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In a recent #asksavvy session, we chatted about all things blogs and it came as a surprise to us that many of you simply didn’t know how to write a blog post. Not only do blogs provide great content for your website in explaining your products and services, they serve as great social media content and also help with search engine optimisation (SEO) for your website. 

At The Savvy Bookkeeper, we know that getting blog posts perfect for your ideal client is at the top of most of your priority lists for 2021, so we thought we’d share all that we know to make your blog writing fun and easy! So read ahead as we share our top 5 tips for writing blogs. This will not only help you put the content together but also give you confidence in the results that you’ll get out of it.  

Tip 1: Say Your Content

Our first tip is so simple, yet will make your life so much easier: ‘say your content.’ What we mean by this is, physically speak your blog, rather than write it down on a piece of paper. Technology is all around us today and there are some fantastic programs such as ‘Otter AI’ that allow you to upload voice recordings and then transcribe them into a document. Doing this makes the writing process easier and stops your brain getting in the way of itself!

When writing blogs, we often try to sound very professional, but in doing so, we overcomplicate what we say. When creating blogs as bookkeepers, we want to be providing value added content – and remember, everything you say and do every single day is just a piece of perfect content for your next blog. So remember, by taking the writing concept out of blog writing and allowing yourself to verbally talk about the topic, you’ll find you can create the perfect blog piece without any issues at all!

Tip 2: Answer Questions

Our second tip rolls off tip one and this is making sure that your blog simply answers questions that your clients and potential clients are likely to be asking. This means, your blog should physically state the questions that they would be asking with a concise and well thought out answer below it. By saying your content as suggested tip one, you’ll be able to do this in a few minutes. After all, it’s likely that you answer thousands of questions every week, so you’ll find that by using this method, the answers will come as second nature to you. 

Having blog posts with structured questions are also great when it comes to search engine optimisation. Google will rank websites for relevance and like most Google users do, type questions and phrases into the search bar, not just single words. If your website includes questions that are being searched in Google, then you’ll be positively impacting your search engine optimisation – helping increase your position in Google searches. Bonus!

Tip 3: Follow a Base Layout

Our third tip is to use a base layout for every blog you write – and we promise, it doesn’t have to be complicated. At The Savvy Bookkeeper, we simply work off a layout of Introduction, key points and then conclusion. It’s as easy as that and it saves you from constantly thinking about blog post ideas.

Your introduction should include any terms that you want to define, explain the topic of the blog and then introduce the key points that will be discussed. The body of the blog posts will include the key points which you can expand on as paragraphs. This makes writing the bulk of the blog post easy for you and makes reading the post easy for your reader. The conclusion then summarises everything you discussed throughout the blog and should include any relevant lead magnets and a call to action. The call to action should be a question that sends your reader to a page to enquire about your services or book a free consultation with you.

Tip 4: Remember Your Values

Our fourth tip is remember your business values. At the Savvy Bookkeeper, as part of our clients’ business plan we like to help them understand their values because they instill everything about their business and who they are. 

Using tip one, saying your blog out loud allows your values to come out in your blog piece as this will often come naturally to you when you talk. It’s also important to remember what you are really trying to communicate to your clients and include your values in what you write. By aligning your blog pieces to what you believe in, your clients will get to learn more about who you are, which also gives personality to your business. Mutual understanding, respect and personality are important factors when it comes to successful business relationships.

Tip 5: Remember Your Services

Our fifth and final blog writing tip is so important but can easily be forgotten. That is – don’t forget about your services! Remember, this is basically the whole point of what your blog posts are about. For including your services, you can add hyperlinks to lead magnets throughout your blog post where relevant. When it comes to the conclusion, this is where you want to include some call to actions which link back to a page on your website where the reader can send through their details if they wish to further enquire about your services. Remember, the more links you include in your blog post, the more likely you’re going to convert. So get to it!

We understand that blog writing can sound, long, boring and tedious – however we hope that we have shown you that it can be far from that. By following out top 5 tips for blog writing, we know you’re going to produce plenty of blogs in no time. In fact, you’ll find it fun and maybe somewhat therapeutic! Be sure to let us know what you think of our tips. We’d love to hear from you!


Do you have more questions about blog writing? We can hellp! Email us at and we’ll guide you to writing a fantastic blog piece for your website.


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Sharon Casagrande
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