Episode #108 Streamlining and Automating Can Change Everything

Join us again for another new episode of The Bookkeepers' Voice, as Angie Martin interviews special podcast guest and Savvy Member, Karen Andrews who is the Director of Vivid Enterprise Solutions!

Listen in to this exciting episode where Karen share's her bookkeeping journey and what it has been like working with a growing virtual team. Karen will also talk through getting her pricing and systems set up and how they have positively impacted the continuous growth of her business. 

Key Takeaway: “When building a team, you don’t always have to be in the same room to be a success.”

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Episode: #108

Series: General

Host: Angie Martin

Guest speaker: Karen Andrews

Topic: Streamlining and Automating Can Change Everything

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How do I streamline and automate my business?


Angie Martin  0:01 

Good morning, everyone. Hope you're having a fantastic day today. Thank you for joining us for another episode of The bookkeepers voice. My name is Angie and I am part of the semi team. Today we are actually joined by a very special guest and a fellow savvy member Karen Andrews, the director of vivid enterprise solutions. Thank you for joining us today, Karen. Thank you for having me. I'm so thrilled. Now you are actually a client of the savvy bookkeeper. And you're part of our savvy membership. But one thing that I find really interesting is you were actually the first person to join the 70 membership. Before I even went public.


Karen Andrews  0:52 

Yes because I think I was like hounding you. Yes, yes. I'm like, I'm ready. Let's do it.


Angie Martin  0:58 

Yes, yeah, it's, um, it was, I think you wanted you wanted our pricing catalogue. That's what it was, it was the pricing catalogue. And you really, really wanted it. So we said, okay, we're about to launch this. Give us you know, a little bit of wheat leeway. It's not completely finished store streamlined yet. And yeah, you were the official first member, which is really exciting. And it's come a long way since, which is a good thing. No, it's, um, it's great. And we've been kind of speaking for the last little while, right, when your business was just getting to another level. And you've just been doing an amazing job, continually growing your business and really keeping an eye on what your goals are for the business as well, which is great. Yeah, I definitely have. And yeah, I couldn't have done it without savvy, really, like, it's definitely like a friend holding my hand all the way. Well, we absolutely love working with you, these past few months have been a real joy. And we actually get really excited when we get an email, but something new that you're working on, or something that you would like us to create. Not many, many people know, but Karen's actually been the inspiration for a couple new products, programmes that we've been doing. And we love all the feedback that we get from Karen, it's amazing. And it's been wonderful, really just seeing vivid and try solutions grow to what it is now, like, even just in the last nine months, it's truly developed into this agency that is so supportive of their clients. And a lot of it's because you've been able to get out from the working always in the business, and you can really focus on on the business.


How do I grow an online business?


Karen Andrews  3:13 

Yeah, it's been a really big push of mine this year to try and not be doing the bookkeeping, and being able to increase our service offering, you know, grow our business, you know, you know, I'm a big lover of software. So every time you know, we grow, we're investing in software, to, you know, to help our clients. And you know, I think I'm more valuable there than doing the bookkeeping. So yeah. And then, just before I finished my PhD, and I, a month after I got married, I went to a seminar from Professor from Calgary in Canada. And I loved what he had to say at the end of the talk, he mentioned that he was looking for postdoctoral fellows. Now, my husband and I had  never really considered moving overseas. But for two people that love skiing, Calgary was a big draw card. Hickory is amazing. So less than two months later, I moved to Calgary. And we spent two years there. It was a really wonderful time we absolutely adored it. It was a really, really hard decision to come back. So after two years, my husband got a good job offer. We just thought I think it's time to start a family. You know, we had you know, we I didn't really want to do it without my mom around. So yeah, so I thought, yeah, let it's time to go back. So, okay, back, we had two boys pretty quickly. And then still continued with research. I worked at Monash for a while and RMIT. And I spent most of the time at the baker heart and diabetes Institute. I was second in charge for a group of 15 about 15 researchers. So I managed a lot of research assistants. I mentored honour students, and I had quite a few PhD students myself. So life was pretty busy. Yes, yeah. Especially with two boys. Yes. At the same time. Over the same time, my husband started his own business, he was working for other people and decided he wanted to go out on his own. So he did that. So I did the books for him, as well as my job two boys. It was crazy. So it continued on like that. And, you know, when I was doing his books, I really because I was time poor. I was all about streamlining and automating, even then I wanted to, you know, if there was a way for me to do it quicker, and, you know, touching it, that's what I was about. So I did that. And then I had a surprise pregnancy a bit later, I would say. So we had our daughter when our boys were 11 and nine. And I think priorities changed in my was on maternity leave. And I'm like, I don't really want to go back. I like being at home. And yeah, so I ended up leaving and thought I'm going to be a bookkeeper. So I thought now What should I do first, I had no idea about Facebook groups or anything like that. But I actually thought about it and thought I'm gonna go and get a job doing bookkeeping, to see if I like it. So that's the first thing I did. I went was so smart. Yeah, well, I've since listened to quite a few of Amy's podcasts, and she does suggest doing that online. on my own,


Angie Martin  9:45 

You know, why create a business if you don't know if you'd like actually working in the business? Yes. Yeah, we need to know.

How to rescue a virtual business with automation software?


Karen Andrews  9:51 

Yeah, so I did that. You know, that job was my first introduction to Xero as well. So it was also the biggest rescue job I've ever done. Oh, wow. Yeah, it was a big task. I worked there for a year, we ended up pretty much getting the books under control. So yeah, it was a really bad mild to zero conversion. And there was three years for a really big business. Oh, wow. Yeah. So, yeah. Yes. I learned zero. I learned everything about it. And I loved it. And I, you know, I knew that, you know, it was where I wanted to go. So the same time I was working there, I started my studies, I did the certificate for pretty quickly. After hours, and because I wanted to become a bass agent, I'm just like, you know, being in the, you know, professional field. I'm all about education, professional development, you know, just wanted to do it in the right order is Amy. Yeah, I'm gonna, I'm gonna do that I became a best agent. And then I started to get some clients. So my first client was actually my professor that I worked with, in research.


Angie Martin  11:10 

 I love that. That's such a great cycle.


Karen Andrews  11:13 

Yes, she left and bought a few bookshops. So she was my first real client. And then I just started to get referrals from there. And then I thought, right, it's time to go out on my own. So and here we are.


Angie Martin  11:29 

I love it. I love I love how. So every bookkeeper always thinks of themselves as just a bookkeeper. But everyone's story is so different. And so yeah, I don't know if I've actually told you but I had an old housemate that is was an expert is an expert in Australian venomous. Really? Yeah. So when I learned that you were really interested in venom and everything. I was like, Oh, this is amazing. This is interesting. You know, well, it's kind of similar. Everyone has their own journey. And you're right, everything that you did, has helped you become the bookkeeper and business owner that you are today. And every step along the way, you can go Okay, well, this is why I'm really good at this. This is why this comes a bit more natural to me, because I was doing that. So I think with you as well, you love researching, you love learning. And Yep, that is definitely something that you can tell with your entire business. concept. It's, it's amazing. And I love how, when you created vivid enterprise solutions, you knew you wanted it to be virtual and remote. You knew? Exactly, you know, how you wanted to help people, what kind of clients you were able to help the most. And just let everyone know, Karen's tagline for her business is streamline, automate and grow. Which is 100%. You all over?


Karen Andrews  13:17 

Yes. With a little bit of help from you,


Angie Martin  13:22 

yes. Yes.


Karen Andrews  13:25 

A large part of it with you.


Angie Martin  13:26 

And even you know, as you go through and tell your story, that is something that's been there for a very long,


How do I set up a virtual bookkeeping business?

Karen Andrews  13:35 

yes. Yeah. Look, I um, you know, in terms of the remote, you know, the virtual business, I think I was lucky enough, when I was doing research that, you know, we were always had access to all the latest technology, you know, that included remote working, you know, we were always, you know, I guess they wanted us to, you know, do all the work we could, so I was working part time, but I was also running a team, so I sort of needed to be available. And, you know, so I did a lot of remote working while I was also working on site. So yeah, I'd like I was used to that. And then when I was introduced to zero, I was even, I'm like, it is entirely possible. You know, before that, MYOB, you know, desktop version. So, you know, it was so difficult to, you know, transfer that but, you know, and, you know, in terms of I was also lucky to come in so late into bookkeeping, because I didn't have all those paper processes. I didn't know I went straight to the cloud. I you know, I hate paper. I hate filing. So you know, yeah, so I remember the first time that I when I was working at the Garden Supply, place, and Dee who actually now works with me, I worked with her there. She printed stuff out and put it in a folder. And I said, Well, why do you do that? And she's like, well, because we do. And I'm like, have you ever opened that folder? No. So we stopped doing it with a lot of paper stuff. So


Angie Martin  15:16 

We'll cause it to be fair, 10 years ago, that was completely normal. And now, yeah, you can put it in a folder in your cloud. It's like Dropbox or OneDrive or whatever. You can put it in that folder. No need anymore. So yeah, no printing. So yeah, that all of that led to the tagline. So I used to have the tagline streamline. systematise grow. And I think in one of the sessions, where we did our business plan, we did the first thing we changed. And I, I fully embraced it. And I'm like, Yes, that's it.


Karen Andrews  15:53 

Yeah. Yeah,


Angie Martin  15:55 

I love it. It just really encompasses everything that the business and you're all about internally and externally. Like you said, when you started doing your business, your husband's businesses, books, you were all about streamline automating as much as you possibly could, because you were time for and you you know, you're also besides being an amazing business owner and bookkeeper, you are a mom, your wife, your friend, your daughter. Yes, anything that we can get to streamline your business for your clients is the bonus.


Karen Andrews  16:36 

Yeah, I just, yeah. And then I, I think, you know, in that business planning session, things really started to like, that was the first sort of session that I'd ever done with Gabby, you know, yes, we've done you know, I've done some of the, you know, the pricing, you know, the pricing masterclass, and then health check masterclass, which I really want to talk about, because the business planning session, I'm not creating, I'm not creative, I naturally shy away from anything that requires me to do any sort of work like that, where I have to think about stuff and try and put it into words, I don't like it. So, yeah, I, but it was the best thing I, you know, one of the best things I ever did for my business, it allowed me to realise who I was, what the business was about, and most importantly, who my ideal client was, I don't think I knew that before. You know, we talked about values, and, you know, all those values and everything. And now part of our social media, like, it all just goes together. And I never really understood any of that, that I really needed to have a, you know, identity as a business as well. You know,


Angie Martin  17:50 

you've done an amazing job. And I think the reason why we were able to do so much in that session together, was you went through, like, like you said, you were doing it in the right order. So you had all the pieces, but they just needed to be put together. And once we did that, and I think once we did, it was your values and your brand personality, that really helped put things together, and really helped to create that picture of this business is basically person that I have created. And now you can have that clear picture. But person,


Karen Andrews  18:31 

yes. And its given me the confidence to actually put it out there. I don't think I would have before I think I always knew it about myself. And I think every other bookkeeper out there, they have it in them, they know who they are, they know what they can offer. But actually writing it down and deciding who you want to work for, you know, who you want to help. All of these things really makes a difference. And you know, I don't think before then I would have had the confidence to ever say no to a client. But now I do know more. It's more Well, you know, I just if people, like a lot of clients just want to keep things the way they've been doing it. And that is there is no problem with that. They're not the clients that can benefit from working with us. You know, so it has to be a good fit both ways. You can amazing with that as well. you've, you've gotten so many new clients just this year.


Angie Martin  19:33 

 It's just everywhere, which is great,


Karen Andrews  19:37 

everyone, everyone starts the new year and goes right I'm going to get ready to start my bookkeeping this year.


Angie Martin  19:44 

So definitely a new year's resolution but you've done an amazing job with it. And I really truly think it's because you know who you're looking for and it helps them know that you're the right pick for them as well because you're communicating Your values so well, that it's reaching them that they want to work with you. Yeah. Yeah. I hadn't thought of it that way. So yeah, no, it's it definitely comes across your social media, it definitely comes across your website now. And everything that you're doing it, you were talking to them. You weren't talking to your non ideal clients, you were talking to your ideal client. So it's resonating with them. And then it's making them be like, yeah, this is perfect. This is a great, yeah,


Karen Andrews  20:33 

I think one of the things that Amy said one time is, I can't remember, I don't know, I've watched all this stuff. I've listened to everything. So yeah, she was talking about how, you know, if a business owner is looking at a business with a standard sort of website, these are the services we offer, or they're looking at a website with, you know, a face there, and you know, information about that person, you know, even if they don't, you know, they either don't like it, and they'll go somewhere else, which is also a good thing. Or they do like it and they go Yo, you're someone I want to work with, who are they going to choose? You never choose the faceless one.


Angie Martin  21:13 

Exactly. Exactly. It really actually works. Just having that photo of you.


Karen Andrews  21:19 

Yeah. And I've, you know, since I put the About Us page, I've had a lot of clients say, Oh, I read about your history and journey, and I'm like, Okay. All right. But then I'm like, you know, a lot of them are like Canada, well, or, you know, venomous snakes? Well, you know, so


Angie Martin  21:38 

it sets you apart, it gives you it makes them realise that you're a person.


Karen Andrews  21:43 



Which I know that sounds so silly. But sometimes when you're working with someone, especially virtually, you actually do forget that there are people there other human beings? Yes, yeah. Well, it's also part of the way we like to do our business is we love client contact, we want them to call us we want to talk to them, we want to help them we want to know about their business, you know, we want to have that relationship. So you know, that's really important to us, too. And, you know, I, I really encourage that with everyone in my team. It's like, you know, the client calls, talk to them, you know, we want so yeah,




Angie Martin  22:26 

Now, just because Karen did mention the About Us page, in our podcast notes. Today, we are going to be having Karen's actual website link, available for you guys. I would highly suggest anyone who's looking at really creating that, that real identity of their business, go to Karen's page, because you worked with a copywriter after we finish doing sorting your business plan, and it is so well done, you really do instantly connect with you and your team, which is great. My team is really important to the business as well. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah, we just, yeah, that's, that's another thing. I need help. Yes, yes. You know, I've, I've, my vision for our business was account managers here in Australia. We do a lot of the forward facing client interactions, and then a team of bookkeepers overseas. I wasn't sure when where exactly. We ended up going through the outsourced accountant in the Philippines, which has been an absolutely brilliant, brilliant, it's working through some very highly skilled bookkeepers there. Yes. So last week, we just hired another one another team member. So we've got three, we're gonna have three over there now. So I've used Amy's hiring process. I worked with Amy on getting that and we adapted her hiring process here for overseas overseas. Yeah. And you know, with our first employee, from the Philippines for Shane, she's brilliant. I love her. She's such a sweetie. Yes, but it was a fluke. Like, honestly, like I look back now and just think how lucky we were. Because we spoke to her. We liked her and we're like, okay, you know, come work with us. But now I've got a much more structured got that system. Yeah, you get this system where it's easy for you to find that right person. What I really love, especially for overseas is in Amy's process, just for everyone to know. She always suggests actually get applicants to do a video. Yes. And that helps you get to know them so well. You know what to expect before before you meet them. And I've never seen a video that's actually put me off. Yeah, like, I haven't seen a video. That's all No, you know, that's definitely not the route here. Yeah. So I think it can only enhance your application, you know, as well. So yeah, and yeah, I did some personality testing and some numerical and verbal reasoning testing. And, yeah, I think it gives you a big picture a great picture of the candidate before they before you interview them, and know how to target your questions. So you get the most out of the interview, you know, just that bond. Exactly. And I know, we're always about doing things in the right order. But having that system of hiring an employee I find is so helpful, because then, like you did me always suggest to have to only interview three people. But when you're interviewing three people, you still want it. systemize, so that when you're comparing the three different employees, you're comparing them to similar questions, the similar processes, so that because it can make a difference. I know I've done interviews when I was really young, because I started to hire people when I was 16. And I I don't know, right. But looking back at it now, it's like a whole, you got lucky girl. Yeah, I didn't keep the questions consistent in the interviews consistent? Yeah, yeah.


Karen Andrews  23:09 

Well, I've definitely done that, you know, kept them consistent. And yeah, I, you know, the main question that I asked them, pretty much, I think I could ask this one question. And that would be enough is, what do you do when you don't know what to do? Yeah. And if they come back and say, Well, I asked someone, yeah, if they say, you know, I look for the answer. I google it. I you know, ask someone, I do everything I can before I come and ask you. That's the actor I want. And every business owner, you know, slash boss says, Do you look into that? But But I, I love people to want to learn. I love people who want to learn themselves who want to find the answer. And if you found the answer by yourself, you remember it, and you understand it better than if someone just tells you. So yeah, that's, that's, I guess where I'm coming from with that question. And all the three team members that I've got have all done really well with that question. So question,


Angie Martin  26:50 

it's the day you told me about it. I'm like, Oh, my gosh, my brains just exploded. Because it does sum up a lot about their reasoning. And their process. Because yes, with bookkeeping, there's questions sometimes you're never going to know all the answers. No, I don't usually know the answer. That's why I'm like, Okay, well, I'm gonna do with Google. Google's amazing. Google or Facebook group of asking the question for other bookkeepers?


Karen Andrews  28:15 

Yes. I don't I don't tend to do that. Although I do you read them a lot. And do you read? Yes. Yeah, I read them.


Angie Martin  28:21 

I do that.


Karen Andrews  28:22 

Yeah, learn. But you know, it's part of putting myself out there, which I wouldn't normally do,


How do I grow my online, virtual business?

Angie Martin  28:27 

which is why we're doing this podcast! No, I love it, you've done such a great job growing the business, and you're doing it in a way that you're really, it's going to be able to continue to grow, you're not going to be getting to the point where you're at capacity, and then your team members are tearing their hair out kind of thing. It's able to scale if you need it. For your clients. Yes, that's definitely what we're trying to do. Yeah, we're trying. We're trying to take the bookkeeping out of the hands of our, our team members, or our our employees are all of us in Australia, and and getting our wonderful Philippines team to do that part of it. Because it's allowing us to grow here, take on more clients and provide that support, like yeah, you know, have that call with them, how they're going, are things going well, or not well, or,


Karen Andrews  29:25 

yeah, and to do things that we haven't had time to do like management reports and cash flow reporting, like we've never, it's not something that we've really done a lot of just because we haven't had the time until now. And that's, that's what it's allowing us to do, which is basically providing a better service for our clients and helping them more. Yeah, I love it.


Angie Martin  29:47 

And that's why I've loved working with you over the last few months because you do put your clients first in the end bit of your business name is correct solution. Thank you, you Trying to understand their problems and then find a solution. Yes, we're just growing. Yeah. Yeah. It's, it's so good. And it's really refreshing to be able to see that. That's, it's always in the front of your mind. It certainly it's Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Now, I do have some bookkeeping questions I want to ask, I kind of actually know some of the answers, but I want to read them and learn about them as well. So what is your favourite part of bookkeeping? And why?


Karen Andrews  30:36 

Probably won't be surprised after what we just talked about. To help business owners. Yeah, I know that there's so many business owners out there, they just aren't aware of how streamlined and automated their account keeping can be. I think most of them are so busy and so busy doing what they're really good at, you know, and running their business. They don't, they just sort of don't want to know about the numbers. They just want to keep doing what they love, and not worry about that. But I just, I think that with up to date numbers, you can make way better decisions for your business. And, you know, not all business owners want to grow their business. Yes. And there's nothing wrong with that. No, but I do think they can still grow their profits. And you know, that's one of Amy's key takeaway. And I 100% agree.


Angie Martin  31:27 

Did she say that in the health check? Or was that?


Karen Andrews  31:33 

I'm not sure at all. I just soak it all up.


Angie Martin  31:35 

So yeah, I think she first said it in the health check. And then we put it into the pricing. masterclass, I can't remember. But yeah, that's, that's, you know, you can always grow your profits without growing your business. There's always different ways of streamlining, making yourself being able to do things faster. So you're actually working less, which is still increasing your profits?


How do I increase my profits to have more family time as a business owner?

Karen Andrews  31:55 

Yes, absolutely. And, you know, a lot of business owners want to have more time with their family, they want more time away from their business. And if they can increase their profits, even if it's just enough to take things like the bookkeeping, off their hands, the marketing of their hands, that it off their hands. If they can do that, then they're still, you know, they're still growing their business, even though. Yeah, and yeah, we like to see everyone succeed. Yeah.


Angie Martin  32:24 

I love it. It's so good. Now, my next question is, from a business perspective. What has it been like growing a virtual business during this last year, aka COVID season?


Karen Andrews  32:39 

Well, last year has been one of the most challenging years I've ever had. And I think people would say that, and particularly everyone in the bookkeeping and accounting field, it really is, it has raised a year. Yeah, it slammed everyone. So I don't really think that the wider public really understands the increased workload, and all the additional support that we needed to provide our clients. So, you know, obviously, we care deeply about our clients. So we really want to try and do everything we can to help them. But we're also trying to support our own families and our own friends and, you know, mental health as well, because there's only so much your brain can handle. Yeah, so, you know, I had homeschooling from, you know, one who loved it, one who was terrible at it, and, you know, a preppy So, you know, it was very interesting. Yeah. So, yeah, and then, but then I look back and go, I'm actually really proud of the growth that we had during the like, we grew our team, we automated and streamline more processes, you know, we we joined savvy so that, you know, we got a business plan changed our whole price. We changed our pricing, and yeah, we did so much. So I just, I'm happy and relieved that everyone got through it. And you know, all of my clients pretty much made it through. So I really hope that that continues. And we you know, everyone keeps getting there. You know, I hope nothing bad happens this year.


Angie Martin  34:23 

We deserve one year, we just Yes, we really deserve just one year where it can just be smooth. Yes. That'd be nice. Yes. No, it's um, you've done a great job growing a virtual business and also, you know, I think you did a really great job as well. Just keeping your remote team a team.


Karen Andrews  34:47 

Yeah, we do. We do like to we do team meetings. And we talk about a lot in those meetings. We talk about how everyone's going, we have a general chitchat, we talk about how we can reduce cliques. That's one of our main AGC. Yeah, yeah. You know, and we ask everyone, is there any way we can reduce clicks? We talk about software, software updates, you know, new things that we've discovered in software. And, you know, that's sort of the focus of our our team meetings. It's not really, you know, it's not like that. And, you know, our virtual team, we speak to everyone every day. So, you know, our account managers here are working with bookkeepers there. So you know, there's constant communication. And I think without that, it's really hard to have virtual team, you can't really just, it's not a set and forget thing. You know, yeah. You just, you really need to put effort into it. And the more effort you put in, the more you get back.


Angie Martin  35:45 

Yeah, yeah. And you've done a really great job doing that. Because, like you said, hasn't been an easy year for anyone, but you've successfully kept that team environment, kept your clients going and grown the business, which is, we certainly have done that. And yeah, it's been. Yeah, I'm really proud of everyone. so wonderful. It's now we've talked about this a little bit. But I want to do like a full official question of it. As a business owner, and a bookkeeper, how has getting your pricing systems in place allowed you to grow your business? I would say it's probably been the biggest, the biggest factor in our growth. You know, I think, in the last year, I've worked really hard on our sales and onboarding systems. Yes, we had no system before. I didn't really know that was an onboarding. So you know, after the business plan, then I did the I did the pricing masterclass, and the health check masterclass. And that led to, you know, implementing, you know, the pricing catalogue that I was, you know, yeah, so it was funny. I felt so bad because I was like, Oh, she really needs it, guys, we need to get this organised. Well, I just, I just, I didn't want to, I was tired of not giving people a price that I really wanted to, you know, I knew what was possible. I knew from doing the health check. masterclass, in particular, you know, how to scope a job, Amy, like, did a great job in showing us how to do that. And she's confident that I could do it. I'm like, now I need the price to go with it. So, yeah, so before that, I was telling everyone, right, you know, this is what I think it's going to be. And it would take me hours to come up with that. And what I think it would be, this is what I think it would be. But we're not really going to know until after three months, we'll do ebooks for three months. And then after that, we'll fix the price. Some clients were okay with that. But I don't really think it gave them the clarity that they deserved. Really, like, you know, it's much better to say upfront, this is what it's going to take to get your books up to date. And this is what it's going to be per month. You know, right? And it just as a business owner, I'm at the process now that I know I'm going to need a bookkeeper next financial year. And I definitely would prefer someone to tell me right straight up being like, this is what we can expect, even just till your business grows to its next stage.


Karen Andrews  38:37 

Yeah. And I just recently quoted like a startup business. And I, I, you know, I do this anyway, I do scope reviews every three months to see you know, what time you spend, you know, all of that. But I just said we'll do we might need to do them a bit more regularly. Yeah, it's a scissor. Yeah. Necro. So yeah, this is the price now. But that could change. And if it changes, it means your business is growing. So that's good.


Angie Martin  39:06 

Yeah, it's a good it's a good problem to have. Yes. Yeah. So it's, you've done amazing with that. And I love how everything you do you make into a system. And other people can do it as well. So it's not always that you have to do it. Yes. What I tell my team is that if you don't write it down and make it into a system, that means you're going to be doing it forever. Yes. So if you don't want to do it anymore, write it down. Okay. Just just hear Karen Say that one more time. This episode. Just one more time


Karen Andrews  39:45 

Write it down. You might have to do it anymore.


Angie Martin  39:49 

It's so true.


Karen Andrews  39:51 

Yeah. So yeah, and we've we've implemented a new workflow system in the last few months and We're so happy with everything now because everything is really like specific for each client. Which is amazing because I think that's the thing that scares a lot of bookkeepers getting things systemized and automated and streamlined is no client is the same, but you can still streamline the process to for them. Yeah, you start with the same workflow that you've got for everyone. And then you had removed steps, depending on the client. And you know, there's usually, there's usually like a step. It's either either or you do that with the other. It's not usually, you know, it's completely out of the box. bookkeeping, bookkeeping. Yeah. I agree by she can tell. It's just picking the right pieces. Yeah. And then putting them in that into the workflow. Yeah, that's right. Yeah. No, it's it's fantastic. So I know, we actually were talking about this next question. Before we did the podcast today. But what's next for you in vivid? Wow. All of that growth so far, has been pretty much through accountant and client referrals. We haven't had any luck, you know, we've got the website. And that's been great. Because, you know, a lot of people when they get a referral, they will, you know, have a look at the website before they talk to us. So, you know, I don't think without the website, we probably wouldn't have helped. And I actually had one of our accountants even, even, like, copy and paste one of our blog posts, you know, the link to our blog post about why, why have a virtual bookkeeper? Oh, that's amazing. Yeah. So that's, that's been great. But this year, I really want to ramp up on the marketing and the SEO. So work on regular blogs, lead magnet, Instagram stories, and improving our SEO. So I see your question yesterday,


Angie Martin  41:59 

I was gonna say I didn't see your answers.


Karen Andrews  42:01 

Well, I think the problem is, I don't know, I don't know, I don't do anything about it. Just let everyone know,


Angie Martin  42:10 

I do little sneaky questions and our savvy membership, to see what direction we should go for certain products so that it's the right direction for everyone. And I asked in the group about a possible SEO product. And, you know, if anyone is also wanting to learn a little bit of SEO, just let me know what you want to learn everything.


Karen Andrews  42:39 

And whatever templates you can provide, that would be amazing. Yeah, I guess I don't know, keywords? I don't know. I don't know enough about SEO to really, it's not. It's not something I've looked into yet. I haven't done my research.


Angie Martin  42:52 

So I love it, you haven't done your research? Well, we're definitely going to be coming out with some things this year. So it's definitely on the radar for anyone else looking. But yeah, it's, I love the progression that you have gone, because now, you know, you have that solid client coming in, you've got your processes going now you're okay, I can ramp things up. I can get my marketing going. That's gonna be great.


Karen Andrews  43:21 

And yeah, I definitely am ready. Now, I feel really confident with our onboarding system, you know, it's going, you know, it's getting smoother and smoother every time we do it. And, you know, our feedback from the clients is they feel what, it's really easy for them. And I think the more you know, the quicker you do your onboarding, gather the information you need, the more competent they are that, you know, you know, what you're doing, and salutely. And they can see where you can help. They see, you know, they can see pretty much straight away, or you're going to do that for us, you're going to do that for us. You know, I'm not gonna have to worry about that anymore. So, you know,


Angie Martin  44:01 

the relief that I feel right away? Yeah, yeah. And that's what it's about. So yeah, it's been. Yep, we're ready. We're ready. Watch this space. I love it. I love it so much. It's been so great to have you on. Thank you so much for letting me push you in the deep end. today.


Karen Andrews  44:19 

Thank you. I've actually really enjoyed it.


Angie Martin  44:22 

I know everyone's so scared to come on the podcast with me, but it's like it's just a chat. We're just recording it for everyone to listen to no pressure. You know, it's it's been great and our entire team have loved getting to know you the business and watching you grow. It's pretty much at the point now every month, we can see a massive step forward.


Karen Andrews  44:48 

Yeah, well, Savvy has been a massive part of that. And I Yeah, I know. It wouldn't have happened without you guys. Oh, yeah. The feeling's mutual.


Angie Martin  44:56 

Nawww, we've you seriously, you're one of the ones You've definitely inspired modules of products, actual products, and you just your passion for helping your clients make us more passionate to help you. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah, it's one of the things that keep us going. And I think the other day you said in the, I think it was our hashtag, ask savvy sessions, where you're like, Oh, you guys are smashing out new products lately. I don't know if you remember. But like, three months ago, you were mentioning certain products. And I was like, Oh, yeah, we'll get onto that. Yes, are now coming up. Yeah, I know. We're getting into it.


Karen Andrews  45:46 

I'm using all of them.


Angie Martin  45:47 

I love it. I love it, though. Thank you so much for coming on sharing your journey because like every bookkeeper, it's completely unique and amazing, and your knowledge and experience with building the business that you the way you have is really inspiring. And I know a lot of listeners would have learned a lot from you today. Well, thank you. Thanks so much. No, it's it's definitely something. And if anybody who wants to learn more about Karen, and vivid enterprise solutions, please make sure to go to the savvy bookkeeper.com to au in there, we're going to have all of her links from her personal LinkedIn, like her professional LinkedIn, her business, LinkedIn, her Facebook for the her business page, and her Instagram for her business page and her website. So got everything there for you. Because you've done a really great job up really doing the holistic approach. So I thought I would just include all of your things. And you know, this is something kind of not just for you, but is for you. But for all bookkeepers. The reason why I really wanted Karen to come on today is because she has done an amazing job. She's an amazing bookkeeper, she cares about everyone. And this year, my goal is to start her celebrating herself a bit more. And I think that's something every bookkeeper needs to do. Probably yes.


Karen Andrews  47:30 

Yeah. I think we're always the ones in the background.


Angie Martin  47:32 

Yeah. No, you have done amazing. So you'd better share this podcast, to your to all of your friends to hear, let them hear how amazing you are. know, you've done an amazing job. And I know, I love that you say you know, you couldn't do it without savvy, but I think you have been instrumental ingredient into building the life that you wanted to building the business that you want. And it's really inspiring. So


Karen Andrews  48:12 

it's very nice to have you good on you.


Angie Martin  48:15 

Now, just to reminder, everyone, again, we are going to have all of Karen's links available. She is also in the I heart bookkeeping group that you have to answer the questions to get into. We won't let you in because we want nice bookkeepers and lovely people in that group. But you can always kind of take her there as well. And just as always guys, stay safe, sane and savvy. And thank you so much, Karen.


Karen Andrews  48:45 

Thank you.