‘Stay Savvy’ Co-Working Terms and conditions

Last updated 21 Oct 2019; replaces prior versions in their entirety.

These Terms and Conditions apply to all work provided by The Tatnell Trust trading as The Savvy Bookkeeper ABN: 28 026 416 199 If you have any questions, please email


“You” is the client, its owners, employees and agents.

“We”, “Us” and “Our” is The Savvy Bookkeeper’s owners, employees and agents.

“Coworking” is “‘Stay Savvy’ Coworking”


1.1 To join Coworking you must accept these terms by signing this form electronically, paying $100+GST ‘Commitment Fee’, and ‘Intensives’ fee of $400+GST (if you haven’t previously completed Pricing For Profit, aka Pricing Project).

1.2 Once terms are signed you will be sent a Tax Invoice which due within 24 hours.

1.3 Paying your first invoice via Credit Card or Bank Debit will enter you into an Integrapay Direct Debit agreement. Integrapay will debit your account or card for 12 x monthly payments of $100+GST plus initial $100+GST commitment fee (and, if applicable, the $400+GST ‘Intensives’ fee).

1.4 Integrapay fees are in addition. 1.75% for credit cards and $0.88 for bank debits.

1.5 Rejected payments attract administration fees of $15+GST.

1.6 Overdue payments mean you are unable to attend until outstanding fees are paid.


2.1 You must be registered via Acuity to attend each Coworking session.

2.2 Non-attendance of any session will result in that session being forfeited.

2.3 All sessions are recorded for your convenience, and will be available in our online learning portal within 7 days. 

2.4 Recordings can be replayed within the portal which you will have access to for the duration of your membership.

2.5 If you have not completed Pricing For Profit, you need to attend 4 x weekly ‘Intensive’ sessions, to get up to date for the Coworking. These sessions will help you develop your Pricing strategy and your business plan, which is a prerequisite.


3.1 During coworking sessions we are not responsible for any recommendations given by other members.

3.2 Session leaders may give suggestions on software and systems to use. We are not responsible for your choice to use (or not use) particular software. You should do your own research.

3.3 We hold affiliations or professional partnerships with some of the programs and software recommendations given during the program. We receive rewards in the form of either commissions or discounts for referring other paying members. This fee is paid to us at no additional cost to yourself.


4.1 We handle and process cancellations and refunds under Australian Consumer Protection legislation.

4.2 Due to the digital and consultative nature of our service, we do not offer refunds for change of mind.

4.3 Refunds may be issued if you have a genuine complaint about the quality of services provided, please contact within 28 days of original purchase, outlining the reason for your complaint. 

4.4 All decisions regarding refunds are made at the discretion of The Savvy Bookkeeper and are final.



5.1.1 We are not responsible for support related specifically to the PandaDoc or Practice Ignition platform. 

5.1.2 All software issues should be directed to PandaDoc or Practice Ignition support. 

5.1.3 Software support, email and phone support is not included in your Coworking fees, but are covered by your PandaDoc or Practice Ignition subscription.  Visit PandaDoc support https://www.pandadoc.com/help/ or Practice Ignition Help Desk https://support.practiceignition.com/en/for software support.


5.2.1 We are not responsible for any integrations. 

5.2.2 If you have issues with integration with PandaDoc or Practice Ignition integration and any other software, please contact PandaDoc or Practice Ignition, or the integrated software company directly, or check their website.


5.3.1 We provide you with monthly group sessions “co working” session, which are small group sessions via Zoom for one (1) x 90 mins per month.

5.3.2 Twelve (12) Co-working sessions are included in this proposal but you can extend your Coworking at the end of 12 months for an ongoing fee of $100+GST per month

5.3.3 Four (4) Weekly Intensive sessions are required for those who haven’t completed Pricing For Profit (or Pricing Project). These sessions cost $400+GST.

5.3.4 Sessions are designed for mentoring and working, so you should come to the sessions prepared with questions. Your questions will be answered by explanation or demonstration. You will then have a chance to complete work on the sessions and have it reviewed.

5.3.5 During your first 12 months you are entitled to 15 mins per month of chat support (via Teamwork Chat), to get help with your pricing, proposal and ask quick questions. We can also check and review your quotes but more detailed questions should be reserved for the co-working sessions.

5.3.6 All co working and private sessions are recorded and kept for staff training purposes and to improve our services. Recordings will not be provided to you unless requested.

5.3.7 We may use any portion of Coworking sessions as part of training for other clients, or marketing campaigns.


5.4.1 Private mentoring is not included in the ‘Stay Savvy’ Coworking program.

5.4.2 You can upgrade your co-working sessions to private sessions for an additional fee of $1800+GST for 4 sessions, or $600+GST per session.

5.4.3 Will will never use information from private mentoring sessions which reveals your identity, without your written permission. In some cases we may anonymously use examples from your private or co working sessions for purposes of education or marketing.


6.1 We will not disclose your information to a third party. 

6.2 You agree not to disclose information about your process or pricing. 

6.3 We reserve the right to use this project as an example or case study in our marketing, including using your business name and logo. 

6.4 We agree not to disclose details of your pricing or pricing structure.

6.5 We expect participants to respect the confidentiality of other participants, and to not share personal or financial information with others outside the program.


7.1 Full copyright and intellectual property rights remain with The Savvy Bookkeeper. 

7.2 During the program, and after your final payment, you have the right to use/license the pricing catalogue, sample descriptions, sample engagement letters, sample pricing package introduction letters, phone scripts and initial consultation forms for your own business use. 

7.3 Sharing any of the items listed in item 7.2 with any person who is not a current employee of your business will constitute as a breach of copyright, with will attract legal action. 

8.0 RISK

8.1 We assume no responsibility for consequences resulting from the provision of information, whether by Coworking leaders or participants, including but not limited to errors or omissions.

8.3 We make every effort to provide you with accurate and reliable information and services, however all information provided is intended solely to give general guidance and you accept full responsibility for its use.

8.4 The information provided to you, including recommendations, predictions and forecasts, are for estimating purposes only. Forecasts may vary based on the change on a number of factors which are outside of our control.

8.5 All training provided is for education purposes and therefore any recommendations given do not constitute legal, accounting, tax, or financial advice we advise you to do your due diligence, or see advice from other industry professionals.

8.6 We provide no guarantee of earnings, and outcomes and benefits as results may vary between participants, depending on factors outside our control.  


9.1 These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement and understanding of the parties and supersede any previous agreement between the parties.

9.2 A waiver of a breach of any of the provisions of this Agreement shall not be construed as a continuing waiver of other breaches of the same or other provisions. 

9.3 These terms shall be governed by Australian law, and the parties hereby agree to submit themselves to the exclusive jurisdiction of Australian Courts. 

9.4 These terms are subject to change at anytime at which point you will be notified via email.