PANDADOC Training #001

Engage a new client and start lodging their bas

Stop wasting your precious time on non-billable admin work and chasing clients for signatures. If you are looking for an effective way to manage your templates and get docs signed; look no further. In this free video training you will learn;

  • Engagement letter: See how to set up to easily customise and send proposals and engagement letters to new clients.
  • BAS lodgement: Sending lodgements out for signing without the limitations of having to exclude detailed reports.
  • Software features: Navigate the portal and see the different features available in this convenient software program.
  • Pricing plans: Find out how much time, money and sanity you will save. And how affordable and valuable this system can be for your business.

Notes & resources

PandaDoc Cost/Value Savings Calculator: work out how much you will save in time, money and bad debts, by using PandaDoc. Also calculate whether it's worthwhile using this tool, depending on the size of your client base. DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE HERE >>