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Distinguish Yourself ‘Savvy' in a Crowded Marketplace

Create a powerful pitch, communicate your value and work with clients you love.

Distinguish Yourself ‘Savvy’ in a Crowded Marketplace

Create a powerful pitch, communicate your value and work with clients you love.

Would you love to engage quality bookkeeping clients?


We’ve all experienced working with clients who aren’t a good fit for our business. But if we’re marketing our services, how can we avoid bringing in the wrong people.

By having a strong alignment between your sales and marketing strategies you will be able to bring in, and keep, more better quality clients. 
Doesn’t that sound fantastic? Um well….perhaps.

“2% of bookkeepers love sales. The other 98% are normal!” – Amy Hooke

Many bookkeepers don’t fully realise how powerful a sales and marketing strategy can, let alone know how to create one. Never fear, Savvy is here, to help with all things Sales & Marketing.

Get ready to powerfully communicate your value, and grow a business which focuses on quality over quantity.



Our founder, Amy Hooke, started her bookkeeping business, Off The Hook Bookkeeping after working in an accounting firm for a decade. She realised that running her own business would give her freedom and flexibility to build relationships with clients while ensuring the quality of bookkeeping was high.

Amy’s decided that running a small, virtual bookkeeping practise, would allow her to work part-time from home with clients all around Australia. 

After about one year in business, Amy’s colleague approached her and said ‘I LOVE your website! Could you make me a website too?’.

So Amy started a ‘side hustle’ making websites for bookkeepers. But soon realised that most of her bookkeeper clients, although great with numbers, were not good with words. Amy found herself coaching them to understand, articulate and communicate their value, and determine their target market.

During the web design discovery process Amy realised four things which led to the formation of The Savvy Bookkeeper:

#1 Bookkeepers hold positions of influence in business, and those who recognise this authority, and can clearly articulate their value, they bring freedom to their clients.

#2 Bookkeepers are essential to the financial integrity of our world, by helping business owners be honest and accountable in business financial practices.

#3 Business savvy bookkeepers get a better return on their efforts, feel less stressed and more confident, and have greater fulfilment.

#4 Savvy bookkeepers who work together, change the world together. By collaborating we change the lives Australian families, one business owner at a time.

The Savvy Bookkeeper values: 

Meaningful work

Being Savvy is not just about being resourceful, getting stuff done and making a profit. But it’s also about living from a place of courage, identity and purpose. When you live and work in line with your true purpose, you’ll experience more joy, contentment and peace.


We love learning, testing and finding the best solutions, and passing our knowledge onto bookkeepers. Collaborating and finding better ways to consistently deliver value to business owners, through bookkeepers is what drives us. 

Customer satisfaction

Our team comprises of self-motivated, entrepreneurs who are inspired by getting results for clients. We build long-term relationships with our clients whose feedback helps us constantly innovate and improve our products.


Savvy was founded by a bookkeeper, for bookkeepers. Amy has clocked up more than 50,000 hours of bookkeeping experience. But since starting has collaborated with the marketing and technology skills of her team. Collectively we have taught more than 500 bookkeepers, so we know the industry and the business of bookkeeping inside out.

The Bookkeepers Voice Podcast

Going into a business is the intense character-building program imaginable because every day you find yourself having to grow – and you can’t hide! Finding your voice isn’t just about communication, speaking or confidence, but also about living from a place of courage, identity, purpose and power.  So although our podcast teaches business skills, the deeper purpose behind the podcast is inspiring and empowering bookkeepers in finding their voice.

Since our first episode in 2019, the podcast has reached thousands of bookkeepers around the world. Our listeners say we ‘keep them company’ or that listening is like ‘having coffee with friends with similar interests’.

Each member of our team takes it, in turn, to host episodes on a variety of topics, like marketing and sales, workflows and technology, or pricing and profit.

Join us, and embrace the SAVVY values and way of life.

Oh, and by the way, we also have a truckload of amazing templates, training and resources for bookkeepers.

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, Sales Pitch Masterclass, The Savvy Bookkeeper

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