A bookkeeping journey and helping businesses raise their Profit IQ

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On The Bookkeepers Voice, we love to chat to many experts in the bookkeeping industry – and for this episode, we were thrilled to be joined by our very own founder, Amy Hooke. As a business owner and director of The Savvy Bookkeeper and Off The Hook Bookkeeping, Amy has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the world of bookkeeping. On the blog today, we’re thrilled to share a bit about our chat with Amy, including how she became a bookkeeper and how her career in bookkeeping has evolved. You’ll also get to know why helping businesses raise their Profit IQ is of utmost importance to Amy and how this goal sets the foundation of her business, Off The Hook Bookkeeping.

Amy’s bookkeeping journey 

Amy has always been surrounded by business. Growing up in a family run business, owned and operated by her father, business was in her blood. As a child, Amy loved helping her father out in the factory where she sorted out clothing – but it was when she began to get involved with tallying the till and the purchasing side of things, that her love for numbers really took off. Eventually, Amy became involved with managing the profitability of the business – where she began to closely examine the numbers, looking at what the business was making and what could be done to further enhance the potential of the business. 

It was when she began accounting at school in year 8, Amy further solidified her passion for numbers and her journey to bookkeeping began. Growing up in the family business, Amy also had the opportunity to work alongside the family business accountant where she quickly learned exactly why people study accounting and the ins and outs of taxes. Amy was literally – Hooked!

Whilst we won’t go into all the detail of Amy’s journey to bookkeeping – you can learn more about it how it started here – Amy always knew that she wanted to take a different career path to the norm – veering away from a traditional nine to five job. Following a few roles in office admin and a traineeship, Amy went on to work at an accounting firm and eventually began to study business at Monash university alongside her job. It was when Amy was given the opportunity to do bookkeeping for the accounting firm during her studies, she realised that bookkeeping was for her. The flexibility of the role was the best part. She would often ask herself – Why would you want to be an accountant stuck behind a desk all day when you can be a bookkeeper and go out on site to see all of your clients!?

It was the invaluable experience Amy obtained after working for the family business and being an employee for a decade that solidified her decision to launch her very own business venture. From here – Off The Hook Bookkeeping was born. 

What makes Off The Hook Bookkeeping so different

As important as it is to remind herself regularly, Amy always makes it clear with every one of her new clients – that they are so much more than just a bookkeeper! Likewise, Amy also reminds her clients that she too is a business owner and this is important in setting the business relationship from the beginning. Amy believes that in setting the boundaries from the beginning of a business relationship, it ensures that there is no confusion at any stage as each party is clear on their role and always on the same page. This is just one reason which makes Off The Hook Bookkeeping different.

Another difference is how she works with her clients. Whilst most bookkeepers work purely with the numbers – Amy looks at the big picture. That being – the business plan and strategy behind her clients businesses and how she can work with them to raise their profit IQ.  

Her clients and their profitability

So what is profit IQ? As explained by Amy – this can mean so many things to different people. Put simply – It’s not just about the bottom line, but what a profitable business means to each individual. 

When it comes to her clients, Amy enjoys working on their level and setting the business relationship as equals from the beginning. This makes for a positive and healthy experience for both parties. Her business strategy always begins by working to clean up her clients books and then moves on to the maintenance of their business. This involves working to understand how they wish to improve their own Profit IQ and from there, suggesting various projects they can work on with the support of Off The Hook Bookkeeping to achieve it. 

Work with Off The Hook Bookkeeping

Off The Hook Bookkeeping offers more than just a bookkeeping service, but a holistic approach to helping bookkeepers like you in achieving long term business success. Helping businesses raise their Profit IQ is of utmost importance to Amy and is the reason she does what she does. As a successful business owner and experienced bookkeeper herself, have the confidence knowing that Amy and her team of experts at Off The Hook Bookkeeping have everything you need to steer your business in the right direction and keep it that way!


Are you a bookkeeper and in need of further assistance? Email us at and learn how we can improve YOUR businesses profit IQ.


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Sharon Casagrande
Sharon Casagrande
04:46 02 Apr 20
Amy and her team are fantastic to work with. I don't know how I would have set up my business without their help. ... They are a great support to the bookkeeping industry.read more
Katia Chehade
Katia Chehade
04:25 02 Apr 20
Amy Hooke and her team at The Savvy Bookkeeper have been invaluable to my business especially with helping me change... from hourly billing, to offering packages. I also currently attend Co-working Groups which are for 'working on my business'. It's a really supportive and encouraging group, where we can brainstorm ideas, and work on things like streamlining of my business processes. For any bookkeeper looking for assistance in these areas, I recommend The Savvy Bookkeeper.read more
Kristy Fairbairn
Kristy Fairbairn
23:03 01 Apr 20
With the help of The Savvy Bookkeeper team, my business was able to double it's turnover in the second year, and have... the confidence to keep growing. I love that the team don't stop providing support, and that you can opt in to various relevant sessions and products along the way. They really are an extension of my business, and I am so grateful for their ongoing support.read more
Paula Wyeth
Paula Wyeth
04:52 01 Apr 20
Amy and her team have such a weatlh of knowledge, I am very grateful having the Savvy Team as a resource to assist and... nurture my BAS Agent journey. Thanks Amy.read more
Hannah Langlois
Hannah Langlois
04:18 01 Apr 20
Fantastic resources! The team are really friendly and helpful. Super supportive of bookkeepers and small business... owners.read more
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