Episode #070 Bookkeeping with a Positive Mindset – hosted by Angie Martin

Success comes for the positive mindset Bookkeeper 🙂

Bookkeeping can be a lonely job, especially if you are often a lone financial specialist working in your client's business. Keeping an optimistic mindset is essential to navigate the impact of Coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

In this episode, Angie Martin shows how to have a positive mindset in spite of the circumstances. Angie shares her 3 year journey of transitioning from feeling “positive thinking is something fluffy and not real” to making a daily practice of having a half full mindset.
And how that half full mindset actually works.

This isn't fluff, or faking a smile until things stop being stressful. If it sounds too good to be true, listen in and see how Angie has actually changed her life through having a positive mindset.

You can do it too!

Key takeaway: “You magnify what you focus on. By focusing on the good things in your life, the hardships and struggles life brings will have less power and influence over you. You will literally be happier!”

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Episode: #070

Series: General

Host: Angie Martin

Guest speaker: None

Topic: Bookkeeping with a Positive Mindset 

Useful links

• If you are struggling with life at the moment, please reach out and seek help

• Your local GP can help you with a mental healthcare plan.

• Your brain has a physical structure, and you change it with what you think about. Take advantage of it!

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Bookkeeper Positive Thinking

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But essentially, by thinking on the good things, you literally achieve certain tangible things.

First, you change your physical brain structure. This helps your body to not release cortisol, which suppresses your immune system, and instead release endorphins and serotonin, which helps you to feel good.
So you don't get sick as often or as severely. And you feel good!

Second, you increase your emotional capacity to deal with the challenges that life brings your way. By being ready to snap, something that wasn't really a big deal, you explode over. When you calm down and reflect, you realise your reaction was out of proportion with the issue.
But but changing how you think about things, and therefore not being on the brink of snapping, that same event doesn't even trouble you.

Why is that? Same event, different responses. One was destructive, and potentially damaged relationships or at least contributed to you feeling rubbish through the day. The other refused to take offense, and sidestepped all the drama that would have been associated with snapping and overreacting.

By making an attitude of happiness and gratefulness a habit, the troubles each day can bring stay small.
So you can then focus on the things that you actually want to achieve, rather than getting drawn into things that actually don't help you reach your goals. A positive mindset bookkeeper will stay afloat in circumstances that would sink others, and enjoy life even in the storms.

Isn't that what you really want? 🙂