Episode #116 STOP! EOFY Is Here

Join us for another episode of The Bookkeepers Voice' as we interrupt our Stress Series because EOFY is only around the corner! In this episode, we'll be sharing the details on an insightful ‘EOFY Throwback Series' we'll be bringing you that will cover everything you need to be prepared for in the lead up to EOFY. So tune in over the next 6 weeks as we share some of our most memorable #throwback podcasts along with some additional templates and processes to help you implement each episode topic into your business right now for EOFY. Key Takeaway: “It’s bookkeeping season. Let’s get our templates and processes prepared for this busy End Of Financial Year season ahead.”
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Episode: #116 Series: General Host: Angie Martin Topic: STOP! EOFY is here
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EOFY tips to make the season as stress free as possible


Angie Martin  0:01 

Hello everyone, Angie here from the savvy team, I hope you're having a wonderful day. So far, I am actually interrupting our stress series that Amy Hooke has been doing with our team. because something's happening, something's coming up. And it's in differential year, it's right around the corner. So we thought it would be nice to interrupt our amazing stress series. Because we know quite a few of you want to manage your stress levels during this busy season. So what we've done is we're going to put a little pause on the stress series, and we're going going, we are going to go back and grab some of our most insightful throwback episodes to help you survive and have a little fun along the way during the season. And I promise it won't be daunting, it's gonna be fun, you're gonna get all the information you need to keep this season as organised, streamlined, and stress free as possible.


EOFY organisation for bookkeepers

So to start off our throwback series, we're going to be doing our savvy thing, and do everything in the right order. So each week over the next six weeks, we'll be bringing you a throwback episode, covering everything you need to be prepared for into financial year, everything from creating the foundations of a successful bookkeeping business, to pricing to scoping, and finally to onboarding because, again, this is the time of the year that you typically onboard new clients, whether they're one off whether they're annual, semi annual quarterly clients, ongoing clients, it gets a bit crazy. So in combination with all of these throwback episodes, we will also be sharing little templates, additional templates and processes to help you implement each episode topic into your business right now for into financial year. This is the whole point of this series, we want to help you as much as we can to make this a stress free season for you.

Bookkeeping tips and tricks to plan for your EOFY

So we're gonna be giving you a little actionable tips that you can help to really make the most out of into financial year for yourself, your clients, and also your peace of mind. So everything. So even if you think that you're ready for any financial year, and that you've already tuned into these throwback episodes, we are actually going to be including extra tips and resources for out the series to create a bit of a game changer for you. I know most of you are experienced bookkeepers, you know what you're doing, you've done in a financial year, every year for years. But we are going to be doing a bit of a tossing into financial year on its head and making it as easy as possible for you.

Streamline your bookkeeping EOFY planning

So don't forget to tune in to each week of the series. Because each week we're going to be having a little special extra tidbit at the beginning of the pro bat series to make sure that you can create the actionable tips that are actually in this episode to be able to implement and really streamline your processes now, so that you can make the most out of in financial year. I'm really looking forward to joining you and this exciting new series. And it's going to be a lot of fun, I promise. And each episode is going to have little sneak peeks and little extra tips and hints so definitely make sure to tune in.

And as always guys stay safe, sane and savvy. And for the series. I'm also going to add Let's become savvy bookkeepers, not just smart bookkeepers together. Hope you have a great rest of your day.