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Ever wondered about using Instagram for Bookkeeping Businesses? If your Bookkeeping Business hasn’t joined Instagram, you may be missing out on some great marketing opportunities. Since launch, Instagram has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for businesses looking to expand their presence and visibility. However, with so many brands on the platform, many bookkeepers ask us, “Isn’t Instagram just for posting some cool photos of your business?”…The answer is no.

There are several methods a bookkeeping business can generate sales, leads and engagement through the use of Instagram. As it is still a relevantly young platform we are seeing new and exciting updates consistently being rolled out to make Instagram the leading ‘go-to’ social media for businesses.


Instagram stats to consider

To help you learn more about the platform here are some Fun Facts for you:

  • Since launching in 2010, Instagram now has over 500 million users,
  • Instagram what purchased by Facebook for $1 billion when it only had 30 million users,
  • Over 60% of Instagram users log in daily, making is the second most engaged platform in the world – right behind Facebook,
  • Over 30% of internet users are on Instagram,
  • 90% of users are under the age of 35,
  • Over 40 billion photos have been shared on the platform since 2010,
  • Instagram users get over 3.5 billion likes every day,
  • Engagement with brands/businesses are 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest and 84 times higher than Twitter.

With these statistics, many marketers remain baffled as to why the bookkeeping industry has been so reluctant to join Instagram. You might never have even considered if Instagram for Bookkeeping Businesses is a good choice as a marketing option. The Savvy Bookkeeper team believes it has something to do with the many misconceptions that come along with the platform:


It Only Works if You Sell Visual Products

Many service based businesses have this belief that unless you are a product based business you shouldn’t bother with Instagram. This is the wrong way of thinking about your business and your marketing efforts. The goal for your bookkeeping marketing is to show your clients and potential clients how valuable you are to their business. By using Instagram, you’re able to do this in a more creative way that is more compelling, entertaining and engaging for all parties involved.


It’s Only for Big Brands

This is simply not true. The reason why Instagram is becoming so popular among businesses is because it is so well suited for small businesses. In fact, the team behind Instagram is working hard to make the platform even more accessible to small businesses with new feature inclusions such as their new Story Sticker ‘Support Small Business’.


It’s Only for Posting Photos

For many businesses on Instagram this is a true statement, however they are missing a true ingredient makes Instagram different from all other platforms. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; Instagram is a two-way sharing platform which enables users and businesses alike to leverage User Generated Content (UGC). UGC is what makes Instagram so special. This social media platform allows for bookkeepers to share their client reviews, feedback, profiles by posting, sharing, tagging, and creating Story Highlights. By allowing for businesses to repost, share and promote their consumers content you are able to connect with your community on an entirely new level which is a fantastic opportunity for bookkeepers who specialise in working with small, micro to start-up businesses.

Moreover, since Instagram is heavily reliant on image based content creation the creators have created built in features to allow for businesses followers to learn more about a company through applications such as their ‘See More’ or ‘Shop Now’ Story features and powered by Later.


Results Can’t Be Measured

Once again, this misconception is incredibly inaccurate. Since Instagram is the ‘sister’ platform to Facebook it’s monitoring and tracking capabilities are almost endless. In fact, many marketers prefer the Instagram Insight information more than that of Facebooks as it is easier to understand and monitor for non-marketing personal (aka business owners). It is then easier to perfect your marketing strategy by using Instagram analytics!


Instagram can Sell Your Photos

Now we know this wouldn’t be a concern for many bookkeeping businesses but thought this misconception was important enough to include. This has been a drama that goes for all social media platforms but it first came about at the end of 2012 when Instagram was purchased by Facebook. New Terms of Use were written and the poor wording make it sound like Instagram would acquire the rights to sell anyone’s photos to third parties. Due to the overwhelming backlash the Terms of Use were re-written and the platform has confirmed that users are the owners of their photos.


If I Use Facebook, Why Do I Need to Be On Instagram

This is an excellent question for bookkeepers and one the Savvy Team loves answering.

Firstly, some bookkeeping businesses shouldn’t be on Instagram, it all depends on your ideal client. But our general rule of thumb is, if your clients are on Instagram, you should be too. 

Why? Well, Instagram has over one billion monthly users, less competition and a more engaged audience than any other social media platform. This presents a massive market opportunity for the bookkeeping industry to successfully target an interested audience without spending an enormous amount of money on paid advertising.

If you’d like to learn more insight into the platform, be sure to tune into The Bookkeepers' Voice

to hear The Savvy Bookkeepers marketing guru, Angie Martin, discuss why she loves Instagram for bookkeepers and their Digital Marketing Strategies.

And click on this link to see the accompanying Blog Post about Instagram for Bookkeeping Businesses


If you’d like help with your goals you can book a free initial consultation with me (Angie), or email us at if you’re interested in a mentoring session to get you on  track and focused.




That is our take on Instagram for Bookkeeping Businesses. Over to you…

Thank you for reading our post. Instagram is probably the most misunderstood of the Social Media platforms. This Blog Post should have cleared up many misconceptions about Instagram. Many ideal clients are on Instagram. By going to where your ideal client is, they will see you and engage with you. This is how effective Social Media marketing works. Your presence in their digital world is made known, and they get to see if you are a good fit for their business, or not.

Remember, you want to be attractive to your ideal clients, and repel not-ideal clients away. By making use of Instagram, you open up a whole digital world that has a different set of potential clients. A business you might never find on LinkedIn could well be on Instagram!
Instagram for Bookkeeping Businesses is certainly a valid and effective opportunity, often untapped by most Bookkeepers. Don't miss out yourself!

We hope you find this Blog Post to be a useful guide and bringing clarity about Instagram.

Were you a Bookkeeper who was wondering about Instagram for Bookkeeping Businesses? Now you see how effective it can be!




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