The Bookkeeping Project.

Practical lessons, done-for-you templates and real-time insight into setting up, running and growing your bookkeeping business…whichever stage you're at!

The Bookkeeping Project

Practical lessons, done-for-you templates and live insight into setting up, running and growing your bookkeeping business…whichever stage you're at!

Hi, I'm Amy Hooke, 

In 2017, after bookkeeping for 20 years, and in my own business for 3 years, I closed down my bookkeeping business forever.  Well, at least, that’s what I thought at the time.

I’d started a little ‘side hustle' making websites for bookkeepers which eventually became even more successful than my actual bookkeeping business. After a short time making websites, I realised that bookkeepers often have no idea who to target with the website, so this evolved into mentoring to help bookkeepers identify their business goals and target market. 

Eventually this led to the formation of The Savvy Bookkeeper. A business founded to teach bookkeepers business skills and provide business processes. And…

In January 2019 I had a brain wave. 

I thought, “Why don't I start my bookkeeping business, Off The Hook Bookkeeping again…as an experiment. That way, instead of teaching bookkeepers what to do, I can show them.”  

I'd always loved sharing my knowledge with my fellow bookkeepers, because I believe that bookkeepers hold a very important role in the life of a business. And they play a high part in upholding the financial integrity of our nation! 

And I know that if I'm generous in sharing with others, then it benefits everyone; each of us, our clients and our country. 

So…. HOW do I do this?

I set up my business again from scratch, and now I'm growing my business, allowing you to tune in “Burke's Backyard Style” and watch everything I'm doing.  

I share what I do well so you can get ideas (or even copy me… I seriously don't mind). And I also share hat I don't do well so you can learn from my mistakes (or enjoy laughing at me!). And I share step-by-step processes so you can grow your own business. 


Welcome to The Bookkeeping Project.

Join Amy Hooke and her team for real-time lessons and content, all geared towards running or growing a successful bookkeeping business. 

  • Monthly learnings via The Bookkeeper Voice podcast
  • Weekly chats in our private online community
  • Tips, tricks and ideas, processes and templates via regular emails and webinars

Which stage are you at?

The Bookkeeping Project is tailored to the stage that you're at, so you only get relevant information and support. NB: You might not fit perfectly into one stage, but pick the one that you relate to the most.

Stage One: Start Up

Your focus is on marketing, basic processes, building confidence and sales presentations.

Time in Business: < 1 year
Turnover: < $80K
Team Size: Just you

Stage Two: Full Up

Your focus is on streamlining, hiring, time management, decluttering and staying focused.

Time in Business: 1+ years
Turnover: $80K – $150K
Team Size: <1 

Stage Three: Move Up

Your focus is on leveraging time, lead generation, and refreshing your vision and re-branding.

Time in Business: 5+ years
Turnover: $150K+
Team Size: 1+