Episode #065 The Importance of Email Communication for Bookkeepers – hosted by Angie Martin

Essential Email communication skills to redeem your time

Have you ever been on the phone for hours, yet are just saying the same thing over and over again? Many business owners rely on their bookkeeper to keep them updated about things. Especially with the Corona Virus (COVID-19) interrupting everything and Jobkeeper Payments being released by the Australian Government.

Bookkeepers often really care about their clients, but being on call, especially if it isn't being paid for, can be highly disruptive. And actually stop Bookkeepers from getting the work done that they were engaged to do! By upskilling in email communication, a bookkeeper can save themselves hours of time, saying the same information to clients.

The Savvy Bookkeeper's Client Relationship Manager Angie Martin hosts today's episode; and tells you how to get emailing working for you.
Email has often been given a bad wrap, but if you listen in, you can essential email communication that is effective and actionable, which will help your clients help you. Success!

Key Takeaway: “Getting your emails skills upgraded will save you hours of time, keep you clients in the loop about what they need to know, and give them actionable steps that help them get things done effectively.”

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Episode: #065

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Host: Angie Martin

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Topic: Effective Email Communication

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But once you start leveraging effective and essential email communication, you will be glad you made the effort. Why re-create the wheel each time, when you are basically saying the same thing many times to your various clients? That is making hard work for yourself.

Level up, and harness the power of emails into your Bookkeeping Business today!