Episode #066 Save Time and Money by Eliminating Repetitive Tasks With Templates and Workflow with Amy Hooke, Angie Martin and Maia Coghlan

Bookkeeper templates to redeem your time

Do you find yourself doing repetitive tasks OVER and OVER again? Do you ever avoid creating or updating a template, and then later find yourself frustrated, wishing you'd done it last time? You're not alone!

Join Team Savvy (aka Angie, Maia and Amy) to hear how three very different people organise themselves in business (and life) by using templates, workflows and batching tasks. Bookkeeper templates and workflow will change your business. Ever wanted “more time” ~ this is one way to get it!

Key takeaway: Templates and workflows are business assets which give you back time and increase the value of your business

Podcast Info

Episode: #066

Series: General

Host: Amy Hooke

Guest speaker: Angie Martin and Maia Coghlan

Topic: Saving time through templates and workflow automation

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But basically, by getting rid of tasks that you have already done at least once, you no longer have to do them again. Brilliant!
And therefore you free yourself up to do things you would rather do.
Even if it is having a cup of tea.

But because you are a Bookkeeper, it is probably trying to help your clients, so they will actually thrive because of their business partnership with you. By no longer burning your time doing things you have already done, you become much more effective than you could have imagined. It is like you get more of you at your business. Excellent!

By getting these things down, you will enjoy the time freedom it gets you!