I'm Amy Hooke, here to help you design, build and love your bookkeeping business

Whether you want to break out of business ground-hog day, head in a new direction or build on what you already have, a business plan can help you prioritise and focus on what’s important.



Get started on your Savvy Bookkeeping Business Plan (and earn CPE points too)

Join me for the Business Planning in Action webinar. 

During this 60 minute online training, you will;

  • Get started on your business plan
  • Work out your target market or niche
  • Understand the problems you solve for your clients
  • See how your solutions solve those problems
  • Analyse your competitors
  • Understand your point of difference

After the session you will have everything you need to;

  • Complete the business plan on your own (or with my help!)
  • Deliver an engaging new client or networking presentation
  • Start pricing your packages and marketing your services

It's only $49.50! But the value it will add to your business is so much more.