How much is hourly-rate billing really costing you?

Let us sort out your packages, so you can send proposals easily, charge out of scope work promptly and say ‘goodbye’ to timesheets forever.

How much is hourly-rate billing really costing you?

Let us sort out your packages, so you can send proposals easily, charge out of scope work promptly and say ‘goodbye’ to timesheets forever.

Are you losing money on non-billable admin work?

Do you always get asked the same questions regarding the services you provide?

Are you too busy with clients to find time to review your packages and processes?

Would you have no idea where to start even if you did have the time?

The Savvy Bookkeeper’s Pricing Project takes care of all of this for you.

We design and set up your new packages for you so can focus on your clients. We also set up your catalogue of services and provide you with introduction and engagement letters. You’ll feel confident in the engagement process after we coach you in how to sell your new packages to clients.


The Pricing Project includes three mentoring sessions. During these sessions we work together to fine-tune your pricing strategy and packages. This means your packages will be tailored to suit your needs and benefit your bookkeeping business.


You can focus on your business while we design and create your packages. We write the descriptions for your packages and set up your catalogue of services for you. Everything is done for you, using either PandaDoc or Practice Ignition.

Tools of the trade

We provide all the tools you need to transition your existing clients and introduce new clients to your packages. This includes introduction and engagement letters, coaching for the conversations you’ll have, and scripts to get you started.

How Pricing Project Works

How would your business be impacted if you knew you could get all your pricing sorted out in under 4 weeks and get all the ongoing support you need? How would you feel knowing that it’s DONE!?

Here’s how it all works… 

Stage 1: Co-Working

5 hours of mentoring (via Zoom) (sessions are 1 week apart to allow for homework to be completed in between

  • Session 1: A 90 min small group session – high level business plan and goals

  • Session 2: A 90 min small group session – pricing for profit

  • Session 3: A 60 min private session – existing client base transition strategy

At the end of the mentoring sessions all of your services will have been priced in line with your big picture goals. You will also know how to provide quotes for new jobs.

Timeframe: Weeks 1, 2 & 3.

Stage 2: Set Up

We set up your pricing in PandaDoc or Practice Ignition, including;

  • Pricing catalogue
  • Writing descriptions for each item
  • New client engagement letter
  • Existing client engagement letter
  • Phone script for introducing new packages to existing clients
  • Initial training video

Timeframe: Week 3 & 4

Stage 3: Support

One you’re packages are all set up and ready to go, we provide you with ongoing, monthly support;

  • Monthly Co-working sessions to join in to get help transitioning your clients onto their new packages, including;
    • Small group mentoring
    • Developing your phone script
    • Role-playing to practice calling your clients
  • Chat support via Slack on any issues you have regarding your pricing or proposals.
  • Updates to documents and templates 
  • First access to any new items we add to our packages
  • Managing your existing documents
  • Updates to your pricing as need

Timeframe: Ongoing monthly 

TOTAL PRICE: $2500+GST plus initial commitment fee and monthly support fee.

Pricing Breakdown.

  • Commitment Fee $100+GST Paid up front to get the ball rolling!
  • Pricing Project Phase 1 & 2 $2,500+GST Due 28 days from Commencement
  • Monthly Support $100+GST per month (paid monthly 28th of the month, no lock in contracts)


Sign Up today and get additional extras

  • Online Business Plan Training *instant replay* (normally $49)
  • Pricing Training*instant replay* (normally $149)
  • Advanced Pricing templates (for bookkeepers with larger businesses and/or teams) (not for individual sale)
  • Video: Creating Online Proposals Training (not for individual sale)
  • Additional optional inclusions

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Pricing Project Options

Depending on your specific business needs, you can tailor your pricing set up to include from the following options;


Pricing catalogue set up in Practice Ignition or PandaDoc


Descriptions for each item in your catalogue


New client engagement letter


Existing client engagement letter


Phone scripts and email templates for introducing new packages to existing clients


New client on-boarding emails

Are you ready to get paid properly for the work you do? 

Get paid properly for the work you do. To start, use the Payment Form here make a “Commitment Payment” of $100+GST. This will get the ball rolling.

The ongoing support plan has no lock in contracts, so you have the flexibility to cancel if your circumstances change. What are you waiting for?!

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