Episode #064 How To Make Your Clients Think (And Care) About Their Numbers with Mick Devine CEO of Calxa

How to make numbers and cash flow forecasting actually meaningful

Have you ever been knocked back trying to get your clients to care about their financial reports? Many business owners rely on the bank balance to tell them how the business is going. And others desperately want help but don't know who to ask.

As bookkeepers, we're perfectly positioned to assist our clients have breakthrough with their business finances. In an information packed episode, Amy Hooke chats to Mick Devine, CEO and founder of Calxa.

Mick's a CPA turned software developer after becoming frustrated with spreadsheets. And over the years he's been able to help bookkeepers help their clients to think (and care) about their financials.

Key Takeaway: “You don't have to be an expert, or to even give advice. But if you can ask insightful questions you'll make yourself invaluable to your clients.” 

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Episode: #064

Series: General

Host: Amy Hooke

Guest speaker: Mick Devine

Topic: Grow Your Tech Savvy

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But by making the transition from having data being something you, the expert, know the meaning of, into what is meaningful to your clients, is very important. Cash flow forecasting becomes interesting to your clients. But a lot of numbers, never will.

You don't know how much of the things you are fluent in, is actually gobbledigook or gibberish to your clients. By being able to convert all the intricacies of what is going on, into a Too Long Didn't Read version, your busy clients can then understand what is happening. This will strengthen their business, and your relationship with them.

That sounds like a great idea!


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