Savvy Mastermind #001 ~ Pandadoc vs Practice Ignition

Pricing your packages with PandaDoc or Practice Ignition…

Amy Hooke shows what to use in Pandadoc vs Practice Ignition, with a demonstration how to set up your pricing packages in PandaDoc so you can do custom proposals for your clients. This information can be applied in Practice Ignition too.

Have you ever tried to figure out your Pricing Packages and how to get it done? It can be frustrating trying to figure out how to do something new.
Don't let that frustration beat you! Watch as Amy shows what to do in setting up Pricing Packages in PandaDoc.

Then you won't have to reinvent the wheel! You can use one we prepared earlier 😉

Using hourly rate isn't always appropriate for you or for your clients. By using Amy's method, you will be able to adopt this new method for the clients who are open to it. This will then smooth out both your and their cashflow. A more consistent cashflow is good for you and them. That means it won't be feast and famine for you in terms of income, and your clients in terms of bills owing.
That is a win:win solution in our eyes!

That is our take on using software for your Pricing Packages. Over to you….

We hope you have enjoyed this Podcast, and use it to overcome any hurdles you have encountered in getting your pricing packages out of your mind and in to a useful reality!

Until then… Stay Savvy





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