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Streamline Your Workflow And Win More Clients With Professional Bookkeeping Templates

Bookkeeping templates, documents and forms give your business leverage through saving time. Send professionally branded eSignature documents including Bookkeeping Engagement Letters, Employee Contracts and Quarterly BAS Lodgements.

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Stop Sending Un-Professional Looking Templates and Documents To Clients And Wasting Time Preparing Engagement Letters And Quotes!

Our industry has moved forward in leaps and bounds due to technology. Unfortunately the templates available to us haven't!

If you realised the impact that sending outdated templates has on your business you would probably stop right now.

Clarity Attracts, Confusion Repels

When you send a potential client and engagement letter that's excessively wordy, or full of ‘bookkeeper jargon', you actually confuse them. Confusion acts as a deterrent for your ideal clients; but strangely, it also tends to attract more of the ones you don't want.

Clear, professional documents and processes give your clients a sense of security and confidence. Although they might not realise you're following a process, subconciously they subconsciously pick up on it. In today's digital world, the trust you build by demonstrating your processes, even as early as the initial consult process, will put you ahead of other bookkeepers in the minds of your prospective clients.

Process Procrastination

As any bookkeeper what they most want in their business, and they will often say ‘better processes'. Yet many of us don't have time to sit down and create them. While we're busy taking care of our client work, we don't make time to stop.

When something goes wrong because we don't have a process in place, we deal with that one problem, but we often don't set up something to make sure it doesn't happen again.  Then it happens again! This circle is repeated over and over, and our processes stay inefficient and annoying to use, but thankfully there is a better way.

Introducing Professional Bookkeeping Templates and Forms!

Have you ever onboarded a new client, and then forgotten to ask them for everything you need to get started? 

Most of us have, and it's annoying! You may not realise but it's also annoying for the client, which doesn't reflect well on your business, and can erode much needed trust in the early days.

Imagine you had an an onboarding process that was one email and one form, with which you could easily capture all the new client information, without the back-and-forth, or forgetting things.

Have you ever found yourself needing to lodge BAS but clients haven't provide all the information?

When you have relevant authorisations in place, and use eSignatures to request clients sign off on their lodgements, you can place the burden of responsibility back where it belongs; on them. 
If a client isn't providing paperwork, and you have a great engagement letter in place, you can remind them of what they agreed to do.  Usually this reminder will prompt them to respond, but even if it doesn't, you've given them the opportunity and you have a digital record of this to prove it.

Have you wished you could attach more detailed reports to BAS and other lodgements when requesting signatures?

Many bookkeepers use Xero Tax to request signatures prior to lodgement but unfortunately the request that's sent only includes the lodgement form, and not the detailed reports.

If a client signs this authority, they are only signing off on the totals, not the details which means if there an error, or something is missing there's no way for them to see it. Should any issues related to the lodgement arise in the future, you've got no way of proving they were aware of the issues because they only signed off on the totals.

We use PandaDoc to collect lodgement signatures, because it allows us to attach any reports such as detailed GST reports, payroll and other supporting documentation. It also allows you to view the analytics of the documents including when it was read, and how long the recipient spent reading each page.

Hopefully you'll never need this information in the future, but you'll sleep easier at night knowing you're legally protected.

Bookkeeping Templates, Forms and PandaDoc eSignature Documents

We want to reduce your anxiety and free up your time, by providing you with the templates, forms and eSignature documents you need. We have loads of options to choose from, and the best part is you don't need to buy everything. You can pick and choose what's missing in your business. 

bookkeeping templates are easy to use

Easy to Use

Our custom bookkeeping templates are so easy to use you won't believe you waited so long to try them. “Click” – Create document from template, “Click Click” – Enter any details that haven't auto-populated, “Click” – Sent!

bookkeeping templates with custom design

Custom Design

We take the time to match fonts and colours with your business branding, include your information such as BAS Agent number and registration image, and your business logo and contact details, to make your documents stand out for your clients.

bookkeeping templates with custom design
esignature for bookkeeping templates


Do you often need to chase signatures for your documents? These bookkeeping templates allow you to set reminders for you clients to sign so they won't forget, and automatically notify you when they've been viewed, signed and completed.

Bookkeeping Templates and eSignature Documents

Here's a list of some of the templates we have available in Word Doc (.docx) or PandaDoc versions. Engagement letters can also be set up in Practice Ignition.

Engagement & Authority Templates


Bookkeeping Engagement Letter with T&Cs


BAS Provider Authority


STP Opt-In Authority


STP 12 Month Enduring Authority


STP Single Pay Event (for businesses not eligible for 12 Month Enduring)

Lodgement Authority Templates


IAS Lodgement Authority


BAS Lodgement Authority


STP EOFY Finalisation Authority


SuperStream Authority


TPAR Lodgement Authority


Payroll Tax Lodgement Authority

Bookkeeping Checklists, Forms and Processes

All forms come in Airtable format. Airtable is a free forms and database app we use for many processes. If you prefer using another app for forms and checklists, you can copy the questions in, or in some cases export Airtable version as a csv to upload to another app. Here's a few examples of templates we have available;

Purpose & Niche


Client-Centric Business Plan

Pricing & Quoting


Bookkeeping Engagement Letter with T&Cs


Xero Health Check


Pricing Catalogue

Sales & Onboarding


Onboarding & Initial Consult Airtable Form


Onboarding checklist



Bookkeeping Master Checklist


Motor Vehicle Register


Payroll Compliance Review


GST Reconciliation



Hiring Checklist


Candidate Tracker


Job Ad Template


Hiring Email Templates


Staff Onboarding Checklist & Tempaltes

Testimonials from happy bookkeepers

We've worked with hundreds of bookkeepers helping them set up their templates. Here are a couple of testimonials from happy clients.

I used Savvy to assist with templates in Panda Doc as it was out of my league and I simply didn't have the time. Since receiving the templates it has streamlined by business processes and provides a much more professional approach. Thanks team!

Marni Bricknall

Owner, South East Business Services

The Savvy Team did a great job helping me with all my forms and authority documents via PandaDoc. I've just sent out my first e-document forms to my busy clients who all commented ‘it was quick and easy'. Brilliant!

I also sent out my first proposal to a lady on the east coast and felt it conveyed that my business was professional and organised. Not got the signed proposal back yet 😬 but fingers crossed! Definitely feeling much more confident in my ATO compliance and systematised approach to my business. Who doesn't love being organised!! 👏👏

Thanks again and for anyone thinking about getting Savvy to sort out there e-documents, it is a great investment in your business. 🤩

Jessica Kinder

Owner, JK Bookkeeping

Are you ready to streamline your workflow with Bookkeeping Templates?

Browse our online shop for digital templates, or get everything for one easy price with our Bookkeeping Business Membership.