Mentoring for Bookkeepers, Business Mentoring, The Savvy Bookkeeper


Are you looking for a new direction?

We’re here to help you build a more profitable business while creating a savvy brand that your clients will love. 

Get your time back. Get your life back. Find meaning in your work. Achieve your goals.

What we can work on together

✔    Completing a high-level business plan

✔    Clearly defining your business vision and mission

✔    Identifying your ideal clients and niche

✔    Setting up your pricing packages

✔    Delivering simple, yet effective networking and new client presentations

✔    Finding the right words (and confidence) to articulate your vision and talk to your potential clients

Mentoring for Bookkeepers, Business Mentoring, The Savvy Bookkeeper

Meet Amy Hooke

I'm the founder of The Savvy Bookkeeper and a business consultant who helps bookkeepers to extract themselves from being "on the tools" so they can get their life back, do more meaningful work and achieve their goals.

Together, we work out your pricing, sales and marketing, and overall business strategy. One that fits in with your life, not the other way around.


Mentoring for Bookkeepers, Business Mentoring, The Savvy Bookkeeper


Our sessions together are very practical - we take action together during every single session - we work together on your business. You will never leave with a head full of knowledge and a belly full of anxiety about how to apply what you learned.

Each session you will have a clear set of actions that you can take, including follow-up email reminders so you can stay on track.

Nadia Venditti, NV Business Solutions, Kew, VIC

I’ve been in business for a long time and find myself constantly being drawn back to working in the business rather than on the business. If you need to find your direction and keep you focused I would definitely recommend the Savvy Mentorship.

ELIZABETH DI GIAMBATTISTA, Exact BAS and Bookkeeping, Blackburn, VIC 

Amy Hooke is a great mentor! She really cares about her clients and helping them succeed in their businesses! Her enthusiasm and excitement when ideas come to life is what helps keep me motivated to continue building my business into something I had never even dreamed of until working with Amy! A true inspiration!


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What's included?
  • 90 days one-on-one support
  • 12 hours of one-on-one mentoring sessions
  • Monthly action plans so you can apply what you learn
  • Support and motivation
  • Unlimited written communication in our private Slack Channel
  • Templates & resources for your business
What outcome can I expect?
  • Define your business vision
  • Develop a written and actionable business plan
  • Discover your niche and your unique selling proposition
  • Be clear about what you do, for who, and why
  • Easily give presentations at networking groups or new client meetings
  • Increase your income by adding consulting services to your revenue
Which topics do you cover?
  • During your twelve sessions, you will have the opportunity to work through the following areas of your business, in the priority and order that you choose. 

    • Business Planning and Vision
    • Branding and Marketing
    • Services Development and Pricing
    • Networking and Sales Presentations
    • Financial Forecasting
How do I know if I'm a good fit?

The mentorship is not for everyone. So you need to make sure you’re in the right place before you apply. You should be, at the minimum; a highly skilled bookkeeper who has been running a business for 3-5 years and turning over at least $100k. If you’re not there yet, grab my templates, come to group sessions, join the Facebook group. But wait until you get to that level to apply.

Who will be in the group sessions?

All of my clients are highly skilled bookkeepers who are “full up” and wanting to step back from the bookkeeping work to focus on things that are more important to them. Those things vary from client-to-client, but the one thing we all have in common is that we want to work smarter, not harder. Not everyone wants to grow, but everyone wants to refine what they are doing, work less, while maintaining or increase their income.

What is the investment?

Your investment is more than just money, although… you also have to pay money. (And it’s not cheap!) You can also expect to invest time and brainpower. That’s right! You will need to actually put aside time to work on your business and you will need to spend time thinking about what you actually want. But don’t worry, I’ll be there right beside you so, even though it won’t be easy, it’s going to be worth it.

What roi will i get?

My mentorship is not just another expense, but an investment that will provide you with a return. If you complete this mentorship you will;

  • Increase your income by changing from an hourly rate to fixed priced, value packages.
  • Improve your reputation by producing results for your clients
  • Raise your status in offering consulting services on top of your bookkeeping.
  • Gain confidence in articulating and presenting your offer to potential clients and at networking meetings
  • Cover the cost of the mentorship through increased annual income and decreased spending.
How do I get started?

Request and info pack, or apply below.