Episode #055 Create Space In Your Busy Week By Aligning Your Priorities With Your Purpose Part 1

Business Priorities will create space for you to do the important, not simply the urgent

Most busy people think their problem is not having enough time. But there's something deeper going on which, when addressed, can give you some breathing room.

If you feel like you're “always busy” or you reach the end of your week and wonder “Where did it go?” then tune in. Learn 7 core truths about “time management” which must be established before you can create space in your busy week.

Key takeaway: “Time is NOT the real problem, and it's easier to solve than you think.”

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Episode: #055

Series: General

Host: Amy Hooke

Guest speaker: None

Topic: Prioritising and Time Management – Business Priorities

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By getting your priorities in the right order, things will change for the better. You will start to focus on what is important. Instead of spending a lot of time doing things that keep you busy, you will become laser guided and get important things done.

This will make a significant difference in your life, and you will love the change!

We hope you enjoyed this podcast about business priorities and how to create space in your week!


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