Episode #120 EOFY Onboarding Workflows to Save You Time

Tune in to another episode of The Bookkeepers' Voice, as we continue with our ‘EOFY Throwback Series.' We're bringing you this series so you can be organised in the lead up to EOFY!

In this episode, we'll be throwing back to an episode where Maia and Angie discuss one of their favourite topics – ‘Onboarding,' and how it can be systemised to make your life easier. Did you know that by utilising a streamlined Onboarding process, you'll not only avoid an EOFY stress, but you'll change the way you do business forever!

So join us and learn how you can increase your client loyalty and retention through a systemised onboarding process along with the use of Savvy templates and processes.

Key takeaway: “By getting your Onboarding Processes out of your head and onto a workflow your EOFY can be stress free and streamlined.”

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Episode: #120

Series: General

Host: Angie Martin

Guest speaker: Maia Coghlan

Topic: EOFY Onboarding Workflows to Save You Time

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EOFY Onboarding Workflows to Save You Time

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Client onboarding tips for growing and evolving bookkeeping businesses

Hi, everyone. Welcome to another episode of The bookkeepers Voice powered by The Savvy Bookkeeper. In this episode, we are going to be doing our indefinite will continuing our end differential throwback series, discussing a series that Maia, a practice manager and I did not so long ago about one of our team's favourite topics, onboarding. Now, onboarding is a bit of an inside joke within our team, because bookkeepers are always redoing and optimising their onboarding process. Because onboarding processes are never actually complete. It's insane. But at the same time, our team loves the onboarding process, and it's kind of a pet favourite task for us to do. Because our business and this is because our businesses and our clients businesses are always evolving. It's so crucial for our onboarding, onboarding processes to do as to evolve as well.

Bookkeeping tips and tricks for business owners in systemising your onboarding process

In this episode, Maia and I go through discuss what onboarding is and how it can be systemized to make your life easier. Now, this is our End of financial year throwback series. So you might be wondering, why is it important? Why is onboarding an important part of your end into financial year toolbox? And well, here's why. Let me take you through a bit of a story. In her journey to creating off the hook bookkeeping, Amy had a really big goal in mind. She wanted to build a successful online bookkeeping business, which could run on its own that is run without her. This means she needed to get the processes out of her head and into a format that could be implemented by her team in a stress free environment. So as you can see, an effort to make your end of financial year seamless. utilising a streamlined onboarding process will not only save you into financially, your stress, but it will actually help you in the long run to change the way you do business forever. Which is amazing.


A client onboarding process for productivity, loyalty and retention

To accompany this entertaining episode of Maia and I going on about how much we love the onboarding process. I would also highly recommend you take a look at our free onboarding infographic workflow resource that we have created so you can learn how to implement the processes from your head into automated systems today, the bookkeeping onboarding process will never really be a completed task for us bookkeepers. However, this infographic will help you get on track, allowing you get on the right track sorry, allowing you to implement an efficient process that solidifies a strong partnership between your you and your clients, which is the ultimate goal really, because you want long term and lasting clients. So join us and me for this throwback episode and learn how you can increase your client loyalty and retention through the implementation of these onboarding templates and processes. I promise it'll be a fun, entertaining and informative episode. You can action right away. Enjoy