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The Right Foundation For Your Business

Are you looking for training, resources and services created by a bookkeeper, for bookkeepers? Amy Hooke works with business owners in the bookkeeping industry, helping them lay the right foundation for their business.

My story - the short version

I'm qualified. I've completed a Bachelor of Business, and am currently studying my MBA at the Australian Institute of Business, to improve my business knowledge and leadership skills. I'm a member of the Institute of Managers and Leaders, and currently working towards becomeing a Chartered Manager.

I'm experienced. My background in bookkeeping started out working in a Chartered Accountant's firm, preparing financials and tax returns for companies and trusts. I moved into bookkeeping and then managing a bookkeeping practice. Then I started my own bookkeeping business and the rest is history.

I'm a business owner. Off The Hook Bookkeeping; a virtual-bookkeeping and accounting practice helping online businesses to get organised and go paperless. Off The Hook Websites; a boutique website design agency – websites by bookkeepers for bookkeepers.

I'm just like you. I'm the first to admit I've not “arrived” yet. I've made so many mistakes it's not funny, and have learned valuable teachings to pass on to others. I'm still here due to perseverance and courage.

If you would like to know more about my trials and tribulations, as well as my growth into my mentoring career, click on “The Long Version” below.

My story - the long version

Let me take you back a few years…

I first started mentoring and coaching when I was working as a bookkeeper; I'd always find myself helping my clients to get more focused, to change their mindset, and to improve their income.

I've been bookkeeping since I was in my teens; although my first job was as a saleswoman! I've always loved numbers. And helping people by connecting them with products or services that I believe in. Even in the early years of my career, I was interested in coaching people and helping them to become their very best. In fact, over the years, I've invested in many of my friends, members of my community, clients and colleagues lives in various ways.

“The love you liberate in your work is the only love you keep.” – Elbert Hubbard

By the time I was 25, in 2006, I'd gained hands-on experience coaching individuals and groups, and even spent some time coaching coaches to become coaches! (Bit to get your head around.)

In my career so far I'd gained experience in tax, accounting and bookkeeping, and was working in my dream job, as an accountant with an ASX Listed company. My ambition was to one day work as a Chartered Accountant for Ernst & Young. But life had other plans. Instead of shooting to the top of my career, I fell to the bottom. Just as my career was taking off, I got hit by a car, broke my neck, and lost my job. And while it sounds terrible, looking back, it really was the best thing that could have happened to me.

After struggling with depression, and with the help of disability support, I decided to enroll at Swinburne University and earned my Bachelor of Business (Accounting).

Fast forward a few years to 2015 and I started a family, and my own business, Off The Hook Bookkeeping. Things took off pretty quickly thanks to my knack for sales and marketing. In fact, I soon found myself getting asked for marketing help by other bookkeepers. And so, my next business, Off The Hook Websites, was born.

This is when I realised a big problem that was common among bookkeepers. They couldn’t seem to tell me exactly what they did, for whom, and why. They really needed mentoring in that area; someone to ask them questions to draw out the answers within them.

As you can see, I’ve been on quite a journey to arrive here, as your mentor. Along the way, I’ve helped and mentored hundreds of business owners and bookkeepers. I'm now looking forward to helping you get results, but more importantly, to believe in yourself, discover your life-calling, and re-discover who you always knew you were meant to be.


Some of my clients think I have a sixth sense. What they are noticing about me is that I'm a perceptive person. That means I often see things that others don't even notice.

Even though I only work with bookkeepers; and there are some similarities in shared struggles and strengths; no one bookkeeper is the same as another.

I combine this gift of perception with a unique blend of mentoring, coaching and training perfect tailored to suit you as an individual.

My specialty is helping you to discover true north in your business. Which means finding your niche in line with your unique set of gifts, and I show you how to apply these in your business.


Learn it, do it, teach it. If you wait until you're perfect to take action, it probably won't happen. If you love to learn and then quickly pass on that knowledge so that others can grow too; then we will get along famously!

Have a little chutzpah. The rumours are true: I grew up in Frankston, in case you’re wondering where I get my attitude from. One thing that will make or break you in business is whether you are willing to have a little audacity from time-to-time. 

Honour your word. If I say I will do something, I will. And if I can't I'll let you know asap. I won't ever leave you hanging! I believe in open, honest communication. And I expect the same from those I work with.

Speak the truth in love. I care about you. And I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make a difference in your world. I won't hold your hand, but I'll help you step out of the boat. True caring isn't telling the other person what they want to hear but being willing to be honest, even when it hurts. 


Vision If you want to achieve your business vision, you can’t keep it all to yourself. When you share it with others, you’ll get the support you need to see it through. When you stop trying to do everything yourself, business gets a lot less frustrating and exhausting… and a whole lot more rewarding and successful.

Competence You need to feel confident in your abilities, so other people will feel confident too. We can't detect our own errors, or perceive ourselves accurately, so a mentor can give you perspective and help you to hone in on what you’re best at, what you need to work on…and what you need to walk away from. Then you can approach potential clients knowing you’re an expert in your field.

Accountability Nobody can be successful unless they let other people in. Anyone can sign up for an online course or read a book, but meeting regularly with a mentor helps you stay accountable and implement what you’re learning. That’s when you’ll start making real progress on achieving your goals.. and you’ll avoid some costly mistakes!

Perseverance You’ll always have problems in business. If you realise and accept that problems are just another part of being in business, they’re not such an issue anymore! And in fact, they’re sometimes blessings in disguise. Problems motivate you to persevere, which builds your strength and character. And as you overcome your problems,  you’ll become more capable of handling bigger problems along the way.

Courage Confidence is just a feeling but courage is an action. Feelings come and go. But when you consistently take action even when you don’t feel like it, you defeat an old enemy: procrastination. And so one day, you will wake up in the morning, jump out of bed and shout, “I can't wait to get out there and sell my services today!” Well… maybe that's going a bit too far. But you get my point!

If you think I'm the kind of person you'd love to work with then get in touch – JOIN MY FB GROUPREAD MY BLOG, GET MY TEMPLATES or check out my MENTORSHIP.

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Meet Amy Hooke

I'm the founder of The Savvy Bookkeeper and a business consultant who helps bookkeepers to extract themselves from being "on the tools" so they can get their life back, do more meaningful work and achieve their goals.

Together, we work out your pricing, sales and marketing, and overall business strategy. One that fits in with your life, not the other way around.



Our sessions together are very practical - we take action together during every single session - we work together on your business. You will never leave with a head full of knowledge and a belly full of anxiety about how to apply what you learned.

Each session you will have a clear set of actions that you can take, including follow-up email reminders so you can stay on track.