Episode #028 Why 80% Of Bookkeepers Don't Care About Business

Bookkeeper business plan importance

In a fired-up, Friday morning rant, Amy Hooke challenges the 80% of bookkeepers who have no business plan, to put aside 6 hours to just GET IT DONE. It doesn't cost you anything except a bit of time, that will save you in the long run.

The real message of this story is: “A business plan in your head is not a business plan, so stop procrastinating and get it out on paper.”

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Episode: #028

Series: General

Host: Amy Hooke

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Topic: Why 80% Of Bookkeepers Don't Care About Business

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Wanna know what keeps me awake at night?

According to a recent ICB Survey only 20% of bookkeepers running a business have a business plan!

In my opinion… not SAVVY.

Why NOT savvy?

Because a business plan only take SIX hours to complete. Six hours of your life that will give you back many hours every week, increase your income and give you back your peace of mind.

I think it's worth the investment? Don't you?

The way I see it is…

A business plan that's in your head is NOT a business plan. It's a recipe for stress, losing money and wasting time. Is that what you want?

Or would you rather get focused and organised, so you can fulfil your life's mission.

The Bookkeeping Project exists to do something about this statistic.

Our mission. To raise the stat from 20% to 50% in the next 3 years.

Do you want to come and join the minority?

If you do you have a huge advantage over other bookkeepers who can't be BOTHERED, or don't CARE enough about THEIR business or their CLIENT businesses to block out 6 hours to GET IT DONE.


The bookkeeping project will equip you to sort out these six critical areas of your business.

  1. Business Plan – high level overview/goals/mission/vision
  2. Pricing – whether hourly or packages, pricing that is going to lead you towards your destination
  3. Branding & Marketing – articulating what you do, for who, and why
  4. Sales & Onboarding – engaging clients who are a good fit for your business & educating them
  5. Services – providing top level services to solve the problems of your clients
  6. Team Development – building the team that will help you accomplish your goals


We've tailored everything for 5 different levels;

  1. Start up you're fairly new in the business and need to learn the business basics
  2. Full up you're working at your full capacity and need to streamline or hire
  3. Move up you're wanting to go to the next level, or reinvent yourself within the business
  4. Wind up you're working on your business with the intention of selling it
  5. Fed up you're not sure really sure what you want from your business anymore.

So come on… What are you waiting for?