Episode #080 How to market on Instagram Bookkeeper edition – hosted by Angie Martin

Ever wondered how to market on Instagram for your bookkeeping business?

If you were ever wondering about how to market on Instagram, this week's episode is for you dear Bookkeeper! Angie Martin gives an in-depth breakdown on how to use Instagram, as well as decoding the jargon that Instagram uses. All platforms use their own terminology, and now you don't have to wonder what Instagram's is!

Last episode you have already seen that Instagram is actually a legitimate method of employing social media marketing.
Now you will now learn how to do it! So if your ideal clients flourish on Instagram, you can go where they are, and get seen and engaged with by even more businesses that fit in what is your ideal client type. And keep yourself in the minds of existing clients. This helps them remember their valuable business partner (you!) and implement the things you have shown them to do. This is an excellent use of social media to strengthen your Bookkeeping Business!

This episode is an hour, and full of information – so get a cup of tea and a note pad ready!

The key takeaway: How to market on Instagram is now decoded for you, please apply this guide liberally!

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Episode: #080

Series: General

Host: Angie Martin

Guest speaker: None

Topic: How to market on Instagram so your ideal clients will see and engage with you

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