Episode #063 Investing in good office equipment to make your life better – hosted by Will Hooke

Good office equipment will improve your life!

Today, Will Hooke is speaking about Office Equipment, and how getting good equipment will improve your work-life, which will improve all of your life.
That is quite a big claim, but if you listen as to why, you might just agree!

By seeing your body as something that is worth looking after, investing in equipment that makes it easier and more effortless to work, makes a lot of sense.
But because “it's only Office work” or “this old stuff gets the job done” – people put up with things that are detrimental to their well-being. Probably nothing Acute will happen, but the Chronic effects of bad posture, restricting blood-flow, etc. will have an accumulative effect.
These things make it harder to concentrate, and even to remain in a positive and good mood – which are essential to good health.

Key Takeaway: Investing in your health & productivity, through good equipment, will change your life for the better!

Podcast Info

Episode: #063

Series: General

Host: Will Hooke

Guest speaker: None

Topic: Investing in good office equipment to make your life better

Useful links

• Chair $297:

• Memory Foam cushion $65 (if getting a new chair is too awkward):

• Carpet protecting matt:

• Mouse $59:

• Mousepad $49:

• Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard (hard to find in Australia now…) $90:

* More pixels per area makes a better screen:

* Screen resolution:

• 240V ethernet adaptors $78:

• Webcam $215:

• External Hard-drive 2 TB $89:


**All of these prices were correct at time of publishing.
Please shop around, as well as trying these things in store, these are simply examples of what we bought. 🙂

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