Episode #117 Building the Foundations to take on the EOFY

Join us on The Bookkeepers Voice' as we begin our exciting ‘EOFY Throwback Series,' so you can be prepared in the lead up to EOFY!

As the guru and founder of The Savvy Bookkeeper, Amy Hooke is a big believer in doing things in the right order. So in this episode, and now that EOFY is upon up, we'll be chatting about the importance of having your foundations sorted and in the right order to avoid an EOFY headache!

Throwing it back – Amy also uncovers some alarming statistics about Australian small businesses which will help you understand the bigger picture and why Bookkeepers are SO important. 

Key Takeaway: “By getting your business foundations in order from the beginning, your EOFY will fall into place!”

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Episode: #117

Series: General

Host: Amy Hooke

Guest speaker: Angie Martin

Topic: Building the Foundations to take on the EOFY

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Getting your business foundations right in the lead up to EOFY

Angie Martin  0:01 

Hello everyone, Andy here again from the savvy team. I hope you're having a fantastic day. As many of you know, I am the client relationship manager of the team and I'm one of the savvy team members that you spend the most time with and our amazing savvy membership programme. However, Amy Hooke is the guru who founded the savvy bookkeeper, and the off the hook bookkeeping as well, because she's a bookkeeper herself. And as the founder, she is a big believer in doing things in the right order.

Planning for EOFY by organising your business foundations

So if you had tuned into last week's episode, you would know that End Of financial year is upon us. And this concept is more important than ever, of doing things in the right order. Because, as you know, if you don't have your foundation sorted, and in order you're into financial year is likely to be a massive headache for yourself, your team in your clients. So to help you minimise the headache, we are going to be doing a throwback series. And today we're actually going to be starting with one of my favourite throwbacks, which is an episode of Amy talking about getting the foundations of your business sorted, so you can get in front of things before it's too late, which is always what happens when end of financial year comes around.

Bookkeeping tips and tricks for getting organised this EOFY

Fun fact, this is one of the first episodes that we're ever launched at the bookkeepers voice. So whether or not you are a long time listener of us, this is going to be an older episode that is well worth a revisit. Additionally, even though it is older, it is still as relevant as ever. In fact, it forms part of one of our top programmes that we've ever launched at the bookkeepers voice, which is our business savvy business foundations programme. This programme has been used to us to be offered by the savvy team as part of a four-part mentoring programme with myself and Amy Hooke. However, we have optimised the way that we present this information for you, so that you can take it any time you want during the day, or to work around your busy schedule. Before we used to have to make you stop your busy day and do mentoring sessions with us. Now you can take it anytime you want. day night, weekday weekend, it's all at your disposal with a click of a button. Because we know as bookkeepers, we are always busy doing something, to give you a little bit more information about this programme itself.

Training product for getting your bookkeeping business foundations completed

It's an actual four part training module with myself as your mentor. So you get to hear me talking over and over again, which you do with this podcast anyways, where we actually go through everything from your vision of your business, to setting your goals, understanding your ideal client and service offering, while also doing my favourite part, which is your marketing and creating your marketing message. The best part about this programme, though, isn't the actual content. It's the fact that you can actually regularly regularly check in with our savvy team in our asoebi sessions, which happen every single week. This allows you to make the most of the training check in to make sure that the work you have been doing is on the right track and get that extra little bit of support along the way. Because as we all know, bookkeeping can be a very so low in solitary business. Once in a while, it's nice to bounce an idea off of someone else. And that's what we're here for. Now, let's get back to this episode. This episode is going to be talking about why creating your foundations can be so helpful and beneficial for actual bookkeepers and running your bookkeeping business. Because, as we all know, if you don't have your foundation set, it's hard to streamline anything in your business because where do you even start? Now, without any further ado, I hope you enjoy this episode. And make sure to take a peek at our online and free resource which is our business plan which has been created specifically by Amy Hooke for fellow bookkeepers, and our amazing get savvy business foundations programme, which will help you actually implement the business plan and makes them lasting in fantastic changes within your business itself. Enjoy this episode.


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