Managing Your Virtual Bookkeeping Presence with the help of a Digital Assistant

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Managing Your Virtual Bookkeeping Presence with the help of a Digital Assistant

In our latest episode of The Bookkeepers Voice, we were thrilled to be joined by Savvy Gold Member and long-time client of The Savvy Bookkeeper, Kristy Fairbairn. As a passionate business owner of Oasis Bookkeeping, Kristy thrives off helping her clients create balance in their business. Read ahead as we share Kristy’s bookkeeping journey, how employing a virtual assistant changed her business and how she implemented a strong marketing message surrounding her digital presence.

Starting off as a bookkeeper

Kristy began her journey as a bookkeeper when she got the opportunity to work for a friend’s restaurant where she helped manage their payables, receivables, and payroll. It was from there that she got a job working for the previous owner of Oasis Bookkeeping which gave her the foundation that she needed to go beyond working for just one person. Being a licensee of Pure Bookkeeping, who are a great team that ensure Best Practice Bookkeeping systems are in place, working for Oasis Bookkeeping also gave Kristy experience in processes, checklists and procedures – which she loved.

It was when the owner of Oasis Bookkeeping decided to move away from bookkeeping that Kristy jumped to the opportunity. Kristy was able to buy the business and after discussions with her husband, they did just that.  Today, Kristy has been running Oasis Bookkeeping for three years and has never looked back. In her first year of business, Kristy worked with Amy, owner of The Savvy Bookkeeper, who mentored her and helped her reach six figures. Kristy has been ‘smashing goals’ ever since.

Employing a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who is self-employed and provides professional, administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office. Kristy’s journey to employing a virtual assistant began when her business continued to boom with the help of The Savvy Bookkeeper. Eventually, she became overwhelmed with emails and workflow overload.

It was when Kristy engaged with some bookkeeping networking groups that her eyes opened to some brilliant resources, including that of a virtual assistant. From there, Kristy was on the hunt for an assistant and it was not long before she found one who was based in Dubai.

During the podcast, Angie asked Kristy why she employed someone who was based in Dubai, and Kristy went on to explain the beauty of working with a virtual assistant – in that they can be living anywhere. Kristy also mentioned a key benefit in being able to work with anyone based anywhere in the world is that you have a large pool of people to choose from so you’re likely to employ someone who is the perfect fit for your company. We couldn’t agree more!

Marketing and digital presence

Engaging with virtual assistant services has most definitely been life changing for both Kristy and her business. It was soon after she employed her virtual assistant that Kristy was presently surprised when she found out that her assistant also loved marketing and was very good with managing and understanding the world of Social Media. In fact, as mentioned by Angie during the podcast, it’s not uncommon for virtual assistants to also have experience with digital and social media marketing.

Whilst many bookkeepers do not have a digital presence, we are now in the digital age where having an online presence is crucial to the success of any business – big or small. Essentially, if you do not have a digital presence today, you hardly exist. That is right – you may as well not be in business.

Kristy learnt this very quickly upon engaging with her digital assistant and it was very soon after that they began to discuss a solid marketing strategy for Oasis Bookkeeping. To Kristy’s delight, her virtual assistant came back to her within a day with a strong social media plan and they’ve both never looked back. Whilst Kristy works to chase customer testimonials for her social media posts, her virtual assistant manages the rest – including the branding for her social media channels, the post creative and the scheduling of the posts. Kristy also gave her digital assistant access to her business plan, which can be used for some fantastic content.

Taking inspiration from The Savvy Bookkeeper’s social media strategy, Kristy wanted to inject personality into her social media channels, so her creative strategy was planned around a lot of photography of herself as well as quotes and general bookkeeping advice.

What we got out of chatting with Kristy

At The Savvy Bookkeeper, we love working with hard working, passionate people and there is no doubt that Kristy is one of them. Her hard work and dedication have seen her business move from success to success and we are so proud to have been working alongside Kristy right from her first year at Oasis Bookkeeping.

Like Kristy’s journey, businesses grow with hard work – but it’s always important to remember that when they do, it’s okay to accept that you can’t take on everything yourself. In the bookkeeping world, workload can already be a handful, so if you’re in need of further assistance, take a tip from Oasis Bookkeeping and hire a Virtual Assistant. Whilst you may not know it now, working with a digital assistant may be exactly what your business needs! Not only can they manage workflow, but they are also a great resource to assist in increasing your digital presence, lead generation efforts and support client relationships. Now that’s Savvy!



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Sharon Casagrande
Sharon Casagrande
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Katia Chehade
04:25 02 Apr 20
Amy Hooke and her team at The Savvy Bookkeeper have been invaluable to my business especially with helping me change... from hourly billing, to offering packages. I also currently attend Co-working Groups which are for 'working on my business'. It's a really supportive and encouraging group, where we can brainstorm ideas, and work on things like streamlining of my business processes. For any bookkeeper looking for assistance in these areas, I recommend The Savvy more
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Kristy Fairbairn
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