Episode #078 10 LinkedIn Company Page Tips – hosted by Angie Martin

Essential LinkedIn Company Page tips for bookkeeper success!

This week, Angie talks about LinkedIn Company Page Tips and how to do them so LinkedIn helps marketing your Bookkeeper Business.

By following this helpful guide, your LinkedIn Company Page will be an asset to your sales and marketing efforts. And naturally it works even when your not at work, and additionally people can browse what you and your business are about at their leisure.

This is a comprehensive run down of how to make LinkedIn a source of strength for your interactions with potential ideal clients. Use these and get seen and engaged via LinkedIn!

Key takeaway: Implement these LinkedIn Company Page Tips and get ahead in your bookkeeping marketing efforts!

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Episode: #078

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10 great LinkedIn Company Page Tips – hosted by Angie Martin



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Good morning everyone. This is Angie, chatting today with you for another episode of The Bookkeepers' Voice. I am part of the savvy team and I specialise in the sales and marketing process for all of our bookkeeping clients. And today I want to pick up pretty much where I left off in our last episode in our social media series, where I started to discuss the power of LinkedIn and why bookkeepers should be caring about this fantastic platform. Last episode, I went in and did a bit more in depth look at the concept of LinkedIn and the concept of using a LinkedIn company page. So if you haven't listened to the episode, I would highly suggest you to stop listening to this episode and listen to last week's episode. I believe it was Episode 77. For you to kind of go through and really understand and get up to speed into everything that I'm going to be talking about today. I have a jam packed episode for you today. So I'm going to get right into it and just am trusting that you listen to yesterday, last week's episode to make sure that you know everything that there is in all of the benefits of using a LinkedIn company page.



Today, I want to go through and talk about different ways on how you can optimise your profile and really give you insider tips onto how to maximise your marketing. And to really just use the platform to the degree that it has been created for. I know there isn't that much education on LinkedIn itself. So I know a lot of bookkeepers have troubles and aren't really sure what to do on LinkedIn in regards to promoting your business page. So I wanted to go in and give you a bit of my tips and tricks that I have written down in a complimentary blog that will be released for you, as well as usual, in all of my podcasts to really make sure that you're getting the most out of the platform and edit the podcast series that we're doing right now.



So first, I want to go through and talk about my top 10 tips that I have for anyone using a LinkedIn company page, especially bookkeepers.


Use your LinkedIn Business Page with your Personal Profile


So my number one is that you need to run your business page alongside your personal profile. So it's not one of those things where on Facebook, you use your business page as your business outlet and your personal profile as your personal profile. But you know, you don't really need to do any business stuff for on LinkedIn. It is all for business. So you know To make sure that your personal profile matches and works cohesively with your business profile. So you want to make sure that they are joined together and match up in regards to your branding, look in your content, you know, overall message as well. So you want to make sure that you do spend that time when you creating both accounts that they are created to look cohesive.


Use your LinkedIn Marketing with your Overall Digital Marketing Strategy


Second, you want to make sure that you're linkedin advertising and LinkedIn marketing is aligned with your overall digital marketing strategy. So often I have watched lately, especially in these last couple of weeks, we've been doing a bit more of an focus on digital marketing and social media. I get bookkeepers from all over Australia saying they want help with their sales and marketing and want help with your lead generation. But they don't have an actual digital marketing strategy created. So What's kind of being happening is you're throwing, you know, pencils at a pencil holder that is across the room and you're just throwing all your pencils and hoping that one will land in the pencil holder. That's not what you want to do. You want to make sure that you have a solid strategy for all of your marketing efforts in this strategy comes out of your business plan. So as I said in, I think, two episodes ago now, we have free business plan that is created



specifically for bookkeepers on our savvy website. You can download it, it's for free and you can use it It is been created specifically in a way that you can create your marketing message. And at the end of the document, it helps you understand what your marketing activities and your marketing channels are. From there, you can create your strategy. If you want extra help with this. You can always Get in touch with me. And we can do some strategy sessions together to create your strategy. But before you really do any kind of marketing on any profile, no matter if it's LinkedIn or Facebook or anything, you want to make sure you actually have a digital marketing strategy to make sure everything you're doing is in line with your overall goal for the business. Until you have that strategy. It makes it very difficult to have a cohesive branding look and a cohesive marketing message to communicate to potential clients and existing clients. It can make it look very jumbled and you don't want to look jumbled. So that's a very important tip for you right there. And as you can tell, I'm very passionate about it.


Create an effective LinkedIn Company Page


My number three tip is create an effective page. Don't spend two minutes on creating your company page. Take time and make sure that you are filling out the static content. Which I went into the concept of static content two episodes ago. So if you missed the episode, make sure to go back and listen to that one as well. You want to make sure you take time to really create your profile, thinking of it as another option and another avenue for almost a website for you. So this needs to take more than two minutes for the setup doesn't need to take two hours, but you want to make sure you're taking time and filling out all of the fields that are created for you because LinkedIn has included all the fields for reasons that helps you get found by the people you want to better on the platform. So make sure you fill it all out.


Define your LinkedIn audience and target


My fourth tip is define your audience and your targets. Again, this leads back to your business plan. It is hard to create a marketing message or marketing strategy if you don't know who you're targeting and who you audiences, you need to know who your ideal client is. And I'm not talking about making sure that you have a industry Niche. I'm talking about more of having a clear idea of who you want to work with, for your business and who isn't quite the right fit. That might be niching down into a actual industry or job type, or that might mean niching down into a type of business that you'd like working with. We have a lot of clients that like to work with sole owners, they like to work with small businesses, who are more like mom and pop shops, and that's where you excel, then we have bookkeepers that work with any not for profit. It doesn't matter what industry but they have extreme knowledge, not for profit, and that's where they exceed and then we have bookkeepers who only want to work with tradies or only want to work with lawyers or only want to work in the hospitality



That is fine, it doesn't matter what your niche is and what your who your target is, as long as you know who your target is, and you've created your entire marketing strategy around that target audience. So you need to make sure you know that because you can actually communicate that target in LinkedIn in your company page. So it's a really important thing. And if you don't know it, you need to stop and make sure you start from the very beginning and creating your marketing strategy. Don't skip steps when you're creating a really wanting to create a really strong brand presence. You need to take each step and make sure that you're doing it right. Just like when you're doing bookkeeping and you can't skip reconciliations before submitting BAS it is the same concept.


Get employee advocacy for your LinkedIn Company Page


My fifth tip is encourage employee advocacy. The great thing about LinkedIn That you can connect directly with your employees through your company page. It makes them



look really great and it makes you look great. So



make sure that you promote your employees communicating and posting to your company page to also make them look like industry professionals and specialists in their field. While also looking at making your business look like you have a really healthy and confident employee engagement and environment. It makes a big difference and it helps both accounts be noticed more on the platform. So that is very easy in it something very easy to do. I do this with the savvy bookkeeper, where when I do a podcast, I make sure to share it to my page. Because even though these podcasts are directly related to bookkeepers, anyone can still use the information to better the business and that's what I do in my personal time. I love supporting people all businesses, so I make sure to share any content that the savvy bookkeeper does to my page to help more people. And by doing so it increases the savvy bookkeepers reach, so that more people can discover it. It's a win win for everyone. So make sure that you encourage your employees to do the same. Or if you don't have employees, make sure you're doing the same. So that you can do have the same results as we do on your own business page in your own profile page.


Use Rich Media for your LinkedIn Company Page – videos, infographics, etc.


This one's a big one. Number six, use rich media. Now, a lot of people don't know really what rich media is, but basically what it is is using media that is going to help increase your engagement. This means videos, images, and presentations. We have very short attention spans when it comes to any kind of social media. And that does include LinkedIn. So you want to make sure that You are grabbing people's attention easily and quickly into what you're trying to communicate. So make sure you use the help with videos, presentations, imagery, anything like that to grab our attention so that we continue reading your post.



Another thing that is really, really important is that you can use sponsored content on LinkedIn. It's the same concept as boosting your best content on Facebook. And you can know which part in what posts are your best content because LinkedIn will tell you so make sure to utilise these post options on LinkedIn, just like you would on Facebook. The cost is usually very low. And you can directly target the kind of clients that you're wanting to work with in LinkedIn. So it can be a really valuable tool to really make the most of



Another thing that's kind of a big deal, post engaging content, you need to make sure that you're posting content that non bookkeepers are going to want to read. We might find spreadsheets and data entry and reconciliations and figuring out exactly what is happening with a business. But that doesn't actually mean that anyone else wants to read about that. Nobody wants to really read about bookkeeping jargon. Nobody else wants to read post that is filled with bookkeeping jargon. You need to make sure you're creating posts that are speaking to your intended clients. You want to make sure that you're talking the way that they talk in the kind of wording that they use to make sure that they will understand what you're trying to say to them and be interested. There is nothing that is the worst thing when you Get content that you've worked so hard on. And you get no engagement because you're writing about it, like another bookkeeper would be reading it.



Nobody's gonna even read that I have



a background in bookkeeping and I don't want to read content. That's all about bookkeeping jargon. Make sure you're creating it. So that's engaging for your readers to actually read. This is important for every kind of social media Now, just to let you know, and for every



kind of content,



everything that you're putting out in your marketing message should be directed towards your end user. You want to make sure it's interesting to read. So even in your blogs, and everything you need to make sure that you do watch how much jargon you use and make sure if you do use jargon, you fully explain what it means, just like I do when I accidentally start talking about a sales and marketing term that isn't readily known to Everyone, you need to explain it in a way that your end user knows that what it is in what's important.


Use LinkedIn Ad Campaigns


The next one, which is also very important is that realise that you can create LinkedIn ad campaigns. LinkedIn does fantastic things with their ad campaigns, make sure you look it up and realise how you can use it.


Use LinkedIn Analtyics


The final tip that I really want to go into is making sure you use the analytics. Just like every other social media platform, these analytics options are created so that you can monitor how your posts are doing and change things to make sure they become more successful. Or if it's already super successful, you know what you're doing so you can keep doing it. Make sure to look at it. Like I said last two episodes ago, when I was talking about all the different functions of Facebook, just pick one thing, if you just go into analytics and try and focus on one kind of analytics that you really want to improve, whether that is interactions, clicks, something, try and at least monitor one thing to focus on, so that you can continually improve it. You don't have to use everything because that's a whole wormhole and whole other world, but focus on one thing, and then usually, the rest of your analytics will also improve once that one item is being improved as well. It makes a big difference.



Now, going back and kind of talking a bit more about your posting, I want to make sure that you guys know that there's different applications that you can use through LinkedIn that can help with your posting and your content






There are great partnerships have been created with LinkedIn that are specifically being done to make the most of what LinkedIn has to offer. I've created a list of five, but there is many, many others out there. So just because I haven't mentioned something you might also be using. That's okay. I just haven't mentioned it because there's only so many things I can talk about on a podcast.



The first thing I want to talk about is the power of Canva. I'm not sure if you've ever heard about Canva. But it is amazing. It is a way that you can look like you are a graphic designer without actually being one. It is a very easy tool that you can use to create engaging content for pretty much every single platform. And there's a free option you can have a paid option that you can get just an incredible amount of content from or you can use the free option has a mobile up and a desktop app, and it creates a really fantastic way of helping you make engaging content imagery.



Next thing I want to talk about is slideshare. Ha, it is great. If you guys do a lot of informative value added posts in training for your clients, that would be worth looking into SlideShare because when you post a SlideShare slideshow on LinkedIn, typically you get an incredible amount of results from engagement and people actually reviewing it. It is also great to have on your website. So if you do focus strongly on training and creating that value added information, make sure to look at slideshare.



The next thing I want to talk about is



open for business and LinkedIn groups. These are actual groups that have been created for LinkedIn to help you network. look them up, I have them an actual link in the coordinating blog that I've created for you to look them up and learn more about them yourselves because they themselves can be a whole other topic as well. So make sure you go to the blog and click on the links.



The last one I want to talk about is something that I've mentioned multiple times before when talking about social media, and that is scheduling. There are many schedulers out there that you are able to schedule LinkedIn posts out to. I'm only going to talk about one today because they do specifically partner with LinkedIn and really help to create content and support you in marketing your business to LinkedIn. And that is Hootsuite. It is a fantastic application that I have actually suggested many of our clients Use, it allows you to post content out to Facebook, Twitter,



YouTube, and LinkedIn,



it is just a fantastic tool that you can use, you can post out any form of content as well. So it can be imagery, videos, blogs, slideshares, it doesn't really matter. So it makes it really accessible and really user friendly for me, then, again, the link for that application will be in our blogs.



Now, I want to go into the actual applications within LinkedIn company pages for you and kind of talk about a little bit more of how you can really make the most of them. So those were all my tips in the beginning of the episode. And now I want to go into the actual in depth, nitty gritty of LinkedIn company pages.



First off When you creating your page, get your static content sorted guys, this is going to be an ongoing trend. Whenever I'm talking about your marketing message and getting us strong marketing presence online, you need to have your static content cohesive through all your platforms, and properly written. So you want to make sure your copy is correct for all the keywords you're trying to target for your SEO, and also written in a way that your clients will understand. So when you're creating your page, your most important section that you have to do is your about page in this about page, LinkedIn gives you a massive amount of fields to be able to fill out. I'm actually going to say them all today because quite often, I see multiple sections missed out and not filled in, on bookkeepers LinkedIn pages. And I really want you guys to make sure that you filling out your static content properly when you create your accounts because it makes a big difference in being able to be found online and also being able to be found within the LinkedIn platform itself for people coming to you, instead of you having to go to them to engage your services.



So, first thing you enter in your company name, this is the company name that you were using for your business in all of your profiles. Second, you enter in your company description. This is should be the same description that you use on things like your Google business listing Facebook and any other description based option that you have done on your online presence. So that is a inline in cohesive representation of your business. Next, you want to make sure that you put your website down If you don't have a website, you might want to think about getting one especially if you're going towards becoming a virtual bookkeeper. If you're going to be a virtual bookkeeper, you need to be able to be found virtually. Next, you need to make sure that you enter in your industry. Your industry is either accounting or bookkeeping, depending on how you want to communicate in the actual platform. Make sure you put your industry down because that way other people can search for that industry when they're looking for bookkeepers. Second, you need to enter, enter in your company size. It's okay if you only have yourself



and your company, nobody judges you by that.



What people look at is that you are being honest and actually filling it in you people do like to know how big businesses for a variety of reasons. Some companies might want to work with a small bookkeeper to know that they are more than Just a number they're actually a cared for clients. Other companies who are bigger might want to know that you have a team at your disposal so that let's say you get sick or gone holidays, they're still going to be supported. Either way, it's really important to communicate your company size, and also communicate your company type are your sole proprietor. Have you been incorporated? everything like that. It's not something that's going to deter someone from using you, but it's a good thing to know. And it's a great thing to have static content about you on search engines, so it helps with your SEO.



Major thing. Every time you create a business social media account, you should be using the profile picture as your logo that way consistently when people are online. On their social media platforms, when they see your logo, they know it's you. Don't put pictures of your actual face. Don't put pictures of a saying or a service that you offer. Put your logo. That's what it's for so people can easily recognise you and you can have a brand recognition on your profile. What you can do if you want to show more information besides your logo, is to make sure that your cover photo is something that is more informative about your business. Typically, what I suggest is that if you have a website with a cover photo and a header on your website, he used the same image helps create that cohesive look that we're always wanting from branding. And it also makes it still really relevant to being an off shot of your entire business itself.



Tagline in business plans you're supposed to create a tagline. This tagline does doesn't have to be something that you say all the time. It doesn't have to even be something that is super, super important. But it's important to have a tagline. Some people's are, you know your bookkeeping success is our success or, you know, create a successful business… Somehow… somehow. Whatever your bookkeeping tag line is, make sure that you put it in your account. If you don't have a tagline, then make a take line up right then and there in relation to what your goals and objectives are and your mission is in your business plan.



Location. This is always a big one. You don't have to technically say your exact location if you're a virtual bookkeeper who services nationally, that's okay. Say that in your description. Say that your location is in every single state in Australia. That means you service nationally. Don't worry if you work from home You don't have to put your actual address in. Just put your service area. This goes for every single kind of social media representation. When you see location, start thinking of it as your service area. Where do you service. I am physically located in far north New South Wales, five minutes south of the Queensland border. That doesn't matter savvy bookkeeper surfaces nationally. So my exact location doesn't matter. Just like yours doesn't.



Another thing that LinkedIn lets you do is create hashtags that you were able to follow. This is a fantastic application and I absolutely love it.



It's kind of



the same concept is when you use Instagram and you follow hashtags to make sure that you can engage with people in those hashtags, in fact, it's actually the exact same thing. That way, let's say you are bookkeeper and you specialise in working in the mining industry. That way you can put hashtags for mining industries that are related to mining industries in there so that you can continually watch to see what's happening. And then comment and share content to those hashtags. To make yourself noticeable in those communities. It's a fantastic way. Typically you can only pick three business hashtags, but three business hashtags is enough to make a noticeable change in your presence on LinkedIn.



Another thing that I want to talk about is creating your customizable call to action. So this is the blue button that is typically on the right hand side, I believe, of every single company page, it can either be book now, call now, go to website, anything like that is completely customizable. So if you have a website, make sure they're going to website. If you don't have a website, make sure you creating a call to action for them to other contact you or to call you. It's the same concept of creating call to actions for every other single social media platform. Make sure you have an idea of what you want them to be able to doing. What is the next step in their buying journey? once they see your LinkedIn page, what do you want them to do next, create a custom call to action button so that they know and they can do it makes it easy as just clicking a button.



Final thing if you offer your business in a different language, let's say you're multilingual and amazing linguistic extraordinare make sure you write that down. Say that you can cater to people who only speak Chinese or only speak French or or only speak Mandarin or anything like that. Make sure you've mentioned it because that alone for certain businesses can be a massive tool. If English isn't their first language. It can gain you clients and it's something to always showcase as well. So that is the base about us section. How many options was there in that one section. Make sure when you creating your account, or if you've already created your account that you go through and make sure they're all filled out, because that was only the start of all the different applications that LinkedIn has to offer.



The next section I want to talk about is sservices. You're a bookkeeper. You offer services. You should be communicating your services on your LinkedIn page. I know it's just a crazy concept, but you should be doing it. And LinkedIn gives you fantastic ways to be able to show case your services. And that is their showcase pages feature. This allows you to promote specific services that you have to your actual buyer per perform persona is an actual software that they create in LinkedIn to allow you to create basically lead magnets or even just promotional pieces about your services. It is fantastic and I will link through the actual link to tell you all about showcase pages in our blog in our extra links for you as well because they're fantastic.



Another thing that I kind of already mentioned at the beginning, but connect with your employees and have your employees become brand ambassadors for you. This helps your employee and yourself gain a higher recognition as being actual specialists in your field. It's a win win for everyone. So make sure you utilise it to the full capacity. Because I have such a strong following on LinkedIn every time I do post and share posts from the savvy bookkeeper. It goes a long way and I'm happy to do it because it shows me being an expert in my field. I love it. I love sharing the content that we are creating at the savvy bookkeeper. It's exciting and I love being able to help support you guys. Your employees, as long as they're happy with their work are going to want to do the same here. employees should be excited to



be sharing what you're doing.



Yes. What you're doing is bookkeeping and some people find it boring. But right now your jobs are so crucial for Australian businesses and employees right now. It is you guys who's helping businesses stay afloat by helping sort out cash flow projections, forecasting projections, helping everyone submit their either jobseeker, jobkeeper, everything that's keeping Australians employed. And that's an exciting topic to talk about right now. Let your employees celebrate this work throughout this platform. It will only help both of you in helping people understand how exciting and how important bookkeeping can be. It's a great opportunity, what your employees go and share your content away. You'll love it.



Next you You can create your own community through LinkedIn as well. Just like you do on Facebook, you can create your own community and make sure that you're networking with members within your community that you can. LinkedIn is actually really great to collaborate content within share common interests. And it's really great to also get notified of a business who is sharing common interests that you might have that you've never even looked at. I love it. It's a fantastic way of



promoting businesses within Australia.



Another thing you can do is the business groups. This is a fantastic way of networking and connecting with like minded entrepreneurs like minded bookkeepers like minded clients. There's so many different ways that you can really utilise the collaborative networks that LinkedIn has, through your business and personal Through your LinkedIn profiles, that's the whole point of LinkedIn profiles is to go into groups and start networking. Do it, take advantage of it. And by having a LinkedIn business page, you can take and link your company page to the posts. It's fantastic. Have fun with it and go crazy. It's a fantastic way of having fun with your networking, your business to business (b2b) networking.



Another thing that is a bit different from Facebook, is that you can actually create mentioned alerts. So this is kind of like when you create an alert in Google so that if anyone mentions you, or your business name, you will be alerted to this. I use this all the time for my own personal business because I'm a new business Starting out, and I want to know if someone's mentioning my business name to kind of celebrate small wins. You can use this the same way, but also being able to share the content that has been mentioned about you. It's a great way of cross promotion and creating that really strong brand presence in social proof of how amazing of a bookkeeper you are.



It's great.



Another thing that's great that Facebook does similarly to LinkedIn is allowing you to pin updates to your page. So let's say right now, you were really focused on supporting businesses who are in trouble because of COVID. Let's say that is your top priority right now. And it's what you really focusing on. So you create a post about this saying that you are wanting to help these businesses and really support them through this time. You can pin the post to your page. So it's always the first thing that everyone sees when they go to your LinkedIn page. This is a great way of doing consistent marketing and making sure your number one content that you want to get across is being seen every single time. Facebook does this as well. But I actually think that LinkedIn does it better. It makes it more visible and it really does make it more engageable as well.



Again just like Facebook, you can share pages, do it. That's the whole point you want to connect with everyone on this platform. So let's say you have 250 connections on your own personal account. quite fantastic. As long as you are admin within your business or within your employer's business Page, you're able to invite connections to like the page. by inviting people to like the page, more people are going to see the content and more people are going to be able to spread the reach of the business page. It's amazing. And it's so easy to do. For every month, you are allowed to invite hundred connections of your connections to the page. So let's say you have five employees, including yourself. So let's say you all have over 100 connections on LinkedIn. That is 500 connection invites per month on this business page is a fantastic tool that you can use to make sure that your page is being visible



to the industry that it's relating to.



It's a great way to be able to network with your business and it is possibly one of the easiest ways to be able to network with your business .



and then Another thing that I really love about LinkedIn and something that we are starting to use all the time now at savvy bookkeeper, and actually what I am doing right now is doing live videos. Ongoing now we are doing live podcast filming to Facebook to our savvy membership community to make sure they can see a little bit more of what goes on with savvy and to give value added content. It's basically just value added content. And it really helps with the connection of you and your clients. Now LinkedIn also offers LinkedIn lives, but it's a bit different. The main thing that's a bit different is that you want to make sure that people are able to as many people as possible are able to see your LinkedIn lines because it's for business. So typically, when you do a LinkedIn live, you create it like an actual event. It's a virtual event. So let's say there's a big massive change that happens within the industry over the next couple months, which is 100% going to happen because of COVID, you're able to create a live event where you can go online, and give value added content to your community to keep them informed with bookkeeping, changes that are necessary for them.



If you had your Facebook page back when COVID first hit, and no one knew anything about what was going on with anything. This would have been a fantastic tool for you to go live on LinkedIn and tell everyone as much information you have to help support businesses within your community and potential clients, that you are still an expert in what's happening and that you are here to support them to same concept as Facebook Lives but It's an even again, just more dedicated and streamlined way of directly connecting to your clients, especially if you go for more of the corporate clients because they're already thinking about business. And it just makes the decision of going with you just that much easier.



Now, those are all of the main different applications that LinkedIn business pages have. But before I finished off with the podcasts today, I created a bit of a best practice for posts within LinkedIn that I wanted to kind of go through with you just to help make your posting strategy within LinkedIn that much more relevant and successful because it is a bit different than Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. And I really want bookkeepers to be able to utilise this platform as much as possible especially If it's somewhere that you hundred percent know that your clients are on, and there are quite a few clients, I can think of right off the top of my head that really do use and should use LinkedIn for their lead generation as much as possible.



So here are some of my top tips for best practices and posting in LinkedIn. Make sure you're sharing content that is timely, timely and relevant. Learn when your contacts are online through your analytics and make sure that you're posting while they're online, or right before they go online. It actually works really, really well. There's no point of posting at 3pm on a Sunday to LinkedIn, nobody is on it. This is a business networking platform post where your clients are on it posts during the week and post typically it's between 10 to 12 depending on your clients But also make sure that you're not posting old content, make sure it's relevant for what's going on right now. Make sure that you're giving value added content for people in what they're thinking of. At the moment. It's really important because if you post something that's from five years ago, in the world of bookkeeping, that is no longer usable, and it doesn't help anyone. Make sure you're posting it in a timely manner. Also, like I mentioned before, use rich content, use videos, slides, imagery, anything to help gain attention. It helps a lot and it really goes a long way.



Now, this is a big one, and it kind of changes every once in a while, but keep your copy content short. It is okay to use paragraphs or anything like that. But make sure it's easy to read. It's gonna be a whole Six paragraphs, turn it into a blog and make it more of a point on your posting instead of a whole long post. Nobody likes reading big, long rambling posts on social media. If it's going to be a rambling post, make it into a blog and then post the blog. That way, you'll make sure that you can grab their interest and then they can read the rest of the content that they want on the blog. To post longer content pieces on LinkedIn, make sure you put them in point form. Everyone is busy, there's never enough time in the day for anyone's work to make sure you're getting your content through easily that if you look at your phone, within two minutes, you can get the gist of your post.



Basically, that's usually my goal. If you can't get the gist of the post within two minutes of looking at it, you need to rework the post or just shorten it in general. Another thing that goes a really long way in LinkedIn is stats, points, quotes, anything like that people love stats and LinkedIn, start using infographics and starts to really help gain that engagement that you're looking for and help draw people to the content that you're offering them, get them interested. And I promise if you start quoting, doing quotes and stats and everything, you'll definitely gain their trust on LinkedIn. As I mentioned before, call to actions are a must, not just in your profile itself, but call to actions in your actual post.



Let's say you're talking about job



keeper and you're trying to explain what the process is. Some people are never going to get the process so it's better for them just to contact you so you can do the process for them. Make sure you include that in your post and make sure you include a link for them to do that. If you're posting about a blog, make sure you include the blog link so they can read it. It's that easy. Some for some reason I feel like call to actions just confuse people a lot within marketing, but it really is that easy. So make sure you do it.



Another thing that you need to do within your posts is making sure that you're writing your posts, like I said before, in relation to who you're trying to target. Keep Always keep your target market in mind and make sure you using their kind of conversation content. So if you're talking to a tradie, use tradie terms if you're talking to corporate use corporate terms and corporate terminology in corporate own voice, and also feel free to call out people directly who you want to talk about. You can do something like calling all tradies or calling all lawyers or calling all creatives or asking a question. Are you afraid Hearing trying to juggle life and work. Are you an entrepreneur trying to make everything work? Things like that calls out directly to your client base. And then they can go, Yes, that's me. I'll read your posts now. Thank you. It's a great way to creating specific, relevant content that will get you some attention on social media. In general, not just in LinkedIn.



Another thing, make sure that you use tag options LinkedIn allows you to tag just like Instagram. So make sure that if you're talking about a win within your business tag the employee that was involved in the win, if you're posting something and you're talking about the business that you work for, or that you have, tag the business, it's important. Get the word going out there. It's easy to do. Another thing that LinkedIn has just started to really use and it started to take off. I think mainly because Facebook really wants it to take off is using polls. You can use polls to gain feedback and engagement in LinkedIn as well. It's one of the easiest ways of creating content and also for getting a bit of marketing insight into your client base and into your followership on LinkedIn. How fun using them, even just say who, who needs who's using jobkeeper right now, or whose sales have increased since COVID. Or who sales have decreased since COVID. It's a great way to understand who's seeing your posts and helps you direct your posting content strategy to make sure that you're making it relevant.



Maybe a lot of your clients have actually done really well since COVID. Made the maybe they're in the technology sector or something. You may be posting about jobkeeper isn't so relevant because if they're doing really well, they don't classify for jobkeeper. It makes it much easier to know what you should be posting to get to your targeted clients. Another thing that you want to make sure is that you're using hashtags. I know hashtags are a bit confusing and bit overwhelming. But even if you just use two or three hashtags every once in a while, even if you use the three hashtags that are tagged to your business page, it goes a long way in people being able to find you. Another thing that I really want people to start realising is that for your articles that you can actually pin to your LinkedIn. Make sure you're using strong headlines. We spend a lot of time trying to figure out our headlines in savvy to make sure that they are relevant and understandable to what you're doing right now. It's so important and it goes a really long way.



Well, I feel like I've just slid out All the above information for you about LinkedIn pages in LinkedIn itself. So if you have any questions, please feel free to let me know by contacting me on the savvy bookkeeper website and booking in a time to speak with me. Also, if you have any questions that you want to go further in depth, please make sure to email me and go through the questions with me, either on the phone or in a mentoring session. As always, guys, I hope this is able to help you really realise the true power of LinkedIn and help you navigate it a bit more. And I hope it's helped basically that's the whole reason why we're doing this series. Thank you so much for joining me for another episode of The bookkeepers voice and as always, stay safe, sane and savvy. Thank you so much. Bye, you guys.