Episode #100 Welcome to 2021: We have some big plans for you!

The Bookkeepers' Voice is back! That's right – join Angie for this very special 100th episode of the podcast and first of the new year as she shares what we have planned for 2021, including some exciting big series coming up!

While it’s safe to say that 2020 certainly didn't go the way any of us thought it would – that doesn’t mean it’s all been bad. In fact, there’s been some incredible developments in the world of bookkeeping. So listen in as we share all of this and more!

Key Takeaway: “We have some big things coming your way in 2021! Make sure you tune in to get a sneak peek!”

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Episode: #100

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Host: Angie Martin

Topic: Welcome to 2021: We have some big plans for you!

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Welcome to 2021 – We have some big plans for you and your bookkeeping business!

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Bookkeeping in 2021

Good morning and Happy Friday to everyone listening to the podcast today. And most importantly, welcome to 2021. This is Angie coming from the savvy team. And I am thrilled to say that this is the first episode of The bookkeepers voice for the new year. And actually Fun fact, I don't know if anyone else will care about this, but our actual team, but today's the 100th episode of The bookkeepers voice, which, for us is pretty exciting. It's something that we, when Amy first created this podcast, she had no idea where it was gonna go. She had her high hopes of things. But to actually now get to the Hunter 100th episode we are so thrilled and excited about I will be joined by Amy Hooke and my fellow savvy team member myon next week, and we're going to discuss all things the 100th episode and kind of do a round up of 2020 together. But for today, I thought it would be a bit fun to discuss all the things that we have planned for the bookkeepers voice for 2021. Because we are really excited about this year with the podcast. And we have some really big series coming up that I want to let you guys know, some sneak peeks about. So first off, before I go into that, first, let's just have a chat about 2020.

How 2020 changed the world for bookkeeping businesses

I know, last year was not the year everyone thought it would be it came as a big surprise to all of us. That doesn't mean that everything that happened last year was actually a negative. There was some actual very incredible developments that happened last year, specifically for the bookkeeping world, I thought I would just begin this year's podcast by discussing them a little bit, and then talking about how we're going to support you and all of these changes, because there's been some incredible developments in the bookkeeping industry this last year that are going to change the industry forever. And the team at savvy think it's really exciting. Going forward, there's going to be some great opportunities for our industry. And I just think it's really exciting. And I want to celebrate it a little bit for the first episode of the year. So the first thing that I think all of us has noticed, I have noticed is that there has been a massive growth in the bookkeeping industry worldwide. I know personally here in Australia, bookkeeping has just skyrocketed simply because businesses are becoming more aware that they need a bookkeeper. Basically,with everything that's happened with COVID, there has been so many different grants and assistance being rolled out by governments across the world that you now need a bookkeeper. So across the world in various different countries, specifically, and especially in Australia itself, we have seen a massive growth in the industry, which is extremely exciting, because we are a podcast that do not support bookkeepers, so there is more work than ever for bookkeepers, which is really exciting because in this industry, we always say that no bookkeeper is the same. After mentoring you guys for a year over a year now 100% believe that you I know there's a few of you who think you know all I'm just another bookkeeper. I know, you all have incredible marketing messages that you can use. You all have specific skill sets that you excel at. And now that there's more clients than ever, it's really exciting to see the development of your businesses, whether you're a solopreneur or entrepreneur and you have a team. It's all just really exciting. And there's now more than ever, there's enough clients to go around to have all of your businesses to be successful. So it's a very exciting time. So I'm very interested in have been looking into Quite a few different business development, podcast possibilities to just discuss the growth in the industry.

What does The Savvy Bookkeeper have in store for bookkeeping business owners in 2021?

 So I am slowly working away at that I want to make sure anything that we do talk about is going to be really spot on for what we're expecting to happen in 2021. So, I will hopefully have a podcast for you for that as a bonus, one day soon, hopefully. But the second thing that I noticed is that there's been an increase in respect and awareness for the industry. So I know in the past, very few clients actually know what bookkeeping is, they don't really care. They don't really get the difference between accountants and bookkeepers. And this year, specifically, after everything happened with COVID, we saw a mass consumer change in concept of bookkeeping, which is really exciting. I think it's a great opportunity for us bookkeepers, and it's a great time now to increase your value added content and communication with existing and potential clients. Because now, clients are more than ever understanding the importance of having a bookkeeper, they're understanding now exactly what you do and how you can support them, especially here in Australia, we are offering job keeper still to a lot of our companies, and you basically can't do job keeper without a bookkeeper. So more and more people are understanding how valuable bookkeepers are and how much they can really help your business. I know, I was talking to one client the other day who just got a new client, and the client hasn't done a bass for something like eight years, which is crazy to think. But now, the business knows how important doing the bass and everything is to keep their books up to date. So if they ever are in trouble, they can actually get assistance. And that's something that more and more business owners are understanding the value of their bookkeeper, which is really great, it makes them a bit more willing to help and support you and all the data that you need, which is just really wonderful. The third thing that I noticed was the mass migration to virtual services. For obvious reasons, we all had to go virtual this past year, we all had to stop basically doing face to face because of quarantine situations. And it's an amazing development for the bookkeeping industry because we have so many great digital tools that you really can be 100% Digital, a digital business and and virtual business and still support your clients just as much as we have done in the past in our office, if not more, because we can be more efficient with our time and not bother them as much as well, which makes them more efficient with their time. And there's just been some amazing development in digital systems and processes to the industry that can help streamline your actual bookkeeping, day to day requirements, onboarding, everything. And it's making it really exciting to be a part of this industry right now to see all of you guys going from where you were to really stepping up your game, doing digital signatures, doing digital engagement, doing onboarding procedures that are all just automated, it's saving you guys a lot of time. And it's really allowing you to focus on what you do best, which is supporting your clients. So that's a really exciting development. Another development that we saw with the migration to virtual services is the increase in requirement to have a digital presence now, as a digital marketer, this makes me all excited, of course, because I love all things digital marketing, but coming at it from more of a business development point of view, is that so many bookkeepers, you guys were honestly I actually think one of the industries that realised this first, not first, but one of the early recognizers that you need now to have your digital presence. I was really blown away with how Quickly, our existing clients actually jumped on board with making sure they had their socials, their websites were up to date, they started looking into us yo trying to figuring everything out to have that strong digital presence. And those of you who did that really early are now sitting in a really fantastic place where you've gotten new clients over the COVID shutdown period, and your businesses have completely changed. And that just really shows with now the mass migration to virtual services for this industry, how important digital presence can be to getting new clients. And it's just very exciting. I think this next year is going to be a massive leap forward in the world of bookkeeping. And the savvy team is just so excited to be along with you with this journey, we we couldn't be more thrilled to be creating content for you helping you streamline your businesses, and just really making the most of 2020 for your clients and yourself. So, as usual, the Savi team wants to support you in doing this as much as possible. That's what we're passionate about. That's what we do best. So what we've actually done is pre organised a heap of series that you guys have been directly asking me to talk about over this last few months. So what I thought today would be a bit fun is to give you a bit of a sneak peek of basically eight different series that we are going to be discussing over the next couple months. They haven't been recorded yet by any means. But we are already creating the strategy for them creating the topics for them and everything. So they are going to be happening over this next year. So let's get into the different series.

The first series we're going to start with this year is going to be why we love reporting. So as bookkeepers we all love reporting, it's it's kind of built into our the way our brain processes things. But the way that we're going to do this series is we're actually going to be discussing why we love reporting and love and why and how we like to communicate what the reports mean to our clients. Because I know this can be one of the toughest things for bookkeepers is successfully getting your clients to care about reports, and be understand what they're actually telling them about their businesses. So we're gonna go in and do a whole series about reports, cash flow, everything, and I'm so excited for it. I've already created the content for this series, and it's going to be amazing. The second series we're going to be talking about is the digital organisation options for bookkeepers. Because of the mass migration to virtual services, we now need to make sure that we are keeping up and keeping organised if all of our different systems that we use, because just like with paper, or digital document can be just as messy when it's all over your computer and you don't know where things are. And it can be just extremely stressful and frustrating. So that one's going to be quite fun as well, that topic. The next topic is going to be tips and tricks on managing bookkeeping stress. I think it's an understatement on how last year was a very stressful year for our industry. We had so much new content to learn in the first two months of all the COVID shut downs and everything. And we were just also focused on supporting our clients that it was so stressful to get anything done so much needed to be done. Our clients wanted to know exactly what was happening. So what we've done is created a series where we actually discuss the different ways that we manage stress within Savi and ways the actual art test time tested and proven ways of managing stress for bookkeepers. So we're going to go through that as well, which I'm pretty excited about because we all have stress in our lives no matter what it is. And it's really important to manage your stress, especially if a bookkeeper if you burn out or become so overwhelmed with stress, you're basically useless to your clients, which is exactly the opposite of what we're trying To do when we're bookkeepers. So this is a really going to be a really fun and interesting topic to do a series about. The next series is going to be about payroll workflows. As a bookkeeper, you either love payroll or hate payroll. So we're going to be doing a series for both of that kind of spectrum both ends of the spectrums, and discussing ways of making payroll an easier process for everyone. Which is great, because I'm one of those people who don't love payroll, I'm guilty as charged. The next one we're going to talk about is pricing for profit. So as many of you know, we offer actual a programme called pricing for profit. And in it, we're going to be discussing and giving you little sneak tidbits about tips and tricks directly from Amy Hooke on how you can improve and streamline your pricing to make sure that it is fair for your clients, but also helps to make sure that you can grow your business. So that's going to be a really awesome series, I'm really excited to be able to offer you guys, then we're gonna go into a new topic that we've had a lot of requests about over this last year, especially from our savvy members. So this is basically directly from our savvy membership is team management, for bookkeeping businesses. And in that Amy and I are going to discuss all things, bookkeeping, management, hiring, process, retaining, retaining actual employees, and creating that really healthy and positive work environment to allow for your business to grow. And eventually, let you do whatever you want to do, which is very exciting. So that's going to be a completely new episode series that we've never done in the past. And then we're going to go in and I'm going to do a series of sales tips for getting more bookkeeping clients. I know, because everything's going digital, because everyone's been working this past year on streamlining and, you know, just optimising their processes a lot more if you now have capacity to take on more clients. So I want to give you a couple more tips, I'll have up my sleeve for actually getting new clients really easy. And a way that you're going to be able to have the right clients for your business and ones that will stay with you for a long period of time, because that's the ultimate goal, right is we want long term clients that are amazing. So I'm going to be doing a series on giving you a bit more tips and tricks on how to do that. And I'm really excited to be doing that as well. Then we're going to have a series that I've just called our bonus episode. So throughout doing all these series that are going to be more intense and more you know, learning base, we are going to include once in a while some fun bonus episodes where one of us from the savvy team or multiple of us from the savvy team discuss different things that we are really passionate about. We're going to include more and more interviews with our savvy members so you guys can get to know other bookkeepers. Cuz you know, this is the bookkeepers voice we need to talk to bookkeepers and really hear from what people are going through right now in the world of bookkeeping, so super excited about our bonus series. So those will be scattered throughout. We've got some really great topics already that I'm just very excited to share with you as the week's roll out, but we just we couldn't be more thrilled the fact that we are on our 100th episode, and we love creating these podcasts for you. I know I said it in our last year's podcast a little bit. But the savvy team loves this community we've been able to create with this podcast and love how much you guys have actually started to engage with us behind the scenes to help us curate these episodes that go directly to what you're trying to work on. And it's been incredible at this last year has been just so much fun to do, even though it's been extremely stressful year. We couldn't be more thrilled to be continuing the series. And basically what we need from you guys is just Keep engaging with us and keep letting us know what you are wanting to listen to. Because each and every single one of those series that I just told you about were directly requested from listeners.

Business strategy for virtual bookkeepers

So make sure that you join us on our socials, join us on our Facebook pages, the I heart, bookkeeping and I heart payroll, Facebook pages. And also feel free to contact us directly. We're always available for you. And we'd love to specifically create episodes that you guys are wanting to know about you guys are wanting to hear about So between all of us, we have Amy Hooke who is the amazing founder of off the off the hook bookkeeping and the Sufi bookkeeper, you have me you have Maia our website and process workflow extraverted Nair, amazing person that she is she's just her mind is incredible. We have Well, he was really great about, you know, having the right tools to have in your office to make working really successful and really comfortable and productive. And he's also one of our SEO gurus. And then we actually have a new member, two new members that we are going to introduce to the podcast over the next couple months as well. One is a our bookkeeper that we're going to be doing our first series with, we're going to be introducing her shortly. And then we're also going to be introducing someone who is going to be helping you really curate amazing digital marketing content. And I'm really thrilled to be able to do that because I know a lot of you have a lot of questions about blogs and creating them. And that will be coming as well guys, don't you worry. We're very excited to be bringing that on as well. But we just have so much planned for you this year and we couldn't do it without you. So make sure you do follow us. engage with us. Tell us what you want to hear because it's directly creative for you. And let's just together have an amazing 2021 the bookkeeping industry is changing every day. And we are thrilled to come along with you in your journey of becoming the best, most savvy bookkeeper that you possibly can. So until next week, everyone, stay safe, sane and savvy interest. Welcome to 2021 everyone. Bye.


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