Episode #006 PITA Clients and Solving their Problems

Are they really just stupid clients? I don't think so.

Amy shares from her personal experience about how to respond to PITA clients. And how to put yourself in the client’s shoes so you can solve their real problems.

The take-away from this podcast: “Mindset shift is a powerful thing and if we harness it, our client relations and businesses will absolutely improve!”

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Episode: #006

Series: General

Host: Amy Hooke

Guest speaker: None

Topic: PITA Clients and Solving their Problems

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We've seen it on Social Media, or in Professional Meetings: those stupid clients of mine. Maybe we've even been the one bad-mouthing them ourselves. But that isn't helpful. Not for them, not for you, not for the people you are venting to. Many of these clients are being rude, or ungrateful, or obstructionist, etc. But why?

Happy people aren't often acting like this to others, not half as much as those who are perplexed and overwhelmed. By zooming out, and not taking attacks personally, even if they were meant that way, means you can take the proverbial thorn out of the Lion's paw.
Then the Lion stops making life difficult for others.

Isn't that really what you want to do, to help your clients?