Episode #099 Goodbye to Bookkeeping for 2020

Join us again for a new episode of The Bookkeepers' Voice, as we say goodbye to 2020.

It's been a crazy and difficult year for many, so we look forward to supporting all of you in 2021 to help make it the best year yet for you and your bookkeeping businesses! Of course, we are already excited about what's in store for the new year with a whole heap of fun and exciting new episodes, guest speakers and topics planned for you. 

Please note: As our team is taking a break during the holiday season, we will also be taking a break from The Bookkeepers Voice. Stay tuned!

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Episode: #099

Series: General

Host: Angie Martin

Guest speaker: N/A

Topic: Goodbye to Bookkeeping for 2020

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Angie Martin 0:02
Hello, everyone, hope you're all having a fabulous Friday. And I'm just going to say it I fantastic holiday season in Christmas, whether you are celebrating Christmas, or you're just having a wonderful holiday, I hope you're having a fantastic time doing it. We are doing a pre recorded session today simply because the savvy team is taking a two week holiday ourselves so we can have some rest. But the team in general wanted to send a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year message to all of our listeners both in Australia and abroad, simply because we love being here with you every Friday to support you and really be here for you. I know this last year, it's been a bit difficult. So we've been really loving, being able to sit here and support you and give you that person to chat to on your Fridays to help you feel not so alone. Since I know this industry can be very lonely. So we just really want to say, you know, during this time, it's the time for us all as bookkeepers and just humans to have a little bit of rest in just revitalise your passion. And that's exactly what the savvy team are doing right now. We're taking these two weeks off. So we can just rest revitalise and just refocus our own passions for supporting you guys in your businesses to bring in the best 2021 that we possibly can. And I would highly suggest for you to also take some time out during the season to focus on friends, family, and most importantly, you because as a bookkeeper, if you end up burning out or just completely needing to stop for a couple months or something, you're not able to support anyone, and that includes your clients, your family, your friends. So take this time to really try and focus on you, whatever that means. I know with a savvy team, each of us are doing completely different things. But we're all really just trying to focus on stopping reassessing everything that's happened this year, because so much has happened. And just really being thankful for the positives that have happened this year. I know there has been a fair amount of negatives, but there is also been some amazing positives this year. So let's just take a moment in the holiday season to be thankful for that. We also want to just take a moment to be thankful for you guys. We absolutely love supporting your businesses and love the support that you give us in return. You guys are the reason why we do everything that we do at savvy. We love being able to see you have your massive wins that you've been having this year, even though it's been a difficult year. We are looking forward to having a positive New Year with you. And thank you so much for just coming along the way with the savvy team and the bookkeepers voice. It's a genuine pleasure to be able to speak with you guys every week. As a little side note, we are going to be taking our holidays. And so we are going to be taking a break from doing the bookkeepers voice just for a couple weeks. But we will be back in 2021. And we already have a heap of new fun and exciting episodes that we have planned with guest speakers, different topics that come directly from you guys. So if there is anything you would like us to specifically talk about during an episode, please feel free to email us at savvy at the savvy bookkeeper.com. Au or you can email me directly at Angie at the savvy bookkeeper calm to au as well. We love hearing feedback from you guys about different topics and just what you think of the episode. And we love being able to do this with you guys. Because it is a joint effort since all of the topics we talked about are directly from you. So thank you again for just being an amazing audience, amazing listeners and most importantly, amazing bookkeepers. You guys have done a fantastic job at supporting businesses and your customers in your clients in 2020. This has been a difficult year but you've done a fantastic job. So let's take a well deserved break and come back all fresh in 2021 Tear ups for some amazing work and amazing evolution in our industry in general. I hope you guys have a fantastic holiday season. And until next time, as always stay safe, stay sane and stay Savvy. Bye, guys.