Episode #062 Navigating Coronavirus (Covid 19) ~ Brain Break and The Savvy Bookkeeper with #TeamSavvy Angie Martin, Maia Coghlan and Amy Hooke

We have good things brewing for you, so that navigating Coronavirus isn't so depressing!

So the ladies from #TeamSavvy aka Angie Martin, Maia Coghlan and Amy Hooke, were in the middle of a team meeting. When they decided to go live and chat with YOU!
We know things are crazy right now so you'll enjoy this little brain break with the ladies from The Savvy Bookkeeper. And we'll fill you in on what's coming up for Savvy, including our latest podcast, coworking groups and more.

Key Takeaway: We're here to help. And we can also distract you and make your day better!

Podcast Info

Episode: #062

Series: General

Host: Amy Hooke

Guest speakers: Angie Martin & Maia Coghlan

Topic: How The Savvy Bookkeeper team are here to help you in this Coronavirus season.

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But essentially, we have a lot of good things coming to you, so stay tuned! This Coronavirus has been deadly for many, causing obvious heartache. And for others who thankfully haven't had to deal with deaths related to Coronavirus, it has still been very disruptive.

Whether that disruption is to do with your business, or the business of your clients, this have gotten very bumpy…

Here at The Savvy Bookkeeper, we are going to continue to help the Bookkeeping Community help Australian Businesses support and strengthen the Australian economy. We recognise that Small Business and Medium Business is actually something that makes Australia flourish. By equipping Bookkeepers to be their very best, they will help Business Owners to be their very best.

So we all win together!


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