Episode #094 Managing Your Bookkeeping Digital Presence with the Help of a Virtual Assistant

On today's new episode of the The Bookkeepers' Voice, we're excited to be joined by podcast guest and client of The Savvy Bookkeeper, Kristy Fairbairn, who will be sharing her experience with employing a Virtual Assistant.

Join Angie as she speaks with Kristy about how her bookkeeping journey began including her business, Oasis Bookkeeping Services, how employing a virtual assistant changed her business and how she implemented a strong marketing message surrounding her digital presence.

Key takeaway: “It’s okay to accept you can’t do everything yourself in your bookkeeping business. Sometimes a VA is exactly what you're looking for to increase your digital presence, lead generation and client relationships.”

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Episode: #094

Series: General

Host: Angie Martin

Guest speaker: Kristy Fairbairn

Topic: Managing your digital presence with a virtual assistant

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Hiring a virtual assistant for successful digital bookkeeping


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Good morning everyone, Angie here from the Savvy Team for another episode of The Bookkeepers Voice and we're doing another exciting episode talking to a bookkeeper. Now, this bookkeeper is one that I absolutely love. She is just like one of the cutest little bookkeepers you'll ever meet. And she's been a long time savvy client. And she's just been doing some really fantastic work. So we thought that we'd share her story with you guys today and hope that you guys can kind of learn from her and also just meet another amazing Savvy member. Thank you so much for joining us, Kristy. Hope you're having a great morning.



And thanks for having me along. I'm excited to get to take part today.



Yes, so am I. When we first decided to do this series, you were one of the first people that we thought of as well, simply because you have such a great business model, you do an amazing job supporting your clients. And you're also just doing some really interesting things that is kind of the next chapter in bookkeeping, with really making sure you have that digital. It's very exciting. And so I think it's a really great way to celebrate what you've been doing.



Thank you



So to give everyone a bit of a background on who you are, you basically are another one of our passionate business owners who really thrives off of helping your clients create a balance in their business. So you don't just do the bookkeeping, you really are there to be that person that you can sit down and support them in building their businesses. And you're also just really good at, you know, during job keeper, you were amazing at supporting them and informing them.



Yeah it was an intense time.



It was but you did such a great job at it. And I think it's really wonderful to be able to have bookkeepers who are worried about, you know, keeping your clients feeling like they have a friend by their side.



Yeah, it was really interesting, particularly in that time of Job Keeper, and COVID. And we were all locked up in our houses. And I know that Victorians are still slowly getting a toe outside for a little bit longer. And so I realised that human connection was really missing. And we weren't seeing anyone face to face. So I use Loom to communicate with my clients, and still would send out a bulk email that looked as personal as possible. But instead of talking to them, I talked to them. And it got really great feedback from the clients, it was really lovely to have that connection, especially if we live in this virtual bookkeeping world where sometimes we don't actually see our clients that often it's all via virtual communication. So yeah, it was a great way of keeping in touch with them. And, you know, I am very passionate as a small business owner myself in the success and survival of small businesses. So yeah, it was an interesting time to learn to pivot and help clients pivot and really working with business owners to succeed is, is really important. And bookkeeping is a basis for that. But it's not the only thing.



Yeah, I 100% agree with that. And yeah, you did just a fantastic job of really being there to support them. And I do, I was actually quite guilty. I took your idea and rolled with it and told other people about it. You know, it was just such a great way you're right, having that connection, quote, unquote, face to face virtual face to face connection that everyone was really missing. But us bookkeepers we are actually really quite lucky, because we were kind of already used to that. Yeah, kind of work behaviours. So it was a really fantastic way of, like you said, pivoting. And that's kind of what I wanted to chat to you about is actually how letting everyone know a little bit about your bookkeeping journey, and also how you've pivoted into really becoming more of a modern bass bookkeeper, where you have a VA, in you and your VA work together, well have worked together since COVID. And really created that digital presence to keep not just for lead generation, but just to again, provide that extra service for your existing clients. Which it's just been really amazing. And you've pivoted to include that strong marketing focus that you can, you know, we're already starting to see some of that happen for you. 



I mean, leads coming from Instagram is still so exciting. 



I know, it's you've been doing it amazingly. So we'll get into that bit. But for the first little bit, why don't we have a little chat about a little bit more about you about your background and how you kind of became this bookkeeping, amazing entrepreneur, which I believe you started to be a bookkeeper, was it seven years ago?



Yeah, it's been close to eight now. Yeah, that's the thing was putting a number in our digital profile. So you need to each anniversary go and update it? Seven or eight years now. Yeah,


How to start a bookkeeping business



So what what started you to get into the world of bookkeeping?



So I had friends buy a restaurant, and they wanted someone who they trusted to come in and help manage their age payables, receivables, and payroll. So it was a bit of a toe in the water for me. And I really enjoyed that for a while. And it allowed me to be a stay at home parent for most of the time and do a bit of on site. And then that sort of just naturally finished up. And I then got a job working for the previous owner of Oasis Bookkeeping Services. And it gave me the foundation that I needed to go beyond working for just one person. And I was lucky that Jo was a pure bookkeeping licensee. So that sort of gave me an entry into processes and checklists and procedures, and amazing all the glorious things that I actually really love. I love me a spreadsheet and a checklist. And whilst Jo wasn't as virtual as we are now, by no means I still did a lot of paper based work and a lot of filing and alphabetizing documents and torture, I like to call it once a week, it was a really great starting point for me to really understand the process and learn client's needs and how they operated. And then Jo, after a little while, decided that she wanted to go on a different avenue and wanted to step away from bookkeeping, and I didn't want to work for anyone else. So my husband and I talked and I was in a position to buy the business from Jo, including the pure bookkeeping licensee. And again, it's amazing. Yeah, it was fantastic. And it was bit over three years ago, now that I did that and haven't looked back, just smashing goals that I was able to set with Amy as my mentor, my first year of business, and she helped me hit six figures. And just, yeah, it's been awesome. I've been really lucky to find a great tribe of mentors and advisors to help me get to where I am.



And you're one of the clients that we have that I can just like Sharon we did in the last episode of The Bookkeepers Voice for you know, featuring bookkeepers is, you know, it makes a big difference when you have a true passion in what you're doing and you really are actively going to do what you know, mentor suggest, because there's only so much that someone can tell you what to do. But if you actually do it, there's a different thing. And you're really good at actually taking the advice and then running with it and making it your own. Because that's that's really what you know, I always say bookkeeping is like it is. You inherited it from someone else, but you have made it your own.



And yeah, I think, you know, doing the work on our business plan. And I know that Sharon talked about this. It's not exciting. It's not juicy work. But actually it is when you get through it. And once you're done, really see. Yeah, and don't be surface fluffy, because so much goodness comes from it later, which I'm sure we'll cover. But in the actual doing of it, it really made me think about my business name, because I did inherit it. And when I first took it on, I had a different name in mind. I thought after a year, I'll just do that. And then we had our planning session, and I actually really fell in love with Oasis. It provides that sanctuary to small business owners, and it's nurturing and safe and protective. And there's no way I would have thought I'd stick with that name. But doing the work on the business plan really helped me come around to it and really see different facets of my business and where I wanted to take it with clients and, and be more of a support to them than just providing good bookkeeping data. Yeah, so moving into have that sort of strategist position with them and helping them with their business and financial side? So yeah, that business plan is really is that foundation. It's, it's those footings that we put in place, and everything else flows from it. So, you know, it took a while I did finish it.



And it's one of those things too, like I think, you know, today we're going to be mainly talking about your digital presence. But I think the whole concept of your marketing message and everything came from that business plan as well. Because, again, it was like, after we have that meeting, it was like a light bulb went off your head, and you've actually saw yourself not as a bookkeeper, but as a business owner and what that meant to clients and it just, once that happened, I could just see you running with it.



Yeah, it really did start to flow from there. And it's a great source of inspiration now to go back to that business plan and, and really understand that tone that I want to set in my marketing and that sort of brand awareness and management that we're doing. So yeah/



it's amazing. I love business plans. Everyone if you guys don't have a business plan yet get it sorted.



It really is worth it, push through the pain. 



But if you do it right, it can be fun.



Yeah. We had fun moments for sure. 



And then there's other moments where I give people lots of homework.



Yeah, but you're teaching us to fish, not looking for us.



Exactly. I like that, I might steal that. Yeah, I stole it from my coaching session with Melissa Maher this morning, so go for it. I did sign up with her after her podcast episode with you, so yeah. 


Love it. Yeah. If anyone hasn't listened to that one, Melissa is amazing. And she has a business called Talking Money. And I did a two part series with her. She's amazing. Check it out. It just will help you change your life and further grow your business. Yeah, exactly. So when did you get your VA because this is still a very new concept for bookkeepers to have a VA. So what kind of got you onto that path of thinking about getting a VA and then getting the VA?


How can virtual assistant services help my business?



Yeah, so I was feeling very overwhelmed. email and workflow overload. And I had become part of another group. And within there were some resources to get some amazing VA's. And so we put the shout out for an absolute superstar to work part time. And I found this amazing VA based in Dubai. Yeah, she started part time, and I think we within six weeks, well it wasn't even that long. And you don't have time. Yeah, it was Yeah, it was probably like three weeks. Is that right? How do I get her full time? And it is difficult, with an admin role to find the available funds to support that position? 



Well to also justify it? I think that's a big thing, especially with bookkeepers, because we're some numbers based, it's actually hard to justify how much time you're actually spending on the admin things that someone else could be doing.



Exactly. Yeah. And, you know, so looking for ways that can she do some payroll reports and send emails to clients that I would normally do. So if I imagine that I'm doing that at, you know, $150 an hour is what I could fill out for a basic meeting, get a VA to do it. And then you can focus on that meeting and actually get paid that. So yes, that's wonderful. So she manages my workflow. She allocates tasks to our team members, she replies to client emails. For me. She goes searching for documents that they've asked for before I even see it in my triage. She's just gorgeous. And yeah, she became full time after a couple of months. And, you know, it's beautiful. She's actually moving back to the Philippines in another week, because she now has regular income with me and it's all online. She's able to move home and be with her family for the first time in years. And thats beautiful. Yeah, amazing.


How to find a virtual assistant for your business



And it's one of those things so for anyone who doesn't know what a VA is, it's a virtual Assistant. So you can get VAs who are local, Australian, you can get VA's all over the world. I actually know quite a few business owners who are Australian and they have Canadian Va's which makes me giggle because I'm Canadian living in Australia. But you know, you can get videos anywhere. And what's great about VA is is that you can get them specialised for what you need, no matter where they live. It just opens up to make sure that you're finding that right person for your business and you were lucky that it was your first go, wasn't it? But yeah, you were very lucky because sometimes it's a trial and error.



Yeah, absolutely. And I mean, I'd be devastated if she took a day off, let alone. Bless her she's even travelling on the weekend so that she doesn't miss work and get out setting quarantine in the Philippines, she can get access to Wi Fi and still look after me. So she's just, yeah, she's absolutely perfect. And, you know, she previously worked for some very difficult employers who weren't as friendly and approachable and just had a really rough time. And so for the first few weeks, she was very submissive with me, and just, you know, very quiet and timid and, and now she would hold conversations in our team meetings every week and sort of lead some of that conversation. And she's really coming out of her shell and, and just so grateful for the opportunity she has. And I think that's one of the great things that bookkeepers can offer to VA's because we all know what it's like to work alone. We're also grateful for anyone that can help us. And, you know, we might play pretty fun, I think. 



To be honest. Yeah. All bookkeepers? It's so funny. The concept is that bookkeepers are like beige kind of people like really boring, really bland. We're not at all, you know, just for everyone getting a visual, you are just a gorgeous woman, you have this amazing pink hair, which makes me miss my pink hair that I used to have, every time I see you, I miss my coloured hair. And you know, you have almost an Oasis in your office which makes me really happy because everything's based around Oasis now. And you have built it in your own office. It's amazing. But it's it's one of those things that finding someone who can work with your personality, your business, ethics, and your team is so amazing, and it can just really change your life when it comes to a business owner.



Yeah, absolutely.



So what I wanted to go in next is talking about, you know, how you went from having her work on admin stuff to then starting to work together doing your marketing, because that has been a fantastic journey that's worked out. So well.



I know, she loves social media and actually knows how to use it.


How do I increase my business's digital media presence?



Again, for anyone who wants to get a digital presence, which I know I've been kind of highly suggesting it's important for entrepreneurs. Yes, I am very passionate, because if there's there's not many people doing it. And once you do it, then you instantly get that gratification of connecting with people on a different level. And when it's done, right, it can be very good for the company. And like you said, like a lot of VA's is actually love social media. They are amazing at it. So let's say you're not good at social media. No, you're someone else to do it.



Exactly. I didn't even know how to set up a business account for Instagram.



A lot of people don't. I'm thinking about creating a video on how to do it, because it's actually so easy. But you just have to do it. Yeah, thing. But um, yes. So chat us through why you started to think about doing more than focus on the digital marketing, and then how you got her involved?



Yeah, so through our co working sessions, and we've got to the social media, or the brand management side of things, and how many posts did we want to do? And you know, the frequency on which platform and I just sort of thought, Oh, if I could do one post a week, I know I can commit to that. It took me a couple of weeks to get ready for that.



Yes. But you know, and that's why you do that, you know, you figure out the number that you want to focus on so that you can be consistent, don't do it, and then do it for a month and then stop for two months.



Yeah. And that's where I'd struggled in the past where I'd have a couple of light bulbs. And like, yeah, cool. I'm gonna post about that. And then nothing. And I realised it had been a whole year since anything had gone on my Facebook page.



We actually realised that in our first session together, I was creeping you know. I was like, what's happening here?



Yeah, so wasn't pretty and there weren't a lot of posts from me as the new owner of Oasis either. 



This is also a big issue for anyone who's also inherited businesses. Once you inherit a business, you need me to make it known.


How to organise a social media content plan



Yes. So yeah, working out what I wanted to do what I could realistically achieve and commit to. And then it just sort of came about and having conversation with my VA about a couple of ideas. If she had anything, and she came to me the next day, or I think even later that day with a whole plan. She just created this social media plan. And said, how about this? And, you know, Hey, can you do it? Yes. Cool. And she has little ideas already. And she's got what she had questions in there for me of what sort of things do you want to say? What sort of voice do you want? What colours do you want? And then she mapped me out a whole Instagram look, and sent it to me as a draft. My Oh, my, I didn't know that this stuff happened. And so it just has spiraled from there. And we use later.com. 



I think it's later that she schedules it with because she has the link in bio which is later.



Yeah, okay. Yeah. And she's got me a link tree thing in Instagram. So when they click in our links, they get options, and all this fancy stuff that I've seen on other people's pages that I always want. It magically happened. Yeah. So yeah, so she does my post them. It's my job to chase up with clients for testimonials, which, you know, I'm doing okay, at that, where we're getting one a week to Yes, there. So that's how social proof, which I'm going to start using in an ad campaign soon on my landing page. So you know, it sort of is all complimentary to each other, I've given her access to my business plan that we worked on. So she's been able to use a few snippets from there. You know, sometimes we rewrite it a little bit more for the post. So yeah, she's just run with it and loves it. So it's great.



It's amazing. And it was one of those things. I think the first step was when the Instagram concept of doing it on Instagram, we had that discussion, it was in the co working session, where everyone was like, how do you know if you need to be on Instagram? And I was like, Well, if your clients are on Instagram, then typically you should be on Instagram, too. You want to be where your clients are. And you're one of the ones that you were, like, have no idea how to do that, like, I don't know, like, what, what, what do you do.


And by having her there to support you, you have just been able to do a fantastic job at creating the content, the imagery, and everything. And you were actually one of the first ones that have actually again, listened to one of my rambling on. I think it was in a podcast, you were we were discussing it or it may have been one of the co-working sessions as well, where, you know, I said how easy it is to get a photoshoot sorted so that you have branding. And you did a great job. You were the first one to go and be like, yeah, booked it in, I'm gonna do the branding. You bought a couch.



I still haven't cut the tags off the cushions.



That's okay, no one else can see that. 


Business content ideas to help your digital presence



I thought I might retain them. Yay. It was great. And because I love the way that Amy's photos are used in savvy and off the hook, and how it really displays her personality. And I wanted to take that leap. And it was great. It was I think it came it did come from a podcast and then we discussed it more. I think you guys asked questions about it. Yeah. But how would you set that up? Would you hire a space? Would you do it in your office? What sort of things would you do? Would you do different looks and you know that Yeah, maximise the photographer's time and have a couple of different looks. So you can use them for a longer period of time. And yeah, you know, we set up some stage shots as well so that I've just got some nice still images in the office got which is great. I mean, on the photos and



you don't have to just just decide fact, with that, guys, the reason why she did the still images is because now she doesn't need to use stock imagery she can use her own. It's her version of her own stock imagery, which is amazing, because there's only so many stock images that bookkeepers can use. And then all bookkeepers end up having the same stock images. So now you have your own.



Yeah, it's so cool as well to have that classic, you know, Apple laptop, Apple phone, and then there's my business card. So it's it is mine and it's not stock images.



It goes with your branding, as well. It's really The Eagles did a great job at doing the colours and everything. It really gives the right feel of the business. 



Yeah, the photographer was great. It Yeah, it's really good to make sure that they have a background in brand photos and not just portraits. Yes, there's a difference. Yeah. And he came with his fancy little strip lighting to set the right colour tone. So we were able to get that little blue hue. Yeah, I did have the most poppin pink hair that day.



It was amazing, I loved it!



Which I did actually just get a lead from Facebook because she looked at my Facebook page and loved how fun I felt, and how I didn't feel like a stuffy bookkeeper. And she got out as a creative that she could work with me. 



So there you go, guys. Awesome. Someone else said it an actual client. So yes. You mentioned that you had your fur baby, and which I think is adorable, because I'm in love with all fur babies. And it just adds the extra bit of you.



Yep. And now I can choose what message do I want to be conveying? Do I want the professional but happy face in my email signature, and then on my website about me, it's me with the dog. And you know, I've got another profile happening so that with the dog just to show more of an approachable feature, to me.



Because that was the whole discussion as well, like that's, you know, Savvy does it as well as we use certain imagery to help you feel more comfortable. Because that's the whole point, especially with bookkeepers, you want those images to help them feel comfortable, while also knowing that you're a professional individual who knows what you're doing. Yeah. Which is just fantastic. And you know, like you did a great job, but was it as hard to do the photoshoot as you thought it would be?



No, I mean, I've learned a bit from it that was, you know, when you're pretending to write at the desk, do sit up tall. Don't actually sit at the desk. And you know, a couple of things like that. But no, it was not difficult at all. And the photographer was so lovely about it. And, you know, while I went and got changed, he did a few more stock photos in the office. And we did a couple of shots outside. But strangely, in Tassy, it's late winter, the sun came out. So it was too bright for those outdoor shots. Yeah, but yeah, no, it was. And I mean, for the price of it. It's something that I'll be doing again, in another, you know, couple of months, I think, just to freshen up a few things. 



Because once you do it, and you notice it doesn't actually take that much time or that much investment, money wise. And it like you said like it has directly impacted your business.






You know, and Amy's the same Amy has actually gotten a client through Google business listing because she had her photo on her Google business listing. Yeah, again, it just made her feel more personal and made the person be able to connect. So highly suggest anyone to do that. Photoshoots are important. And yeah, you did it just in your office, your office is beautiful. Yeah, you were able to do it there. Or you could do co working spaces can do a little bit of anything. Or we also have a client who she works at home as well. But she will go out because of the type of client that she has to cafes, quite often to have meetings with them. So she did a photo shoot in the cafe. Perfect.



perfect, a great idea to not be restricted. And I mean, you know, if you hire a meeting room for the day and take a couple of properties with you, and you know, do that or if there's you know, nice hotel, and it's a good layout and you can have a little staycation that night or something, you know really turn it into some fun. I mean, I've got my hair done, I got my makeup done, I got shopping done, it was just awesome. And I felt really great. 



And you look so great. And it's really creating that brand to really amplify the business. I think it's really set the business out.



Yeah. And it's great with helping Tanja my VA in what image she wants to use. What what tone is she conveying, are we reflecting on the week so she uses one of me writing in my journal? Yeah, solo and then, you know, are we starting on a Monday? So okay, cool. It's at the desk on the computer getting into it. There's lots of different avenues that she has access to now because we have those different parts in the photoshoot. So, you know, and I didn't, I mean, I'd looked at a friend on the mainland who had done one and sort of stopped her a bit and showed him a bit of that tone and theme, but otherwise he just ran with it. That was great. But now 10 years created a whole Pinterest list for when I do my next one of the things you'd like me to cover.



Pinterest is amazing guys. Yeah, she's done. I love her. She's just, that's what I do for my clients as well is I will create Pinterest accounts, give it to the photographer and be like, this is exactly what I'm thinking of, because then they have something to go off of. And again, it makes the most of the time that they have. Yeah. It's incredible. And you've done so amazing. So I actually kind of wanted to talk about your wins. Because you've had quite a big amount of wins. That kind of happened, I think. Was it the first week? Or was it the second week? You had someone from Melbourne?



Just into the second week? Yeah, yeah.



Yeah. So do you want to just chat about that just to help people.



Yes, well, yes, when I worked out how to get Instagram, my business account on my phone to look at, yes, and how to find the messages, I was pretty excited to find that a building company from Melbourne, got in touch with me. And we sort of, we just keep in touch now. And then. And it's just a bit of a slow lead at this stage. But it's really great to have that contact with someone completely outside my geographical location, but totally within my niche. And you know, I've got quite a few builders now that are engaging on my posts, which is really exciting. And then I think just after that conversation started, I actually got a lead from Instagram, where she was a makeup artist engaging through a photo tagged with my makeup artist, who's also a client who did that and booked her in for some training sessions. And then once Kenya had set up the link tree thing, my Instagram booking came through from there. That was really funny. So, yeah, but it's just been fantastic. And, you know, really seen engagement. And Tania is great, too. Now that she engages with other people's posts,



I was just gonna say, because I noticed that was a new thing that she was starting to do as well, which is amazing. For anyone who has business accounts on social media, don't forget to engage on other people's accounts. It's a big aspect. You want to be able to show that you're interested in their businesses as well.



Yeah. And it does work with those little algorithms too, doesn't it?



Does it does it shows that you are engaging as the, like actual profile, because algorithms want to keep engaging people engaging, and wants to promote them. So it keeps kind of going around in circles and circles and circles. So I love that she's now doing the engagement as well. Which just frees up so much of your time.



Oh, absolutely. It's, I mean, sometimes I have to check that she hasn't already engaged on something. Yeah, because she might be to it. Yeah, I'm like, oh, Chris, you remember that? You just get to look at it. And I mean, even you know, I was on a road trip a few weeks ago, heading away with the family. And I was listening to an amazing book on Audible, I took a screenshot and I sent it to, this sounds a bit luxurious. I sent it to Tania and said, Can you please post this in stories with something cute, because I hadn't worked out how to put a GIF, in a story. Boring text stories always look a bit crappy. So she did that for me. And then I remember that story how to do it yet. And so it was really a really cool way of engaging and, yeah, I love it. And she has given me you know, a list of things to do myself with a family for our stories. 



That's one thing we haven't even mentioned is that, you know, you've been doing your posts really well. But you've also been doing stories, which is fantastic. And they're really great stories. I love how you combine the business, the reviews, but also combine your personal life a little bit in there, again, not giving too much. Yeah, information, still keeping it professional, still having that kind of line. But really giving a bit more about you. 



Yeah, I think if you're asking clients to trust you, that you'll help them gain freedom of time. Think to show that. Yeah, as a business owner, if I'm showing that I'm successful in my own business, I can have weekends away. I can have an afternoon off with the family, then that provides confidence to the clients because that's what they want to so it's continuing that management of brand and message throughout all of those things that I'm professional. I'm at my desk, I will work on your business, but I'm also able to take time off. Isn't that what you want?



And that's kind of what you know, I know when we were talking about when we were first doing the brainstorming with your marketing message is that your business principles is integrity, honesty, transparency and flexibility, while also talking about you being socially environmentally responsible, and by showing them a little bit more about you, as in you, it gives that whole package together, and really helps it very strongly. And it also really helps focus that you are focused on their work balance, because you also think about it in your own life. Yeah. Which again, as business owners, it is so hard to just turn your emails off and actually enjoy your life with your family. Yeah. So I think factors that you show that you do that is a great way of further connecting with your business owners like that. Are your clients and who might be your clients? Because you do really take all of that into account with them.



Yeah, it was really confronting, actually a few months ago, where a client who I talked to a couple of times a week, for me how I was, and you know, like he usually does, he's really polite. And I said I am great. And he says really, is really, because he hadn't said that in a really long time. And that really got me I thought, whoa, I haven't right – what are we going to do? And I think that's when it really landed that I needed help and got my VA, and I got the next person, and then the next person. And now there's six of us in my business.



And since doing that, because that's a big thing is I think a lot of bookkeepers keep too much on their plate, and then you start to drown. And then you hate your work, you hate things you might go back eventually to working for someone else. Because you're drowning, because you're so highly efficient. And you're so good at what you do. It's hard to pass it.



Yeah, but you can't serve as many clients and you can't serve your client as well. If you're caught up in the day to day, and learning to delegate was a huge learning curve for me. But damn, I got it. 



How much has that, like changed your life now that you have six, a team of six? How much has that just changed everything for you? 



Oh, it's, it's amazing. It's absolutely amazing. And now my VA sends me a report at the end of each week, when everyone's KPIs that she's created those who's completed, what tasks, what tasks are outstanding, why are they where are they up to? And I just get an overview of my business every week. And it's beautiful. And, you know, like an email came in today from a client and Tanya had already searched for the document that they were asking for before I even noticed the email was there. So yeah, it was tough.  It really is worth letting go because my clients get the better part of me. And I can help them more.



Yeah. And to be honest, once you started to go through that journey as well, I saw the difference in you because you know me, just to let everyone know, we have been meeting the last year every month doing co working sessions. And there was a couple months where you did seem just very overwhelmed when we were talking about Okay, what have you been working on this month? You kind of just were a deer in the headlights? And then all of a sudden there was a change in you. You were excited and you were inspired again?



Yep. And I think it's because you had the time to do that. Hardly. Yeah, yep, I was able to actually focus on other things and doing the day to day work required to meet client's needs. And, you know, it's I mean, we all get into bookkeeping for a similar reason to provide that strong financial data. But I don't think we stay in our own businesses to only do that. So freeing myself I'll put that was fantastic. And yeah, it's it's been really exciting. turnaround in the last definitely in the last six months. It's been a solid go. But yeah, even a bit longer than that we've really been pushing to get to this point. So it's exciting.



It's very exciting. And I love that now that you are focusing on your digital presence. People can actually see it happening. Yes, as well. Like they're actually especially because you just started your Instagram account, you can really go through that process. And now that you're going through that process, your clients can go through that process. And they feel just that much more connected with you. And I really feel like for the clients that you already have, they're now getting to know you in another level and it's strengthening your existing clients relationships.



Yeah, I think it's been really great, particularly for those who are strong on social media to see that I am current now, as of a minute ago. And present and you know, that I yeah, and also to get a bit of an insight, some of them have never been to my office. And so, you know, they don't know what it looks like when I'm at work. So now they have a bit of a picture. And when I'm saying to them on the phone, that I'm in the office, they've got this mental image of what that is now, and, you know, we can just talk about things more and yeah, it's, you know, it's really nice to see them engaging on our posts as well. Yeah. You know, hearing some of them actually really liked the point is that we've given and, yes, it's really, really cool.



I think it's also shows I think one thing that this bookkeepers forget that having social media actually also shows you're a real business. Yeah, I'm like that you're a legitimate business, you are serious about what you do. Again, it shows that you're not just a bookkeeper shows that you're a business owner. Yeah, a lot of bookkeepers. Forget that aspect is that you guys work with business owners, but you are one as well.



Yes. I love how you've been reminding us all of that message. It took me a while to really put that hat on.



I know, it's it's one of those things. And there's other industries out there as well. Where I think another industry actually is artists, they actually forget that they're business owners. And yes, it's one of those things that bookkeepers are so amazing at supporting their clients that they forget to do the same for them and give their same effort and support to themselves. Absolutely. Yeah. And you've just done a great job doing it the last six months.



Yeah you. Yeah, I'm absolutely in love with my business. And I think that's really great. It's not an ends for me, it's providing my family with the financial freedom and choices that I wanted it to. And I'm able to help my clients with that, too. So it's, yeah, it's great to, to be a business owner and entrepreneur.



I love it. I love it. And it's one of those things that since working on and focusing on your marketing message and stuff, you actually light up when you talk about it, you start smiling immediately. And it it comes through in your marketing message. It really shows shines through that you know, how much you love doing what you're doing. So I just I think it's been fantastic that you've been willing to share your journey with everyone in our podcast family. And we're just to be honest, as team savvy, we're so proud of what you've been you have done for yourself, because it's it's that success story like you like you said, you were basically drowning at one point. Yeah. And you made the decision to go outside of the ordinary with bookkeeping, and it's just changed everything. And it's really exciting. It's Yeah. It's really great to be able to see business owners again, business owners, not bookkeepers, business owners to do that. And you know, you're such a great, you're kind of like our own very own cheering squad at Savvy. We love it. And it's one of those things that now that we have you on social media, we can now be cheering squads for you?



Oh, yeah, no, it's awesome. I'm very grateful for Savvy having been in my corner for pretty much since I started.



You always need help. I think business owners you forget, you always need help. You can't do everything.



What is it that we're doing for our clients, we're helping them with specialists that I'm not a specialist at, you know, business strategy and marketing plans and things. So I love that team Savvy can support me in those areas. So yeah, 



And that's it, you know, we at team Savvy actually mentors each other as well. So that's one of the things that I think people don't realise is that we all have our own development to become team Savvy. So it's just it's been amazing. For anyone who's listening I would highly suggest you look Oasis Business Services up, you get on the website, you get on the social media accounts, simply just to learn what can be done, but also just to join in the fun, because it's quite a fun account that you've created. And it like I said, it just creates that connection. It is actually quite enjoyable. And I even follow you now just via my personal business account because I actually like checking out to see what you're doing on weekends. I love your stories.



You know, having this sort of moment of falling in love with my business, and having it resonate with me has helped me through a bit of an identity crisis that I think often bookkeepers can feel as we put on that hat of being a business owner and entrepreneur. And yes, I do watch my socials, because you'll see a bit of an evolution into my new name, that little sneak release you you will soon see new trading as the business Oasis, which is our business and finance strategist. So yeah, so it's super exciting. And it's been a journey, and Andy has had many messages back and forth with me.



It's exciting. And it's just one of those things that we get excited because you had that aha moment. And now you were really having this business become your own. And it's the new name just covers because you do more than bookkeeping. Now. Yeah, that was the issue that we were having is that you do more than bookkeeping, you really do support the entire facet of their financials and everything. So the new name is just going to, again, take you to that next level. And it's so exciting. So thank you so much for joining us today.



Thanks for having me along, it's been fun.



Oh, so happy to share your journey. It's been you're definitely one of the ones that we always just start smiling when we think of us. So it's one of those things. I'm going to put all of her links in the podcast notes for you guys. Check Christie out, we're on. We've got the LinkedIn, the Instagram, the Facebook and the website as well. You can find her on there and connect with her. You know, there's nothing wrong with bookkeepers, connecting with bookkeepers and you know, celebrating what we're all doing. That's That's why we have this podcast. That's why we're doing these features. They're just really great businesses doing amazing things out there. So thank you so much for sharing.



Thanks, Angie.



No worries. As always, guys. I hope you stay safe, sane and savvy and I'll catch you next episode.