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How to get a beautiful Bookkeeping Logo

6 Reasons Not to Fiverr your Bookkeeping Logo

If a business owner asked for a recommendation for a bookkeeper, and people suggested “Try Fiverr!”. What would you think and how would you feel? Would you be offended? Angry? Defensive?
Getting a great Bookkeeping Logo is actually an important step in making your offering to potential clients. Your Bookkeeper Logo helps convey who you are, and distinguishes you from another Bookkeeping business.


Quality over price is essential to keep in mind for your Bookkeeping Logo!

Most bookkeepers realise quality is more important than price, yet I’ve seen bookkeepers enthusiastically recommending Fiverr. It made me feel puzzled and concerned because, just like bookkeeping, hiring a professional is important. Your bookkeeping logo is the cornerstone of your brand, and is not something you want to do poorly.

I’m not saying you can’t get anything good from Fiverr. I’m sure some people got a great logo from Fiverr. If that’s you – hear me out! Because you might not have experienced all six, but some issues won’t be apparent until down the track.

At the end of the day it’s your business. But I hope, by making you aware of the risks, you will make the right decision.


1. Communicating with your designer.

Many of the service providers on Fiverr are based overseas. For some, supporting local business, rather than overseas ones, is important to them. There’s nothing wrong with overseas workers, but there is an important thing to consider.

When you’re designing the piece of artwork that is going to represent your business and your brand, appear on your stationery, business cards, and other printed material and inspire your website designer as to the kind of website you want, it’s important to be able to communicate well with your designer.

Whilst non-English speakers can be equally talented and artistic as English speakers, there is nothing more frustrating than going back and forth trying to explain to someone overseas who is not understanding what you’re asking for.


2. Spoiled for choice.

Visiting Fiverr for the first time is exciting! At first… but having thousands of designers to choose from isn’t a good thing.

Excitement wanes after hours of scrolling, saving and clicking on providers, and still with no clearer idea who to hire. And a few hours on Fiverr is a few hundred dollars of your time.

Factor this time into your costs! How much do you need or want to be involved in the process?

The best way to choose a designer is to get a few personal recommendations and select from a handful of designers. And then once your designer gets to work, giving you 2-4 options to choose from is more realistic and will save you time frustration and money.


3. What you really get for $5.

$5 seems like an amazing deal for a logo. Even if it’s terrible you can try a few times without wasting too much money, right? Wrong. Read the small print and find out what is actually included in the $5. Often it’s not a lot. You pay more if;

  • You want to make any changes to the first draft of logo
  • You would like the designer to give you a few different designs to choose from
  • You want to keep the original editable source/AI files (if you don’t get these, down the track you will regret it!)
  • You need different versions like JPG and PNG
  • You want a transparent background
  • You need different versions for print and online (they should be different!)
  • You would like to see 3D mockups
  • It’s important to know what you’re getting for your money. Often it costs hundreds extra with the suppliers on Fiverr to get what you actually need.


4. Keeping it original.

Imagine you’ve just received your new Fiverr logo and you’re so excited. You send it off to the printer and website designer, and get all your business branding finalised. A few months later you’re online and there it is; your logo. Well, it looks like your logo but it has a different business name next to it!

A lot of the ‘design work’ offered on Fiverr comes from databases of stock graphics and icons. Some Fiverr providers even steal designs from other designers’ portfolios. When scrolling Fiverr you may even notice two different designers offering the same logos.

A bookkeeper sent me her new logo recently. I recognised the logo and replied to her with a screenshot of another colleague’s exact same logo but in different colours! Needless to say, she was pretty mad. But the designer just ignored her, and there was nothing she could do except pay for a new one.

Your logo will represent your business and brand, so it must be original. If you get a stock logo from a database, you may find you’re sharing a logo with one, or many other businesses. Not a good look! And a huge gamble you shouldn’t take.


5. Quality and consistency.

As bookkeepers, what we think looks good, might not appeal to our ideal clients. It's a competitive marketplace, and business owners are surrounded by high-quality images all day long.

Your logo must stand out and make a statement! You just don’t want that statement to be “I got my logo on Fiverr”.

If you’re offering a budget-bookkeeping service, and budget prices then ‘knock yourself out’. But if you’re promoting a premium or high-end service; quality is important.

Your brand is an interconnected entity, so consistency is equally as important as quality. Consistency helps build trust with your potential clients. If you hire the same person for your logo, website, branding advice, social media page and print design, you’ll have consistency across the board.

But if you hire one Fiverr provider to do your logo, another for your website and another to design your business cards, you may get a ‘hodge podge’ brand. If you can’t get the same person to do everything, working with an agency or team can help you keep it consistent.


6. Fiverr star service.

After receiving substandard service and poor quality on my a few Fiverr projects, the designers have demanded (not asked) me to give them a five-star rating. It’s a standard process built into the Fiverr system to ask for a five-star rating. And it's embedded in Fiverr culture.

If you’re new to Fiverr you won’t realise that providers can delete customer ratings if it reflects negatively on them, by issuing the client a refund!

Just because a provider has 100% five star reviews, there is no guarantee it’s true.

I prefer to give honest ratings based on my actual experience, as other people are relying on me to tell the truth. After giving a three-star review to a designer she refunded me to delete my rating. Then sent me a message saying I ruined her career on Fiverr.

“The best way to get five star ratings is to listen to your customers, and use less-than-five ratings as constructive feedback to improve your skills.”

But she didn’t want feedback – she wanted to look good without earning it!


What will you do about getting a Bookkeeping Logo?

Now you know my 6 Reasons Not to Fiverr for your Bookkeeping Logo. I hope you will consider my professional advice to take this seriously when making your decision.

Once you have a good one, you can keep it years or even decades, and it will still look fresh and distinct. Doing it well, once, will set you up for success. Save yourself the frustration of thinking “if only I had spent a bit more”.

Then you will have something you actually smile at when you look at it!


That is our take on getting a Bookkeeping Logo for your business.

Interested in working together?

Before you start – If you’d like to have Team Savvy design your logo, we offer free branding consultations to get you started.

Design process – Our graphic designer will hear your ideas, make suggestions, design 3 logo concepts, allow you 3 rounds of changes,

Pricing – A Bookkeeping logo from us is $600+GST. Yes! It’s not cheap; and definitely not US$5. We offer a discount of $100+GST if you’re also purchasing a website design.

Guarantee – We provide a great quality logo, an original piece of artwork along with all original files, within 5 business days.

Please view our portfolio, book your free branding consultation, and let’s get you Savvy!


Amy x

I love hearing your feedback so comments are most welcome.

Amy Hooke is a bookkeeping industry professional who helps established bookkeepers be ‘business savvy’ bookkeepers.




If you are a Bookkeeper who otherwise needs help with Savvy's other services, such as; Sales, Marketing, Website, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Business Logo and more, please get in contact.


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