Health Checks For Dummies: How To Review A Bookkeeping File & Scope Rescue Jobs

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Let’s talk honestly for a minute; a Health Check for a Rescue Job…. Have you ever thought that Rescue Jobs are “too hard” to price? Have you struggled to scope a job? Or wondered how to complete a “bookkeeping health check”?

I know I have!

These skills are vital to running a thriving, profitable bookkeeping business, but they can be such a challenge to learn. Where do you start and how do you know if you are covering everything, and protecting yourself (and your client!) from lost profit and time? I’ve met many, many bookkeepers who have struggled with this (and I spent years struggling with it myself!).  That’s where I come in. I’ve spent years figuring this out and learning the best techniques to use…through lots of good old fashioned trial and error!  That’s why I’m offering a 90 minute Master Class Webinar (complete with all the templates that you’ll need), where bookkeepers can learn exactly how to scope and price rescue jobs and ongoing bookkeeping, as well as how to perform a bookkeeping health check.

In this Master Class, I’ll also be going into the details of providing a quote, and providing you with all the templates, forms, letters and teaching that you could possibly need to have a successful onboarding process. Depending on which package you choose, you’ll get access to: An Online Masterclass, Bonus Audio Teachings, Health Check FAQs, Health Check Report, Health Check Example, Health Check Template, Initial Consult Form, Email Templates, Proposal Template, Proposal Cover Letter, Engagement Letter and a Legal T&Cs Template! Phew, that’s a bit of a mouthful, isn’t it? The good news is: tickets start at $50, so you can come to the session, get all the great information that I’m sharing and (if you’re interested), upgrade to get more templates to tailor for YOUR business!

No loss for you, either way.

And, don’t forget that you’ll be getting plenty of technical, bookkeeping information, as well as business advice. Not only will this empower you to be the best business owner that you can be, but the best bookkeeper, allowing you to offer top-notch service to all of your current (and future) clients. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then I highly recommend checking out our Bookkeeping Health Check Master Class Page! It’s all happening on Friday 30th August, 2019 at 11am AEST (That’s 9am AWST and 10:30 ACST)! With the last Master Class being such a huge success, so I’m pretty excited to see you all there for the next round!

Until then… Stay Savvy, Amy





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