Start, Grow & Run a Professional, Profitable Bookkeeping Business

With Savvy's 6 Step Bookkeeping Business Plan

by Amy Hooke

Learn how to set up a profitable, online bookkeeping business that runs without you, with a Business Plan designed by a bookkeeper who's already done it!

There are THREE Ways To Start A Bookkeeping Business

But only ONE will get you great results!

Believe it or not, there is only one way to start a bookkeeping business that actually works.

Here's what they are:

Vision & Inspiration


Client-Centric Strategy

My Bookkeeping Business Vision

by Amy Hooke

Hi, I'm Amy Hooke, a bookkeeping business mentor who helps smart bookkeepers become ‘business savvy' bookkeepers.

I started Off The Hook Bookkeeping with a vision: a profitable, virtual bookkeeping practice that could run without me, and with almost two decades of bookkeeping experience, I was a seasoned pro!

It didn't take long for me to run into problems, because I didn't know how to run a business. After my first year, even though I was earning $11K per month, it was too stressful so I quit.

But I didn't give up! Instead, I invested time and resources into figuring out what went wrong.

A few years later, I was ready to restart the Off The Hook Bookkeeping, but this time doing all the things I didn't know the first time around. Within 12-18 months my bookkeeping business was not only profitable and paying me a decent wage, but it was also able to run without me.

Why would you want to waste your time, money, and brainpower re-inventing the wheel, when you can use mine?

By leveraging my hands-on experience building two successful online businesses, my two and a half decades of bookkeeping experience, plus get to use all my resources. And by learning and adopting my Boutique Bookkeeping Practice Framework™ I promise you will get better results than I did, faster than I did, and with a lot less stress.

If the idea of having a professional, profitable online bookkeeping practice that runs without you resonates with you, then keep reading. 

Amy xo

Option 1



Many set out to start bookkeeping businesses, thinking it will be easy. They have the vision to work from home, be around their family, and have a decent income. They have the inspiration to drive them forward in the beginning.

Your vision may give you the inspiration to start, which is great. But it can only take you to a certain point.

But when reality sets in, what will stop you from quitting?

When you find yourself so stressed; working ridiculous hours for clients who don't respect you. Getting paid less than minimum wage. And having no free time, or energy, for family and friends.

Option 2


Most start-up businesses do everything through trial-and-error because they don't have support or guidance from others. And even if they do, they don't want to spend any money on solutions. 

There are a lot of free Facebook groups for bookkeepers to connect with others to ask for tips. Bookkeepers are generous in sharing their knowledge with others, but even so, that help comes in bits and pieces. And it also doesn't consider your individual goals and circumstances. 

Trial-and-error, free advice-style business growth is haphazard, unguided, and unstructured. As a result, you get clients and staff who aren't a good fit, hodge-podge processes and end up spending way more time and money anyway.

Even if you do reach your goals by getting business help this way, it's slow and will take you a lot longer than it needed to.

By doing so, you can set up your pricing packages, website, marketing approaches, onboarding and hiring in a way that will attract the right people. And scare off the wrong ones! 

Option Three


At Savvy, we're all about helping bookkeepers Do Business in the Right Order. And making sure their Business Plan is all about their clients (and not all about them!)

When you do things in the right order, you lay a foundation first, then build. Just like no builder would ever build a house without a plan or a foundation, neither should you. When you start your bookkeeping business in this way, you will eliminate unnecessary work, avoid clients and staff who aren't a good fit, and save yourself a whole lot of headaches.

Our Client-Centric Business Plan ensures that every business decision you make, not only considers your own ‘big picture' goals for yourself but also considers your clients making everything you do relevant to them.

By doing so, you can set up your pricing packages, website, marketing approaches, onboarding and hiring in a way that will attract the right people. And scare off the wrong ones! 

Who We Work With

(And Who We Don't)

You can't do your best work with everyone, and neither can we, which is why we're selective in who we work with. Many of our clients at Savvy have at least:

5 years of bookkeeping experience

1 year in business

Turnover of $50K or more

We also work with many larger practices, and bookkeepers with decades of experience. Here's what a few savvy bookkeepers have to say about working with us.

Be A ‘Business Savvy' Bookkeeper

Getting Started Is Easy

Grab a copy of your bookkeeping Business Plan. 

Working with Savvy has been the single best decision that we have made for our business and team. After 12 months of working together, we have our business plan, bookkeeping processes, pricing, sales, onboarding, and marketing all sorted. We are delighted with all the support and can’t wait to see what the next year brings!


Director, Vivid Enterprises

With the help of The Savvy Bookkeeper team, my business doubled its turnover in the second year, and have the confidence to keep growing. I love that the team are so supportive, allowing you to opt into relevant sessions and products along the way. They are an extension of my business, and I am so grateful for their ongoing support.


The Business Oasis

Savvy's support and guidance to take my business to the next level is invaluable. What started out as a marketing strategy, ended up being a whole re-brand and I couldn’t be happier with the result. The team is amazing to work with, they are always there when I need them. I’m so grateful for how they have helped me with my business.

Sharon Crombie

Micro Chilli

Learn how to:

  • Start a Client-Centric Business Plan  focused on solving your ideal client problems
  • Decide on future ideal Salary, Profit goals, and foundation for strategic Pricing
  • Plan Marketing approaches for reaching Ideal Clients On or Offline
  • Outline your Sales & New Client Onboarding procedures so you can set clients up for success
  • Set up Operations and Services framework to consistently deliver excellent service
  • Work out your ideal team scenario so you can plan future hires and professional development