Are you making these 5 pricing mistakes?

We’ve put together 5 free lessons to help shed light on the most common pricing mistakes, so you can confidently price your bookkeeping services.

, Free Pricing Course for Bookkeepers, The Savvy Bookkeeper


As a bookkeeper, one of the hardest parts of running your business is pricing. How do you price your packages? How do you make sure you get paid enough while still signing up new clients? So many bookkeepers get it wrong!

Here’s what’s included in your free training:

  • 5 value-packed emails over 5 days
  • Uncover the five most common pricing mistakes that bookkeepers make
  • Get a clear solution to each of these mistakes
  • And a simple action step each day to help you get your pricing sorted
  • We touch on hourly rates, package pricing, info to tell potential clients, and more
, Free Pricing Course for Bookkeepers, The Savvy Bookkeeper

Meet your mentor

, Free Pricing Course for Bookkeepers, The Savvy Bookkeeper

Amy Hooke | Founder of The Savvy Bookkeeper & Business Mentor for Australian Bookkeepers.

I’ve spent countless hours helping bookkeepers to price their packages. And the most rewarding part is seeing the breakthroughs they have when I uncover the common mistakes they are making. It’s like a light goes on, and from there it makes a whole lot more sense. 

Bookkeeper pricing testimonials

Nadia Venditti, NV Business Solutions, Kew, VIC

I’ve been trying to work out my pricing packages for a long while, and within an hour we had it all sorted! I had over thought it in the past and kept putting it on the back burner. Amy showed me the simple and most effective way.

KRISTY FAIRBAIRN, Oasis Bookkeeping, Launceston, TAS

I knew I was ready to move from hourly billing to package pricing but I didn’t know how. After spending too much time getting no where, I had one session with Amy and she gave me the tools and strategies to work out my pricing plans for various elements.

I would have spent weeks going around in circles but instead I was ready to provide prices to new and existing clients in no time! Thanks Amy for helping me feel Savvy in my business.