4 Bookkeeping Onboarding Templates to Make Your Life Easier

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We LOVE templates at The Savvy Bookkeeper and we especially love chatting about them on The Bookkeepers Voice! Recently on the podcast, team Savvy members Angie and Maia did just that, speaking about four of our favourite bookkeeping templates which we also use ourselves and suggest to all of our clients. On the blog today, we’re thrilled to share these templates which include email, proposal, onboarding and authority templates. We’ll also run through why each of them are so important, where they fit into the onboarding process and why they are going to make your life so much easier!

Email templates

Having email templates is just one simple but extremely effective way of increasing productivity, all the whilst ensuring your communications remain streamlined and professional. At The Savvy Bookkeeper, we have created a range of email templates that are easy-to-use and are provided in a simple to follow series of processes, relevant to the task on hand. That’s right – all of the work has been done for you!

If you’re in the process of onboarding a new client and you’re not sure where to begin, we have the perfect series of email templates that will cover everything you need to communicate all the whilst capturing the details you need from them. What’s even better is our onboarding email templates have been customised to whether your client is a company or a sole trader. 

Once you’ve been in touch with your new client, it is then a good idea to contact their accountant as soon as you can. We have a template you can use to reach out to them that will not only catch their attention, but covers all the information you need in beginning your onboarding workflow process. 

Certainly not the last of our email templates but a bunch that you’re sure to love is our Bookkeeping Review Request email series. These clever and highly effective templates are provided in a three part email series and help gain trust and feedback from your existing clients while demonstrating your superior service for potential clients interested in working with you. Great to use within the first 6 months of the onboarding process, these templates ask your client to provide a review for your services on either Facebook or Google Business. 

Proposal Templates

Do you sometimes find it hard to follow up your Engagement Letters and Proposals? We have spoken with so many bookkeepers who spend all day sending proposals and engagement letters and wonder why they don’t keep their processes streamlined. We have put together a range of bookkeeping proposal templates which have been popular from the beginning and save hours of work.

Available in the Savvy shop now are two proposal templates. The first is the Bookkeeping Proposal for New Clients and the second is the Bookkeeping Proposal with Engagement Letter. Whilst they do sound similar and we often get asked what the difference is between the two, there is a significant difference which is reflected in their difference in price. The Bookkeeping Proposal for New Clients is the simpler of the two and is the less expensive option. The second template, which includes the Engagement Letter is more expensive and this is because it outlines the terms and conditions which have been written by an Australian lawyer, specifically for bookkeeping. It’s these Terms and Conditions that sets the two apart, the other sections are the same on both documents. 

Onboarding templates

Getting the onboarding process as streamlined as possible is crucial when establishing a professional relationship with your new client. At The Savvy Bookkeeper, we have a selection of onboarding templates including our New Client Form, Onboarding Workflow Infographic and our New Client Bookkeeping Getting Started Guide.

From the first initial meeting with a potential client, our new client form provides the perfect template for capturing notes and all the information you need. This enables you to quote accurately and more easily decide if the client is a good fit for your business.

Once your new client has signed on, the next phase sees the beginning of the onboarding process. If you’re unsure as to where to begin, we have the Onboarding Workflow Infographic that provides a visual summation of the process. This free resource is available to download now. 

Last but certainly not least, the Savvy New Client Bookkeeping Getting Started Guide covers everything your new client needs for a fantastic onboarding experience. All wrapped up in a neat cover page and browsable by a table of contents, our guide includes a welcome note, to-do list, logins, team information plus more. 

Authority Templates

The last category, but definitely not the least important are the Savvy Authority templates. Whether you’re new to business or been in the bookkeeping game for a while, we still come across clients who are not 100% sure which authority templates to always have on hand for clients. Those that we find we use the most useful and thus are the most important to have ready are the SuperStream Authority, BAS Provider Authority and the STP 12 month enduring Authority templates.

The superstream authority provides terms of agreement for registered agents who need signed Authorisation to Act from clients when preparing, lodging and electronically paying Superannuation. Available for purchase from our shop, the terms covered within the agreement include client and Registered Agent details and what you and the client are each responsible for.Our BAS Provider Authority is probably our most commonly used authority document. It should be sent to all new clients so they can sign an Authorisation to Act before you as a registered Agent can provide your BAS services.

The third authority template, the STP 12 month enduring Authority is then used for Registered Agents filing STP pay events who need to co-sign an Authorisation to Act with their eligible clients – authorising for a 12-month duration.

Get Started

There is certainly a lot involved when it comes to onboarding new clients and no matter where you are in the process, we have a template to save you time and a potentially huge headache! Head to the Savvy store today and browse our onboarding templates, just a handful of wonderful bookkeeping resources that we offer to make your life easier. Freeing up your valuable time to concentrate on the growth of your business… now that’s Savvy!

Are you a bookkeeper and in need of further assistance? Email us at and we’ll guide you through the steps you need to selecting the templates that are right for your business.


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Sharon Casagrande
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