business, and I am so grateful for their ongoing support.


The Business Oasis

Savvy's support and guidance to take my business to the next level is invaluable. What started out as a marketing strategy, ended up being a whole re-brand and I couldn’t be happier with the result. The team is amazing to work with, they are always there when I need them. I’m so grateful for how they have helped me with my business.


Micro Chilli

Bookkeeping Business Membership. Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Bookkeeping Business Membership for?

You can't do your best work with everyone, and neither can we, which is why we're selective in who we work with. Our members must meet the following requirements:

  • Various Business Stages: We have a wide range of resources and trainings for bookkeepers at the Start up, Full up and Move up stages of business.
  • Action Takers: People who are ready to take action will receive the best return for their investment of money and time.
  • Australia-Based: Due to the industry differences between countries, our resources are most suitable for Australia-based bookkeepers. At the moment we are not accepting applications from bookkeepers based outside of Australia.
  • Minimum Experience Requirement: Our members must have at least 3 years of bookkeeping experience and 5 existing clients. On the other hand, we also work with many larger practices, and bookkeepers with decades of experience! 

What support is offered?

 We provide all our members with various levels of group mentoring, community group co-working, video calls, member chats; all in a private community of likeminded bookkeepers. 

woman carrying the world

What ROI do Members get from their investment?

Our average, active members experience an increase in income of anywhere from 20-40% within their first 12 months. 

Members who adopt our pricing model within the timeframe can expect to see those same results even faster – within approximate 90 days.

Multiply your current income by 20%. How would having that amount of extra income help your business?

*based on Gold membership which includes Pricing For Profit program.

How do members use ProfitIQ® to benchmark and track progress?

ProfitIQ® is a business benchmarking tool designed by Savvy's founder, Amy Hooke especially for bookkeepers. It's a 5 minute questionnaire that provides valuable insight on progress towards having a business that is ‘set up' to be professional, profitable, and scalable.

On average, our Members ProfitIQ® score is 65% in their first year of membership, which is 22% higher than non-members score.

How much does the Bookkeeping Business Membership cost?

It is natural to focus on cost, but for those who ‘work the program', their return on investment is greater than what they pay. We want you to focus more on the value, which is why we only provide prices to those who are interested in joining.

We offer four levels of membership depending on your specific requirements, budget, which stage you're at, how much time you have to to DIY, and how much support and private mentoring you need.

Learn more about membership levels, including pricing, by submitting your application.

What is the Bookkeeping Business Membership application process?

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Application reviews take up to 5 business days we assess your application.
  3. Successful applicants will be sent a Membership Proposal, with membership inclusions, pricing and T&Cs.
  4. Registration is easy, select the level that suits you, sign the proposal and set up your direct debit to gain instant access to our Members Community.
  5. Send a message in the proposal chat box if you still have questions or Book a Membership Discovery call if you have multiple questions.
  6. Custom memberships are available for past customers and clients who have previously purchased items that are included in the membership, please let us know.

Are You A ‘Business Savvy' Bookkeeper?

Limited places available

Our membership is not suitable for everyone, so we accept a limited number of new members each year. 

We are community-centric, and member-driven, so we develop our membership according to members needs and feedback.  We welcome like-minded individuals who will be assets to our community, whilst getting a great return on their investment.