Episode #071 The Power of Bookkeeper Google My Business Listing – hosted by Angie Martin and Will Hooke

Bookkeeper Google My Business listing help and tips

In this episode, Angie Martin and Will Hooke talk about getting good clients for a Bookkeeping Business with a Google My Business Listing.  A Bookkeeper GMB listing is a great way to increase online visibility.

They talk about why a GMB Listing is a worthwhile investment for any Bookkeeper who wants to get more ideal clients that they love working with, and who love working with them. It gets a Bookkeeper seen, generates trust and authenticity so that potential clients already have a rapport with the Bookkeeping Business, rather than the relationship being cold before they contact you by phone or email.

The takeaway: “Leveraging a Bookkeeper Google My Business listing is a great way of getting clients who already know who you are, and still want to engage your services!”

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Episode: #071

Series: General

Host: Angie Martin and Will Hooke

Guest speaker: None

Topic: Bookkeeper Google My Business listing hints and tips.

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But if you put in the effort to getting your Google My Business listing filled with accurate information, you will be seen online.
And once you start climbing the rankings, you will be able to refine your client base, so you can grow in size or the affinity you have with your clients.

The investment is time, and the sooner you get it done, the sooner you get the results you want from it.
A GMB Listing is like a garden. You set it up, but you also have to weed it and replace dead plants, or put in ones that you especially like.
Once you do, you will enjoy the benefits of it, and will be glad that you put in the time to do so.