4 Ways To Make the Most of Bookkeeping Facebook Pages

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4 Ways To Make the Most of Bookkeeping Facebook Pages

How to make Bookkeeping Facebook Pages effective

Many Australian small business owners know using Facebook to market your bookkeeping business can help you reach and connect with your existing and potential clients; however, many bookkeeping business owners still haven’t taken the lead to creating their Business Account. This is mainly due to the fact bookkeepers see interactive on social media as a trivial task.

Facebook is the number once social media platform used by businesses today and with over 2.01 billion active uses each month, it isn’t hard to imagine why. If you’re still considering using Facebook for Business or aren’t sure how to marketing your business in Facebook; we’ve outlined some key ways Facebook helps your business so you can start reaping the benefits of social media while engaging directly with your clients. Here are some reasons why you should have your presence on a social media giant such as Facebook and take marketing in it very seriously:


Benefits of Using Facebook for Bookkeeping Businesses

  • Client Interaction
  • Insight Statistic on Audience
  • Providing Personal Tough
  • Ultimate Tool to Development of Brand Loyalty
  • Boost SEO
  • Drive Website Traffic
  • Check in on Competition
  • Opportunity for Viral Promotion
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Ability to Target Audiences by Location, Demographics & Interests
  • Lower Marketing Expenses
  • Generate Business Leads
  • Improved Customer Service & Feedback Response Time
  • Ability to Monitor and Improve Strategy via Facebook Insights
  • Help Small Bookkeeping Businesses Establish Trust with Search Engines


How to Make the Best Use of Facebook for Your Bookkeeping Business?

This is the question we get asked all the time at The Savvy Bookkeeper and the answer is different for every busy. With that said; there are tried and tested essentials tools that Facebook does provide that can greatly assist you in making the most of your Facebook Business Page. Due to the fact there are there so many features available we have grouped them in Content Categories to help you understand the elemental and overall use of each tool available in your Facebook Business Page:


1. Static Content Facebook Tools

In the terms of digital marketing; static content is any content that can be delivered to an end user without having to be generated, modified or processed. Making static content one of the simplest and most efficient content types to transmit over the internet and the most important aspects of any Facebook Business Page for Bookkeepers.

The specific tools and applications Facebook provides businesses with which uses static content include:

  • Templates Specific for Business Owners and Service Based Companies,
  • Services ‘Shop’ Tool,
  • About Page, and
  • Newsletter Sign Up Integration.


2. Gaining Audience Involvement

It’s so important to build a Facebook Business Page that has a solid following of users who are interested in your products, services and content you share. It is through this solid Facebook following will create an overall brand loyalty that result in ongoing support and clients for Australian bookkeeping businesses.
Here are the tools and applications Facebook offers business to utilise to gain audience involvement are:

  • Events Pages,
  • Group Pages (both public and private),
  • Offers Promotions (program or service),
  • Community Forum (to provide social proof), and
  • Job Offer Forum.


3. Engagement Strategies

Engagement means different things to different marketers and business, but in general,
increasing your Facebook engagement means your audience is more likely to:

  • Comments on your updates,
  • Like your content,
  • Share your content,
  • Look at your posts or videos, and
  • Click on your links.

The more your audience performs these actions, the higher your Facebook Business Page engagement rate will be and the more successful you will be able to increase traffic and conversions to your website. Here are the top engagement tools Facebook offers Business:

  • Stories Streaming for 24 hours,
  • Facebook Live to provide Live Updates,
  • Polls to find out what your follows have to say,
  • Watch Parties to create events an entire community can get around,
  • Product Tagging to give more ways to purchase services and
  • News Feed to keep up to date with fellow businesses


4. Insight Analytics & Built in Applications

Facebook now offers advanced analytical tools to learn your audience’s behaviour more than ever to help enhance your marketing efforts. Audience Insights gives you aggregated information about two groups of people – people connected to your Page and people on Facebook – so you can create content that resonates and easily find more people like the ones in your current audience. The following build in applications to your Facebook Business Page are able to assist you in accomplishing your marketing goals easier than ever:

  • Ad Center,
  • Insights,
  • Publishing Tools, and
  • Audience Optimisation.


For a tangible example, here is our version of it in action: The Savvy Bookkeeper on Facebook


Remember this about Bookkeeping Facebook Pages and marketing

Marketing isn’t simple but by using the right toolkit available from Facebook, even a Bookkeeper, can be a marketer. Your Facebook Business Page is designed to help your business. You can use it to develop your digital shopfront, grow your audience and learn more about your clients to build a strong community that converts into clients. By using and optimising the above applications and listening to The Bookkeepers Voice Episode 75 you are one step ahead of your competition in understanding Facebook Marketing.

If you’d like further support please book in free 15 minute consult with the Savvy Teams own sales and marketing expert, Angie, and together you two can work through your marketing strategy for success.

To stay informed and get the most out of this series make sure you subscribe to our Podcast: The Bookkeepers’ Voice and listen to Episode #75 on Bookkeeping Facebook Pages

If you’d like help with your goals you can book a free initial consultation with me (Angie), or email us at angie at thesavvybookkeeper.com.au if you’re interested in a mentoring session to get you on track and focused.




That is our take on Bookkeeping Facebook Pages. Over to you…

Thank you for reading our post. By taking advantage of Bookkeeping Facebook Pages, you give yourself an advantage over other Bookkeepers who don't bother with it. Many ideal clients are on Facebook. It is very popular, and so by going to where the people are, you get a presence that they can interact with. Whether they are in their own office or home, they can investigate and research your business. This helps people who like you make an easy choice to engage you.

People who might be on the fence about you can be persuaded that you are the Bookkeeping Business they should engage.
Or not! You are far better off having people who probably aren't a match for you to self-select away from you, than to entertain someone who has a tyre kicker mindset.

Are you going to be a Bookkeeper with those Bookkeeping Facebook Pages to help you stand out and be noticed?




If you are a Bookkeeper who otherwise needs help with Savvy's Marketing your Bookkeeping services, such as; Sales, Marketing, Website, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Business Logo and more, please get in contact.


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