Episode #090 What is Bookkeeping Onboarding and Why is it Important?

Get ready for a new mini series of The Bookkeepers' Voice. Today Angie and Maia are going to be talking all things onboarding, a topic that we will cover in great depth over the next few weeks.

We're kicking off the first episode in this series with getting super clear on what onboarding is and why it's important. Tune in for some useful examples and great information that you can start implementing in your business.

“Onboarding” is a bit of a buzzword in the community at the moment, so we hope you're excited for this new series! We're excited to share with you all the ways your onboarding system can improve your business.

Key takeaway: “By implement a Bookkeeping Onboarding Process and Workflow you will be able to have more efficiency, reduced scope creep, and happier clients”.

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