Episode #053 Is It Time To Quit? 6 Things To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

Seth Godin The Dip

Are you really cut out for a career in professional bookkeeping? Regardless of how experienced or talented we are, or how long we’ve been in the game – we all wonder if we have what it takes. And even experience thoughts of quitting at some point. So, how do you know when it’s really time to quit? 

In this episode, Amy Hooke shares her experience of wanting to quit, and her learnings gleaned from “The Dip” by Seth Godin and “Turning Pro” by Stephen Pressfield, which helped her press on. Learn how to navigate ‘quitting’ by setting ground rules for ‘playing the game’ of business. 

The real message of this episode is: Learning to be a professional quitter might just save your business.

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Episode: #053

Series: General

Host: Amy Hooke

Guest speaker: None

Topic: Is It Time To Quit?

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