Top 9 Reasons for a Bookkeeper to be on Instagram

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Should you bother as a Bookkeeper on Instagram?

Instagram has over one billion monthly users, less competition, and a more engaged audience than any other social media platform. This presents a massive market opportunity for the bookkeeping industry to successfully target an interested audience without spending an enormous amount of money on paid advertising. Being a bookkeeper on Instagram is a valuable addition to your marketing efforts!


Here are our Top 9 Reasons for Bookkeepers to be on Instagram:

Brand Awareness

One of the reasons why Instagram is such a fantastic platform for bookkeeping businesses is that it has all the marketing capabilities of Facebook plus organic functionality which results in increased brand engagement. In fact, 38% of consumers claim a business’s social media presence has a significant influence on them purchasing in today’s market. With 50% of Instagram users preferring to follow brands on Instagram as opposed to any other social media platform. This means, that half of 800 million users are specifically more likely to follow your bookkeeping business profile just for being on Instagram.

By having the ability to build your followership organically on Instagram you can create a ‘grassroots’ movement in growing your bookkeeping business’s reach through organic, word-of-mouth growth which is priceless for any business.


Organically Building Social Trust

Since Instagram is a visual platform you’re able to build a more personal connection with your digital community by sharing pictures and videos of your team and happy clients to engage with your audience. For those virtual bookkeepers, this is a fantastic tool in assisting to signal that you are a reputable, real, and transparent business that is highly valuable and worth working with.

Building Better Relationships by Interacting with Clients

When building your digital presence your main goal as a bookkeeper is letting your ideal clients know you exist. Instagram provides a fantastic opportunity to not only inform you are there but engage one on one with your ideal clients.


A recent study has learned that 71% of ‘online’ adults are plugged into Facebook, whereas only 26% are on Instagram. However, the smaller group of Instagram users are more likely to engage and share your content at a higher rate. In recent findings, marketers have discovered that Instagram delivers an engagement rate of 4.21%per follower, this is 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook. This increased engagement is also 54 times higher than that found on Pinterest and 84 times higher than Twitter. Additionally, Instagram users ‘like’ platform content 3.5 billion times per day – making Instagram 2020’s more engaging platform.


By engaging with your ideal clients you will be increasing your reach within the platform while improving your overall relationship with your existing clients ultimately increasing your overall brand loyalty and support. By gaining more likes and comments your business will become more visible on Instagram as well throughout the world wide web.


Digital Reputation Management

Online reputation is critical for bookkeeping businesses. When it comes to online reputation management and search engine optimisation (SEO) for your bookkeeping business, having an Instagram account is a top priority.


By consistently monitoring and focusing on your digital presence not only will you be improving your overall SEO results online but you will be providing reputation management through the use of 5-star reviews and user-generated content.


Drive Followers to Your Bookkeeping Website

Currently, Instagram has over 800 million active users. Of those millions of users, over 500 million are on the platform daily with 38% of them checking the social media platform multiple times each day. With this kind of engagement opportunities, there is no limit to the success of bookkeepers to drive lead generation strategies.


At the base of all lead generation strategies is a well-designed bookkeeping website. Due to Instagram’s focus on providing businesses with Call-to-Action opportunities throughout the platform, Instagram offers more opportunities than ever to increase your social media click-through rate to your website.


Lead Generation Opportunities

Due to this increased website driven opportunity Instagram is one of the best ways to ‘soft’ sell your services. We all know that social media sells, but Instagram allows users the chance to decide that they see and what they don’t ultimately ensure a higher percentage of successful lead generation click through rates.


Through the platform, you can update your followers about your services while providing engaging value-added content creating awareness and showcasing you as an expert in your field; ultimately driving followers ready to buy to your website.



Instagram is a very useful networking tool for bookkeepers as well. You can like, comment, and send messages to other like-minded businesses or individuals to form meaningful and engaging relationships. You can expand your social network and collaborate with others within your industry all while keeping an eye on your competitors.


Advanced Target Market Opportunities 

Once Facebook purchase Instagram back in 2012, Instagram was provided some of the most advanced social media targeting analytics in the world. Through this platform, you can generate advertising campaigns specifically directed to an ideal client based on their age, interests, behaviour, and location. This means that you can hone in on your specific target audience within the Instagram users demographic who are most likely to work with you.


Most Importantly: You Can Show You Are More Than ‘Just’ a Bookkeeper

Let’s not forget, social media is meant to be fun. Instagram provides you the opportunity to be creative, relaxed, and let the world see who you are behind your business façade. This platform is essentially a visual storytelling app and the more relaxed and transparent you are on Instagram, the more followers will engage with you and the awareness you will build around your business resulting in more sales.


Moreover, Instagram is a great way to show potential clients that you are more than just a faceless corporation. By utilising features such as Instagram Stories, you can show behind-the-scenes insights into your company while showcasing client reviews. Although it may sound scary, this is an excellent way to build rapport, trust, and credibility with your followers as well as showing that there’s a human side of your business. If your clients see you as more than just a company looking to take their money, they will be more trusting and loyal to your business.


Bottom Line: 

If your ideal clients are on Instagram, start building your Instagram presence today…you’ll be glad you did!

If you’d like to learn more insight into the platform, be sure to tune into The Bookkeepers' Voice

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If you’d like help with your goals you can book a free initial consultation with me (Angie), or email us at if you’re interested in a mentoring session to get you on  track and focused.




That is our take on being a Bookkeeper on Instagram. Over to you…

Hopefully you can now see that Instagram is actually a valuable asset to your marketing efforts. It is actually a very powerful social media platform, and it has a lot of capabilities. It is also different from LinkedIn and Facebook, which has helped create some misconceptions for people. We think our Top 9 Reasons for a Bookkeeper to be on Instagram post will get rid of the misconceptions and be an encouragement for any bookkeeper not sure of what Instagram can be used for.

Thank you for your time



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