I'm Amy Hooke, here to help you design, build and love your bookkeeping business

Whether you want to break out of business ground-hog day, head in a new direction or build on what you already have, a business plan can help you prioritise and focus on what’s important.

Do you know the real reason you find it so hard to…?

  • Price your packages?
  • Manage your business effectively?
  • Hire the right staff?
  • Work with the right clients?
  • Successfully network?
  • Sell consulting services?
  • Automate your business?
  • Market your services?


Unless you do things in the right order you are wasting your time, energy and money.

After the initial excitement of starting your business has worn off, how do you persevere? If not managed properly, your business will leave you feeling overwhelmed or stuck. And your business, staff, clients, profit and even your health will suffer.

“We can make our plans but the LORD determines the order of our steps.” – King David

LOUISE HOLLEBECQ, Love Your Books, Miranda, NSW

Amy’s approach to mentoring is very accessible, she has greatly helped to clarify my business positioning and key messages. This will help to hone our marketing so that we’re getting the right kind of business with the right kind of clients.

Karen Taylor, Taylored Bookkeeping Services, Katoomba, NSW

Amy helped me get my business off the ground. The first session was well structured and detailed, showing me a few tweaks I can make to substantially increase the profit of my business. Anyone who needs a little push, some guidance, confidence boost or confirmation that you are on the right track, contact The Savvy Bookkeeper.

How do I DO things in the right order?

The short answer; You need a business plan. And if you’re looking for a template.. here’s one I prepared earlier. 

Learn more about the Savvy Bookkeeping Business Plan (And earn CPE points too)

Join me for the Business Planning Basics webinar. It’s FREE!

During this 35 minute webinar presentation, you will learn;

  • why it’s important to have a written business plan
  • what’s involved in business planning
  • which is the best stage of business to start a business plan
  • why more people don’t have business plans
  • how to get started with your business plan

If you want to know if a business plan is worth the effort fo you, jump on the webinar