8 Tips on how to optimise LinkedIn Company Page for Bookkeepers

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8 Tips to Optimising Your Bookkeeping LinkedIn Company Page

Over the last 10 years, LinkedIn has grown to become the place where professionals network and do business online. Since COVID-19 hit, LinkedIn is truly grown beyond just a search and social media platform – it has transformed into a valuable channel to communicate and engage with your community. Read this post and find out how to optimise linkedin company page for your bookkeeping business.

As an Australian Bookkeeper, your LinkedIn Company Page can be one of the most useful tools in your Social Media Marketing arsenal. That is if you use the platform and all of its new features to the optimal degree.


Here are The Savvy Bookkeepers Top 8 Tips to getting the most out of your Personal LinkedIn Profile and LinkedIn Company Page:


Align with Digital Marketing Strategy

This is our top tip for successfully creating a LinkedIn Company Page. Many bookkeepers still neglect Social Media as a marketing tool for their businesses, and this includes LinkedIn. However, in today’s market, these marketing platforms can increase your networking and targeting capabilities tenfold appose to traditional marketing we are all used to in the bookkeeping world. When creating your company’s page on LinkedIn ensure your marketing strategy works in line with your overall digital marketing plan to keep your brand presence cohesive and strongly represented.


Market Your Business Page Alongside Your Personal Profile

When creating your LinkedIn Company Page marketing strategy, it is important to not forget about your Personal Profile and the Personal Profiles of your employees. These profiles form the voices that represent your bookkeeping business and can direct any potential followers and clients to your page with a click of an ‘Invite Connections’ button.

Your employees Personal Profiles hold a wealth of representation for your bookkeeping business, use it.  Unlike other Social Media platforms, if a current or past employee linked your Company Page to their job details on their profile they will be able to boost traffic to your Page and increase networking opportunities. Moreover, if you allow your employees to invite their connections to your Page you’re able to further those opportunities tenfold.


Another feature LinkedIn offers is Update Sharing. This occurs when you or an employee shares a post from your Company Page to a Personal Profile. This post share will show up as Featured content on the employees Personal Profile and will be distributed to their network of professionals. A fantastic advertising tool for your business as well as demonstrating your employee’s expertise in their field.


Create an Optimised Page

This is an issue I see with many bookkeeping LinkedIn Company Pages. When creating your profile, if you don’t take the time to properly set it up you will be missing out on a whole range of features that are available to you. Your LinkedIn Company Page is a business opportunity, offer your audience an engaging destination, and make the most of all the build-in applications available to you. These applications include:

  • The About Page: A standard form you must fill out to create your Company Page. Ensure you review all the information you can provide, and provide it with your clear cut marketing message laid out in your Business Plan. The information you should be provided on this page is:
    • Company Name
    • Company Description
    • Website
    • Industry
    • Company Size
    • Company Type
    • Logo
    • Cover Photo
    • Tagline
    • Location
    • Hashtags
    • Cover Photo
    • Custom Button
    • Manage Language
    • Customizable Call to Action
  • Services Promotion: Multiple years ago LinkedIn replaced its Products & Services page on your Company Page with Showcase Pages. Showcase Pages allow you to promote your services to a specific target audience almost like a landing page to offer potential clients your service/package offerings.
  • Build a Community: Once again, LinkedIn was created to be a professional social network; so use it as one. Connect with your employees, if your employees are on LinkedIn (and they should be) this means they are primed to discover and discuss career-related opportunities with their network as well as your business’s. By simply ensuring that everyone on your team has correctly linked their profile to your company page they are instantly able to become ambassadors for your business increases the chances of their connections finding your Company Page. This is a fantastic way to begin creating your LinkedIn Community as other LinkedIn members who are interested in your business, updates, and jobs will be able to connect and collaborate instantly.
  • LinkedIn Groups: These groups are collaborative networks that can be created and engaged with by and LinkedIn members. Some groups on this platform are private while open groups can be read or joined by anyone. Businesses who have Company Pages are now able to create LinkedIn Groups for certain internal teams or subgroups to allow you to create a further networking community. As a bookkeeper, these groups could be created for your clients to network and gain support or for potential networking opportunities who work within a similar industry. The virtual sky is the limit for you here.
  • Mention Alerts: Recently, LinkedIn introduced ‘Notifications’ for Company Pages. This powerful new feature allows you to be alerted every time a LinkedIn member mentions your company in their Personal LinkedIn status updates. The reason why the Savvy Team loves this feature is twofold. Firstly, the feature alerts you all mentions of your business on LinkedIn. Secondly, it allows viewers to click the link and go directly to your page instantly boarding your networking reach on the platform.
  • Post Pinning: One of the challenges when using social media as a marketing outlet is losing your important information within newsfeeds. LinkedIn has remedied this by offering the ‘Pin It’ feature which allows Company Pages to pin important posts to the top of your company’s newsfeed ultimately promoting the more important company posts to everyone who visits the page.
  • LinkedIn Live: In today’s digital marketing environment the only format more engaging than a video is live video. Just like Facebook, LinkedIn offers live video streaming events. However, unlike Facebook, this LinkedIn feature is meant to be more of a virtual event rather than a quick update to communities. On LinkedIn, live broadcasts see 24 times the engagement the pre-taped video does. You read the right 24 times! As a bookkeeper you may be wondering, what information do you have to go live about? Well right now, due to the ongoing economic struggle caused by COVID, you have more reasons to go live than ever. From informal Job Keeping updates to interviews and webinars on how to keep a positive cash flow during COVID lockdowns; this format allows for instant connection with current and future clients alike.
  • LinkedIn Jobs: As a professional social media platform LinkedIn is an excellent online recruitment tool. The platform allows you to create a targeted job promotion to candidates with the right skills while providing you with candidate recommendations all on one simple dashboard.


Know your Target Audience and Marketing Objectives

When creating your LinkedIn marketing plan, think carefully about what you want to achieve from the platform. Are you looking for company engagement, recruitment, or sales leads; or a combination of all three? It’s important to keep your ideal clients and overall marketing objectives insight to ensure you are consistent and see a full return for your time spent on the platform.


Use Rich Media

According to LinkedIn, posts with images receive 98% more comments than those without. This is probably because the human brain processes images easier than text, so images that combine text and rich media are content king for social media. By definition Rich Media includes media such as images, videos, or presentations; so when considering your posting content creation on LinkedIn, remember that rich media content typically performs better than any other. Videos see five times more engagement on LinkedIn than any other content type…Just something to keep in mind.


Publish Engaging Content

This shouldn’t be a surprise. The whole point of networking on LinkedIn is to get those clicks, shares, and comments to expand your digital presence and reach. That can’t be done without creating content that is interesting to view and interact with. Ask yourself, who is your ideal client? What will they find interesting? Although it may be tempting to use LinkedIn to sell, sell, sell, content that adds value, informs, and addresses problems in your clients' lives always perform better.


Thankfully, there are new applications that have been created specifically to help you create engaging content for your LinkedIn demographics. These top LinkedIn Marketing Tools include:


To help you make the most of your posting efforts and marketing strategy here are LinkedIn best practices for creating engaging content:

  • Share timely and relevant content that your clients are interested in,
  • Grab attention with rich media (aka image or video),
  • Keep copy short and to the point,
  • Call out key stats, points, and quotes to grab your followers’ attention,
  • Include a clear and simple call-to-action (help direct your followers on to the next step in your sales process),
  • Name the audience you’re trying to read (ie. Your ideal client),
  • Tag connections and other business pages,
  • Lead with a question to prompt responses (this is a great engagement strategy),
  • Just like Facebook, create LinkedIn Polls to receive feedback and increased engagement opportunities,
  • Include two to three relevant hashtags in a normal way (don’t be spam your followers),
  • Create strong headlines for articles you publish to increase that click-through-rate, and finally
  • Respond to comments to encourage more engagement.


Get Noticed with Ad Campaigns and Sponsored Content

If you’re looking to break into a particular sector or reach a wider targeted audience it is highly suggested for you to sponsored your highly ranked, engaging pieces of content. Sponsoring content on LinkedIn is just as easy as Boosting Posts on Facebook; however, since LinkedIn is all about business you will be reaching your ideal clients while they are thinking about their businesses and bookkeeping needs.


There are also several advertising campaign options available within LinkedIn that can help your businesses overall brand awareness and lead generation. If you are going to create an ad campaign to draw members to your Company Page or website, it is highly suggested you define the goal of your campaign and explore both self-service ads and managed campaigns so you can make the most of your time and ad spend.


Utilise Your Analytics 

The team at The Savvy Bookkeeper can’t press this tip enough. When using any Social Media platforms, you need to be analysing your analytics regularly. The data provided by LinkedIn analytics helps you monitor, adjust, and create a well-informed marketing strategy that will get you results. LinkedIn provides an easy to use the analytics dashboard in your analytics account to make using the data easier than ever.

By utilising and implementing these tips you’ll be to be sure that your LinkedIn Company Page is ready to engage with your ideal clients.

If you’d like to learn more insight into the platform, be sure to tune into The Bookkeepers' Voice

to hear The Savvy Bookkeepers marketing guru, Angie Martin, discuss why she loves using LinkedIn Company Pages for bookkeepers Digital Marketing Strategies.

If you’d like help with your goals you can book a free initial consultation with me (Angie), or email us at if you’re interested in a mentoring session to get you on  track and focused.




That is our take on 8 Tips on how to optimise LinkedIn Company Page for Bookkeepers. Over to you…

Thank you for reading our post. By taking advantage of this post and learning how to optimise LinkedIn Company Page for your bookkeeping business, you will really enhance your digital marketing success. Many ideal clients are on LinkedIn. If yours are on LinkedIn, take the time to put your best foot forwards, and make the most of this excellent platform for business professionals.

Are you going to be a Bookkeeper who has learned how to optimise their LinkedIn Company Page? You will be glad you did!




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