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Be Smart and Get Savvy!

Do you want to deliver exceptional value to your clients? You’ll always be highly rewarded for your work, deliver consistent, incredible results and get a heap of stuff done with our Savvy Membership.

Business Mentoring for Bookkeepers to help you go from Smart to Savvy

We’re here to help you build a more profitable business while creating a savvy brand that your clients will love.

The Savvy Membership

Smart Bookkeepers store knowledge in their head. Savvy Bookkeepers use templates. Let’s get serious. Are you looking to equip yourself with everything you need to deliver exceptional value to your clients? Our membership provides you with the opportunity to educate yourself on how you can be highly rewarded for your work, all the whilst empowering yourself to build a bookkeeping business that gets incredible results.  Well listen in, because the Savvy Membership might just be exactly what YOU and your business need! When you join our exclusive Savvy Membership, you’ll get more support than ever from the Savvy Team. From access to our clever, easy-to-use templates and forms, to connecting with fellow bookkeeping professionals nationwide, you’ll have the tools you need to take your business to the next level.

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Mentoring for Bookkeepers with Amy Hooke

#AskSavvy Members Chat

With our Exclusive Savvy Members Chat Group you’ll have access to a private chat group so you can get direct assistance from the Savvy team. Download our Team Chat app onto your desktop and have access to Team Savvy at the touch of a button. Leverage our expertise to help perfect your business plan, marketing message and obtain feedback on your progress.


Are you tired of using the same old boring forms and templates? Always spending more time doing admin tasks than actual bookkeeping? If this is the case, there’s no need to stress because we have the solution for YOU. We have a fantastic selection of Savvy templates that will not only save you time – but you’ll love using them. Designed for ease-of-use, we have a template for every bookkeeping task at hand. Whether you’re lodging a BAS Statement, setting up and welcoming new clients or needing some support with Single Touch Payroll – we’ve got you covered!

Browse our Savvy Bookkeeping Templates here and take the stress away from everyday tasks!

Mentoring for Bookkeepers with Angie Martin
Mentoring for Bookkeepers with Amy Hooke

Email Templates

You’re a bookkeeper and a business owner – and that’s a lot to be proud of! However, we know that you’re not an expert at everything and that’s why we’re here to provide you with what you need to take your business to the next level. Our email templates are specifically designed for bookkeepers such as yourself. Take the time and guesswork out of your day while automating what you can to get your client communication streamlined. Win more deals, improve client relationships and get more things done with the help of these easy to use and customisable email templates today.  


You’ve set up your business, but are you confident that all is operating as smoothly as it should be?  Our Savvy Training Videos and Masterclasses gives you the ability to run your business how it should be – productively, with precision and with confidence. From Business Foundations to Pricing and Time Management to Marketing Training – we have a training course to steer your business in the right direction, and ensure it remains there! Browse our Savvy Training Resources here. We’ll also have more masterclasses and training resources available in the near future – so keep your eyes peeled! 

Mentoring for Bookkeepers with Angie Martin
Mentoring for Bookkeepers with Amy Hooke

Coworking Groups

Are You Ready to GST (aka Get Stuff Together)? When you join our Savvy GST Group, you’ll have a dedicated space for working on YOUR business, every month. In our Savvy GST Group, you’ll receive four weekly intensive group sessions and invite only ongoing monthly sessions! You’ll also have the opportunity to have any questions answered by Savvy leaders as well as connect with bookkeepers at your level. Our GST Group is the perfect solution for gaining new ideas for your business and we give you the opportunity to be able to implement them during your sessions. Find out more and reserve your place today!


You’ve set up a business, you’re confident working with your clients, but you may not always feel like an expert in running it – that’s where #TeamSavvy comes in! As a business owner, you have a lot of responsibility and it’s easy to think you’re on top of everything. So are you confident that you actually are? Our Savvy Mentoring Sessions give you the opportunity to ask any question you’d like answered with a member of our team, whose expertise aligns with a topic of your choice. Browse our Mentoring Opportunities and gain the clarity and confidence you need to ensure that your business goals remain on track.

Amy Hooke
set the foundation for your business

Get Savvy! Business Foundations

FREE for all members, learn the importance of ‘doing business in the right order’ with our Get Savvy! Business Foundations Program. 

The 28 day program, made up of 4 units, is provided to you as training videos – giving you the flexibility to work through the program in your own time.

Get Savvy – Get started!  

With ongoing support from #TeamSavvy and endless opportunities for expanding your knowledge through our Workshops, Masterclasses and Mentoring Sessions, you’ll be inspired to take the leap you’ve been wanting to with your business. What’s even better? Our team of Savvy experts and industry leaders will be right there with you every step of the way. 

Check out our Savvy Membership Levels below and choose the one that’s right for you!



Weekly price (excl.GST)





Bookkeeping Business Foundations more info
Private Mentoring (hours per year) 2 3 6

Group Coworking (sessions per year)

1 6 12 12
Bookkeeping Business Templates See inclusions
Template Formats Word Word & Excel eSign & Airtable*** Custom eSign**
Template Updates (latest version releases) and Support

Pricing Catalogue Learn more

Engagement Letter Read more eSign version**
Private Members Chat
“Done For You” Hours (per year) 2
% off ALL other Templates & Services 5% 10% 15% 20%
Shop Credits $100 $600 $900 $1600
Weekly price $15* $60* $100* $200*

* All prices exclude GST. Membership is 12 months minimum (52 x weekly payments) then automatically renews on a weekly-to-week basis, at which point you may upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.